12th November – Poll Results

Yesterday I added polls to see how many challenges people thought they’d get. Huge thanks to the 30 or so people who responded, the results are:

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ Covenant-cide
Definitely 32 84.21% Definitely 22 68.75%
Probably 6 15.79% Quite 9 28.13%
Not Very 0 0.00% Not Very 1 3.13%
No 0 0.00% No 0 0.00%
Eyes in the Sky Close Talking
Definitely 15 48.39% Definitely 15 46.88%
Quite 8 25.81% Quite 10 31.25%
Not Very 7 22.58% Not Very 6 18.75%
No 1 3.23% No 1 3.13%

Whilst the definitely is a majority on each, it’s interesting how it’s the lure of big credits that pulls people, whilst not necessarily being the quickest and easiest. I think my mistake here was asking the wrong question – if you’re looking at this blog you’re planning to get challenges I think, so today I’ll ask some slightly different questions in the commentary post later.


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