13th November – Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

After the lack of credits yesterday, it’s nice to have a good volume, although you’ll have to do a certain amount of grinding to get them…

Gunslinger – As usual, Multi Team helps you get more kills than usual in Slayer or Crazy King, beware of Rocket Race though. I’ll go through lots of different options to get this I think just to mix it up.

One Spartan Army – 250 should be easy enough, although you only get 120 in each Gruntpocalypse, so you might want to do a full FF Matchmaking thenc a Gruntpoc on Corvette to hit this (depending on how many you kill in FF).

…Is A Virtue – You might remember my post when we had a similar challenge a few weeks ago. Well, stick to the same tactics here. Long Night of Solace, Rally Point Alpha. It’s the start of the space combat, so throw on some skulls (I used the Black Eye, Catch, Cloud and Famine since they don’t affect the game too much) and blast through. I had 15,000 points in just 3mins 18 seconds, so this is a really easy challenge.

Climb Points Mountain – You’ve probably already done this in an achievement, but it can be done in 10-15 mins. Key is to set up a Firefight game in Corvette (where else) on Legendary that is all Elite Generals on every round with no dropships, boost your damage to 300% and make yourself invulnerable. If you want to do it quickly, jump into File Share and look up someone else who’s done one for you – I have a file called ‘Firefight Legendary‘ that has all these settings and should take you about 13 mins to reach 1,000,000 points (the bonus rounds are the key here, trust me!).

Fewer polls today, but different questions too. I’m interested in seeing your thoughts on the challenges, and there will be a follow-up in the results tomorrow…


2 Responses to 13th November – Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

  1. Defender77 says:

    Thanks for the info on the challenges! Always helpful in the chase to Lt. Coronal.

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