15th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

I’m realising now I really like the Campaign challenges, because I’m disappointed at how few credits you get for the third challenge today.

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – You’ll get close to this in your other challenges, at least half way I’d reckon, so mop up the rest in your favourite game mode. Gruntpocalypse on Corvette gives you 120 kills in 9-10 mins (I’ve got it down to just under 8 mins now).

A Great Friend – Multi Team Battle is excellent for this, even in Rocket Race you can pick up some assists (if your partner doesn’t mind you doing it). Look out for big gun fights and start spraying bullets at everyone. Grenades are often good because they’ll do a lot of damage quickly. An assist is classed as doing 40% or more damage to someone who is killed by someone else within 4 seconds. If you’re playing on Team Slayer, I’d recommend an open map like Asylum or Pinnacle where your team mates can see the person you’ve damaged and take them out more easily. Areas like Countdown can be a pain because it’s easy for people to hide and recharge shields.

I Need Some Ammo – There are two ways of doing this, either play through normally, which shouldn’t be too hard, just takes a while, or try a mission you can skip lots of. If you’re playing through, a mission with vehicles will help as they have unlimited ammo (although avoid Long Night of Solace because the Corvette section can be a pain with limited ammo). If you’re running it, Winter Contingency or Nightfall work really well. The only dudes you’ll really have a problem with are the Hunters, so get good at melee hits from behind them, most other guys you can skip (and again if you can grab a Wraith you’re good for half the mission – snipe the gunner and jump in to make the driver jump out). See my previous post on Nightfall running for help, hopefully you start with the same amount of ammo so it’s easy. Some people use Sprint, I use Active Camo, it’s up to you what you prefer really.

Watersports – Snicker, snicker. Anyway, I hate Waterfront, I find it a frustrating map. That said, Gruntpocalypse here should see you through to 100 kills or more, as long as you can find them in time. Sprint and a DMR will probably be best to get across the map and take out groups. Perhaps grab a Fuel Rod as your secondary weapon to take out groups as they land.

And there you have it. For today’s polls, something slightly different about you as a player…


4 Responses to 15th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Prox says:

    I also hate Waterfront. Maybe they’re trying to get more people to play the map?

  2. Tuesday says:

    Waterfront is generally okay, I just hate those f**king snipers that are always there, no matter how many times I snipe them. I’ve even jet-packed up there and punched the idiots in the face so that they died just before I did (because I failed to Return to Battlefield) and then five seconds later – whappaahh – I’m getting lazored by those f**kers again.


  3. Kav says:

    Type of challenge I prefer – do anything in regular (non firefight) matchmaking; because team objective and team slayer are the most fun game modes.

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