Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 15th November

Apparently this is named for something from Friday Night Lights – perhaps one of my lovely American readers can enlighten those of us who haven’t seen it??

So, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, what do you ned to do? Is there a quick way of doing it? Why yes brave Reach-er, there is:

Pair up with some awesome people and win lots of games together.

See how helpful it is coming here? Honestly, I can’t tell you a secret way to win 50 games in 20 minutes, because there isn’t one. Part of what makes Reach Multiplayer so good is that it is competitive, and not in the Mario Kart ‘you’re doing too well so we’ll punish you’ sort of way.

When we’ve had this as a daily challenge with lower targets I always recommend Team Slayer or SWAT, as you’ve got a better chance of winning when there are only 2 teams. That still applies here, but again we have a challenge that you won’t necessarily need to grind to get as soon as possible. Over the week you will have the chance to play Multiplayer Matchmaking for other challenges (ie today’s A Great Friend assist challenge). You might spend an hour doing that one, and end up winning 3 matches, so you’re already on your way. If it gets to the weekend then you can start thinking about grinding this – especially Sunday when all the more casual Reach players come on and you can whip out your superior skills to win some matches.

Chances are over the weekend we’ll also have a ‘kill 100 dudes in Multiplayer’ type challenge too which will help achieve the weekly too.


3 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 15th November

  1. Jimmy says:

    The high school [American] football coach on the show has the mantra “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”, and it’s often repeated by the players/coaches in rah rah type speeches before/during halftime of games.

  2. Zoing says:

    Uggh my internet sucks it takes me offline after a game every once and a while so the win cant register i have 7 wins but it says i only have 5.

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