21st November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

More high value credits, and really easy to get today…

Gunslinger – I suspect for most of you 40 will take only 1 or 2 games. Any game mode in multiplayer will get you there, although Infection might take 5+ games, whereas Team Slayer/SWAT could be 3, and Multi-Team maybe 2. I’d recommend doing one in Team SWAT so you also pick up the last challenge.

Like a Glove – It’s got to be Winter Contingency all the way. Another mission you can get through pretty quickly through a mixture of running and using the jeep to batter enemies down. Be careful in the base section as it’s harder to get away from grenades in there.

Points Pyramid – Same advice as I always give here – Long Night of Solace, Rally Point Alpha. You’ll be going into the space combat, with as many skulls on as you’re comfortable with. I used Black Eye, Tough Luck, Catch, Cloud, Famine and Thunderstom. That gives you a 6.80 multiplier. After 8 minutes in the combat I had 45,000 points. Note that the Phantoms don’t give you points for destroying, so go after Banshees and Seraphs first. I played it on Normal, as there’s no need to make it any harder.

You Want This, Don’t You? – A precision weapon is anything that gives a head shot that’s not a Magnum. So the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Focus Rifle and Needle Rifle. In Multiplayer it means you play Team SWAT. 12 shouldn’t be too hard, plus it helps you get towards the first challenge target too. Note that the challenge just says kill, not headshot, which might make it slightly easier for those of us who can’t aim properly!

Final day for voting in the polls, and I’ll have some new ones for you tomorrow…


4 Responses to 21st November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. General Irish says:

    I love this site you ace here, I found it because my iPhone didn’t like bungie.net so I had to look somewhere else for the challenges, and then I tried the Halo wiki, but that sometimes didn’t update for days!

    Then I found this, easy to read, doesn’t require any stupid plugins, and you even comment on them, which is great at times when im doing stupid things that take much longer.

    Thak you for having this wonderful site!

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Glad you like it General – if you have any tips on getting challenges feel free to share, we’re getting some great discussion with different ways of doing things at the moment. The commentary is always my way of doing things which suits my play style, I’m finding that not every plays like me, some are even good at the game!

  2. Krandyt says:

    Just like to say great job on the site, use it religiously every day at work so I know what challenges Ive got to do when I get home, kind of in the same boat as you, not very good at the game either having only just been introduced by a very hardcore halo playing friend, the comentry is great it helps me quite a lot. Well done again, keep up the good work.

  3. Tuesday says:

    Once again, great work, Matthew

    Who’s averaging 20-40 kills per MM game? That is a crazy score !!

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