22nd November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Ooohh, I like that weekly challenge. That’s interesting. I wonder if that means this week’s daily challenges will be on the easier side? I bet the weekend ones are at least!

Gunslinger – 100 enemies should be easy. Invasion if you’re good at taking people out, any of your favourite game modes if you’re not.

Pass the Rock – As I’ve seen from your comments in the last few days, the best way to do this is to team up with someone. The two best weapons are Sniper Rifle and overcharged Plasma Pistol, as they’ll do at least 40% damage in one shot, and your team mate can take them out. Personally, I’ll play for the Gunslinger challenge and just hope to get enough assists. Unless anyone wants to team up tonight…?

Foggy Notion – This should be pretty easy, either Nightfall where you start off with a load of ammo at the beginning anyway and can run through most of the level anyway, or maybe Long Night of Solace where you have a vehicle for much of it too. Winter Contingency is always a favourite because it’s so easy to do quickly too. Don’t forget, melee never runs out of ammo!

A Satisfied Thirst – You get 120 Grunts per Gruntpocalypse, so you’ll get close to this. I’m planning to do 2 Gruntpocs and 1 Score Attack, and using the SA to up my commendations with different enemies and weapons. Just for kicks.

Weekly challenge commentary to come in a bit, I recommend doing as many as you can each day in case it is really hard when we reach the weekend!

This week’s polls are now live, back to questions on the game itself. I’ll total last week’s shortly.


3 Responses to 22nd November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Kav says:

    Assist challenges can be kind of a bitch, especially when you need that many. I hate not getting them though. If you want some help with it around 7-11pm est I could certainly use the help too.

  2. Tuesday says:

    Lol at the Amour Lock getting the most hate

    I voted Jetpacks because only idiots use them, but I actually really like it when there’s opponents using them – lots of easy heatshot kills and you get Pull medals too 😀

  3. Kav says:

    I’ve seen some really good players use jetpacks extremely well. Like they devastated the entire opposing team. It depends on the map and how you use it obviously, but don’t write it off. It opens up new attack and retreat vectors where they can’t follow you.

    I had to vote armor lock because it denies me my hard earned kills. It can however be used very skillfully. I’ve seen people in hopeless situations come out with two kills and their neck in tact because they used armor lock just right. Hell I sworded a guy pretending to be afk, he armorlocks, emp’s my shield, mele’s me to death, and steal’s my sword. It required absolute perfect timing. I was amazed.

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