Halo Reach Weekly Challenge – w/c 22nd November

This week’s challenge is

Dedication/Time – Complete 16 Daily Challenges this week – 16000 cR

Commentary to follow later.


6 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge – w/c 22nd November

  1. Nissassa 17 says:

    Is that seriously 16,000 credits, because wow that’s relatively easy. Nice !

  2. FlagRunner 24 says:

    Figures. The week I go home for Thanksgiving and I’ll only be able to get 12 challenges max this week…

    • Matthew Vose says:

      What day are you going home? Can you say wake up early/stay up on Wednesday to get the challenges on Thursday morning?

      • FlagRunner 24 says:

        Nah. I’ve got my xbox here at college with me. So I’ll likely get the challenges today and tomorrow, but I leave at 6am for my flight….which coincidentally is when Bungie updates the new ones relative to the US Eastern Time. Then I won’t be back until Sunday night…and I might be able to cram out those four as well. Max possible for me is only 12. So sad. 😦

      • Silas45 says:

        Hey FlagRunner…if a roommate is staying an extra day then just have them get some daily challenges for you. Or if you know someone with a 360 back home then just link your account to their 360 for a day or just take your hard drive home and put it on their 360 (if you both have older 360s).

        I am in the same boat as you are but I will figure out someway to get this because thats a ton of cRs just to give up. Well good luck!!

      • FlagRunner 24 says:

        I might figure something out…but I have two problems.
        1.) I don’t have a room mate. It’s nice just about any other time, but in this situation it sucks.
        2.) My leg is broken. That rules out driving to a friend’s house.
        Maybe I’ll get lucky and said friend (who just got their license) will actually come and pick me up. I really hope so….because that is a ton of credits.

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