Poll Results – 22nd November

So I decided to run the last polls all week, to make sure I was getting more results, thanks as always to the nice people who put in their votes. Nothing surprising in the results, which is nice. I think I may need to tailor the site to my American readers since there are so many of you – perhaps I should drop the U from words. Maybe adding ‘Yeehaw’ to posts too (that’s a reference to Ludwig Kietzmann‘s attempt at an American accent on the Joystiq poyardcast)?

I’m pleased there’s an okay mix of mobile devices being used. Not surprisingly the iPhone is top, it is a very popular device (iPhone 4 is possibly one of the most complete electronic devices ever so fair enough). I’m an Android user myself, since I like the customisation of it, but the integration with Xbox Live is drawing me into getting a Windows 7 phone.

The results are below. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s polls on the daily commentaries.

Where are you from? What mobile do you use to access the site?
Americas 100 78.74% iPhone 46 56.79%
Europe 21 16.54% Other 15 18.52%
Asia/Australasia 4 3.15% Android 10 12.35%
Africa 2 1.57% Blackberry 10 12.35%

3 Responses to Poll Results – 22nd November

  1. Tuesday says:

    perhaps I should drop the U from words.


  2. bungiesgirl says:

    I have a windows 7 phone and it is one of my favourite things (along with brown paper packages tied up with string and headshots of course)!

    The integration with Waypoint and Live is awesome; definitely worth the buy!


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