23rd November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Bonza! Loads of credits today, and some fairly challenging challenges…

More than a Handful – Grind your way through this whilst working at the third and fourth challenges. Although you’ll probably get them sooner they’ll set you a good way along. Game types to get big kill volumes – Invasion, Multi Team (avoiding Rocket Race).

Heroic Demon – Hmmmm. You get 6 Elites on Score Attack in Corvette, so if you want to do it simply that might be your best shot. But you get many more than that when doing it in actual Firefight Matchmaking. Courtyard’s a good one for this as they tend towards the pinch point and you can use grenades and close quarters to take them down. I reckon that will be the fastest way to get it. Other Firefight maps will probably work but when you give Elites space to evade then they’re harder to kill. Beachhead might be good if you can take out the Wraiths, I think that gets you 2 Elite kills. Note this is not in one game, so you can go through a couple of times to do it.

A Solid Outing – This sounds like Multi-Team Battle all the way. Any variant bar Rocket Race will do, especially Headhunter Oddball and Crazy King as more of the opponents are distracted with the objective so you can take them out (and Headhunter Oddball goes on longer since there’s no target to win I think). Even if it’s in Slayer you’ve got time to get to a decent total. Open maps where lots of gun battles ensue help so you can dive in and pick people off easier – Asylum and Pinnacle are regular favourites.

Cook ’em, Clean ’em! – To register as a jet-pack kill you need to be actively firing the jet pack, you can’t be falling from having used it. I’m always inclined to use something like Countdown so that using the jet pack doesn’t throw off your aim too much. If you’re prepared to use Grenades then you’ll have a slightly easier time if you fire the jets when the grenade goes off – again look for gun battles and take out as many people as possible. As with Heroic Demon, this is in total so you can do it over a number of games.

Fun times. I thought last night that you don’t see many people jet-packing any more. I bet we will tonight! Speaking of which, don’t forget to vote in this week’s polls:

Update – Thanks to Silas45 for pointing out it’s Oddball, not Headhunter that gets you loads of kills.


5 Responses to 23rd November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Silas45 says:

    A Solid Outing – Muti-team is the way to go…but I would actually avoid headhunter. I played a headhunter match yesterday and it lasted 2 mins. The score is to 25 skulls collected and if you have a team camping the collection rings then it can go pretty fast. I strongly suggest Crazy King or Oddball. These modes normally go till the time runs out because no one can stay in the hill or hold the oddball long enough to really score a lot of points giving you more time to get more kills.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      You’re dead right – I meant Oddball, not Headhunter. Played Oddball yesterday (a game mode I loathe btw) and just killed everyone getting the ball, totalling 29 kills for the round.

      I’ll edit the post, thanks.

  2. Chris says:

    Multi-team is definitely the way to go to get 15 kills in a game. Whenever I play Multi team, nearly everyone gets at least 15. Maybe the bottom 2-3 players fail to reach 15, but thats it. Should be a one game challenge for most players, two at the most.

  3. bungiesgirl says:

    I’ll be going for mine in SWAT, particularly Sword base as its a good place for speedy kills and killing sprees!

    Maybe catch you all later!

    BG xx

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