Heroic Demon – Further Commentary

Simple advice – definitely, definitely do this in Firefight Matchmaking.

In the game I played earlier with the awesome BungiesGirl, we killed 52 Elites between the 4 of us on the team. That meant that everyone in the game got the challenge. It also seems that the bonus round that we had (playing Rocketfight on Overlook) was all Elites.

As you can see from the screenshot below, a load of Elites were dropped off, unbeknownst to me, right on the main area.

Which was fine until they started shooting at me.

So in summary, do it on Firefight Matchmaking, get shot by lots of Elites.

PS – I managed a total of 4500 cR for this match because of all the different enemies and medals, so it’s definitely worth doing!


3 Responses to Heroic Demon – Further Commentary

  1. bungiesgirl says:

    hahahaha awesome!

    Thanks for missing out my epic suicide ahem, I mean Noble Death!

    It was a good level to play for sure, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy Rocket Fight so I’ll be back for more!

    BG xx

  2. Devastator says:

    LOL – Nice ambush pic 🙂

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