29th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

<Insert witty opening comment here>…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 2500 cR

250 should be easy enough to achieve through the others, you’ll get up to about 100 for the Campaign mission, and about 40 going for the rest, so after that either use it to work towards the weekly or jump in Gruntpocalypse on Corvette for a free 120 kills.

No ‘I’ in Team – Earn 10 assists in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1250 cR

As always with assists you should communicate with someone. Best is to go in with the Sniper Rifle or overcharged Plasma Pistol and take out someone’s shields, then let your partner take them out. Melee also works well.

Deathless Spear – Complete Tip of the Spear on Legendary without dying – 1250 cR

I’m going to do a more complete post on this in a second.

Now I have a Machine Gun – Earn 20 kills with automatic weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Elite Slayer, Needler, done. The automatic rifle and Plasma Rifle also work here (as doesn the Spiker but as you don’t get it in multiplayer it’s a moot point). Jump in a take out some dude.

Look out for the Deathless Spear post very shortly, and my commentary on this week’s challenge.

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3 Responses to 29th November – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. David says:

    Thanks for the fast post of these! I forget sometimes the needler counts…that’s alot easier than trying to get it with the ASSault rifle. Assists are easy to get in Elite slayer too, so should be lots of guys voting for that one.

  2. Frankiep4 (my gamertag) says:

    For any “kill x in ANY game mode in reach” by far the easiest way is custom firefight, download one from someones file share or start your own edit to unlimited waves, two min bonus etc, if it’s easy kills always have grunt patrols or similar, some loadout with multiple enemy drops, of course set your overshield to invulnerable, always go bottomless clip, friendly fire off and plY with a team mate so you can mess around during down time, rockets is the quickest, edit a loadout for
    Rocket launcher, golf club, and jetpack
    Also for more fun in downtime play with the physics, 75% gravity, increased speed, makes it fun!

    • Matthew Vose says:

      That’s very true. If you look at my File Share I’ve got a game called Firefight Invincible which is geared towards getting 1,000,000 points in 15 minutes, and gives a huge amount of kills. I don’t use it as a method personally for getting lots of kills because I like to up my commendations in Campaign and Matchmaking with them to get more credits, but it’s definitely an easy and quick way.

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