Deathless Spear – Further Commentary

Deathless Spear – Complete Tip of the Spear on Legendary without dying – 1250 cR

This is going to be tricky. Before going on a mini walk through, I recommend going in co-op with several guys. It ups the difficulty but as you see makes all the difference. If you do die whilst playing in co-op, please don’t quit. Be the guy to draw fire and go into a situation first, everyone will appreciate it and chances are as you get through it quicker they’ll come back and help you get it.

The opening of the level drops you in with a whole bundle of Covvie dudes, and two stationary guns. After that you have it easy for a bit in a rocket Warthog. When you come into sight of the first AA gun take it out from afar. Then hang a left, wait for the bridge to be dropped and make a dash for it. Mind out for a possible Wraith and Revanant in the area.

Go through the mining facility, pick up distance weapons like the Needle Rifle and take out guys without going up. When you come to the corridor with the Plasma Cannon at the end one of you should distract him one way while the other shoots.

Out of the facility grab some more vehicles and head through. You can take out the AA gun from the top of the cliff again, then the really hard part. Two Wraiths, some hardcore Elites and two Hunters put up good resistance. I say use a Ghost to take out the Wraiths from a distance, then go either side of the Hunters and shoot whichever one isn’t looking your way.

The Falcon is the particularly difficult bit. Make sure you shoot lots, and lots, and lots. Take out the stationary guns particularly, the Wraiths are less of an issue. Just keep unloading on the Covenant forces and you’ll make it.

Once you’re in the run up to the spire, you want to take it very slowly. There are lots of guys hidden in the rocks, including Grunts who go suicidal fairly quickly. Snipe them where you can. At the top is an Elite with a Plasma Cannon, again go either side and shoot him when he doesn’t look at you.

In the spire are itself, there are lots of ways of doing this bit. My personal favourite is grab a Plasma Pistol and use it on overcharge to bring down and steal a Banshee. You can then take out the other Banshee and use the missiles (use ‘Y’ to swap to them) to take out the ground forces. You can then fly up and bomb the top of the spire. Particularly you want to take out the Elite with the Energy Sword. If one of you is prepared to (esp if they’ve already died once) then drop them in as the rabbit to draw the Elites outside and bomb them. Run in and hit the shield and you’re done.

Phew. It’s not an easy level, in fact it’s probably the hardest level to stay alive on as there are so many vehicles and heavy weapons in use by the enemies. As I say, go in co-op, snipe from afar and communicate so you work together well.


4 Responses to Deathless Spear – Further Commentary

  1. David says:

    You can also unlock that avatar helmet if you haven’t taken the time to finish a level on legendary yet without dying, like me. 🙂


  2. BIGJ3WMON3Y says:

    if youre lucky and have roommates who also have gamertags, you can always log one of them in and play local co-op through the level. you can die as many times as you want with his dude and just let your guy teleport along the level to the end… just be sure to keep him safe!

  3. jrod says:

    Oh My Holy God….that was the worst challenge for me personally ever, took 23 tries solo. It was just a bastard…the Hunters were the hardest part for me, they were just UNREAL.

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