Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 29nd November

All in a Week’s Work – Kill 1000 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 7777 cR

Easy right? Just go in and kill lots of guys.

Well yes that’s the basic. I think a lot of people will be boosting by playing in groups to kill each other. *Yawn*. Whilst that will make it faster, not exactly in the spirit of the game is it?

I’ve said it many times that Multi-Team Battle is one of the best ways to get lots of kills, as long as you avoid Rocket Race. So that’ll be the best way here as well. But with so many kills to get you might as well try out other variants. Have you played Infection? Low kill volumes but ultra fast games. Big Team Battle? Rumble Pit? Objective? Go out and try them knowing it’ll help you get a shed load of credits.

Don’t worry about grinding to get this by Wednesday. Chances are you’ll get 40-50 today just on the challenges, and I expect we’ll see these all through the week. So keep at them each day then on Sunday when all the casual guys are on go and have fun in groups.


8 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 29nd November

  1. TXG iiHackz says:

    I think Swat is the best one 😉 I get from 20 to 30 kills every round, and every round takes 5 – 10 minuts.

  2. Russell says:

    I use rumble pit. It is easy to get the advanage and kill players who are fighting amongst themselves. If you are lucky enough to get a King of the Hill game set..then you just sit back and lob grenades as all of your enemies swarm to the hills. You will get lasy place but your goal is the challenge right?

  3. Gerry says:

    I agree with Russell. Crazy King is awesome for mass kills if you are lucky enough that it gets voted in. About the 10th time Crazy King gets outvoted by Slayer Pro on Reflection (not a bad map at all, just don’t want to play it every stinking time) you’ll be ready to scream. Headhunter works well too if you step back from the goal and lob grenades at players trying to cash in their skulls.

  4. bungiesgirl says:

    I usually go for SWAT as well, but have been loving the new maps and there is plenty of new people playing (friends with friends) who are good for a kill, especially in these early levels 🙂

    Oh and multi-team which I enjoyed playing earlier which was awesome – Thanks Matt for introducing me to the joy of being purple as I kill!

    PS any chance of achievement guides now that there are new ones??

    BG xx

  5. G says:

    I’d think crazy king, oddball and headhunter are good modes for racking up the kills; I seem to average 35+ kills in these modes, and I’m hardly the best player around. I’m even starting to enjoy these variants!

    Note regarding the weekly challenge – played 2 games last night with some boring {expletive deleted – pick any you fancy!} who had clearly turned on all 4 of his controllers and spent the game killing these motionless spartans, rather than playing Reach with us 3 remaining in the game (someone dipped out). Once this git reached 25, the nearest we got was 14, having been unable to locate this ninja as he sneaked around the map assisinating his drones. Said player was actually quite good as well, what a shame.

    I must admit the second game lasted only 20 seconds. When we saw who we were playing again, my mate and I had to swallow the bitter pill and quit.

    Has anyone else encountered any of this boring behaviour?

  6. deadengone666 says:

    I haven’t noticed that happening. I have been wondering about something kind of related though. How do you guys feel about killing “motionless” players. It felt unsportsmanlike to me so I stopped doing it. Then, more often than not I would run past one of these and all of a sudden would get killed from the rear. Now I err on the side of caution and kill them on sight. What do you guys do?

  7. G says:

    Kill on sight, all the way. 2 reasons

    1) some people do wait for assassination attemps like you describe, so to move leave them alone is risky
    2) you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage straight away, as everyone else will go for the kill too.

    What I want to know is where are these people and what do they think they’re doing, putting us in these morally complex situations?! Give me the good old days, where 4 of us would sit around a TV playing Halo, and if you stumbled across 2 of your mates in a fight, you walked away and let the best player win rather than trying to steal kills. To break the sacred circle of death was to bring shame on oneself, too much shame for one man to bear!

    Of course, playing online for the first time was a bit of a kick in the balls after that, but hey ho.

  8. Matthew Vose says:

    I kill them – they’re playing the game so why not. My theory is that even if you go in a game and don’t fire a weapon you still get 600 cR. So I think people turn it on and go to work/out/do something else and leave it to rank themselves up. Pretty cheap way of doing it.

    Here’s a further question for you… when you’re playing and you see someone on your team like that who’s AFK, do you do anything about it? I’ve started this as a discussion in the Facebook page too.

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