Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 6th December

Not in the Face – Complete any Campaign mission on Heroic in 30 minutes with Black Eye on – 4000 cR

Eek. Black Eye means shields don’t auto regenerate, you have to melee Covenenant dudes to get your shields back. Which is less fun than it sounds, particularly on a harder setting, and with a time limit.

My first thought is Winter Contingency. It’s a really easy level, very fast and there are plenty of guys you can punch in the face to get shields back when you need (and First Aid kits when you don’t have guys around). One of the best ways to do this level is to get the DMR as quickly as possible, then the Needle Rifle, and snipe guys from far away, save entering a big firefight.

If you’re looking at other levels, I’d recommend steering clear of vehicle based levels. It’s surprisingly easy to lose your shields in a vehicle and by their very nature make it hard to get near guys to melee them.

I’m very interested in seeing what assassinations do with Black Eye – do they regen your shields all the way or just a bit?

Let me know your experiences of going for this challenge and any tips you have for it.


17 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 6th December

  1. Nissassa 17 says:

    Winter Contingency – Easily done in 20 mins, just sprint right from the start around the edges of the level.

  2. Jordan says:

    can this be done co-op??

    • Riley says:

      Every other campaign challenge has been co-op friendly up until this point, this one should be no different.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Jesse below did it in co-op so it should be fine. I started in co-op last night, then realised you can’t turn skulls on when in co-op Matchmaking. So I had a very frustrating 20 minutes trying to play the Falcon mission co-op. That stuff is not easy in Legendary!

  3. Alex says:

    Just did it on Winter Contingency while dying probably 6 or 7 times or so at least…especially the last part against the two dudes with a sword and a plasma cannon or something. Finally got through that last part and activated the switch with the timer at 29:51…haha, I was so relieved. So it should be fairly easy to do for most people on Winter Contingency. Just run and drive your way through the first part of the level as fast as you can. You just need to get to where you defend the doorway while waiting for it to be closed, so no need to kill everyone along the way. Doing this should give you plenty of time to stumble your way through the second part of the level.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Ooohhhh so close! If you need help on the two Elites at the end, the best way once you’re in the base is grab the DMR at the start of the section (on the wall by you as you come out of the cutscene). Don’t rush forward – snipe the Elite who’s at the end of the hall with the Concussion Rifle and any Grunts or Jackals who come forward, once he’s down or run off you can move forward, and grenades are good because the little guys all cluster together. As you go through, pick up a Plasma Pistol with a good charge.

      When you’re in the end room, snipe the Grunts who walk through with your DMR. Make sure it’s fully loaded then head into the big cooling/server area. When the Elite with the Energy Sword appears, overcharge the Plasma Pistol and when you get two sets of dashes around the Elite fire it (it tracks him). This rips off his shields so you can swap to DMR and one headshot he’s down. The other Elite can be dealt with in the same manner, but it’s the same guy who appeared at the beginning, so if you killed him there it’s even easier!

  4. Spiderbaby says:

    I got it on Winter Contingency, skipping the doorway defence entirely by just waiting it out inside the doorway. I did accidentally assassinate a grunt and it recharged my shields. Then I shot his little friend too.

  5. bungiesgirl says:

    Another one here getting it on Winter Contingency and I must confess myself a little disappointed by the weekly challenge this week – I have really enjoyed the ones which are truly weekly & the campaign has so much to offer for grinding out challenges for games….

    I guess that they wanted to remind people that they should play the campaign but allow ppl to use the new maps in multiplayer & you cant please everyone!

    BG xx

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Just wait till Christmas and New Year week – if you think about the 16k challenge, it was aimed to keep people playing when they were travelling for Thanksgiving and buying new games in Black Friday sales. Christmas is much more global, so I’m hopeful they’ll be awesome challenges. Bungie probably know that people will go off so it’s about marketing and targetting it properly.

  6. Tenacious D says:

    Died 5 times on winter contingency, and still finished in 18:44. Also I can confirm assassinations recover shield. A bit disappointing after my point haul from the last 2 weeklies, but I guess it frees me from worrying about getting enough time in to kill 1000 guys.

  7. Braythor says:

    Don’t often comment etc on blogs but this one has been great for me since I got Reach a few weeks ago so gonna get involved. This is the first weekly I’ve done (was so close to the win 16 dailys for 16000 the other week but didn’t have gold until the free thanksgiving weekend then, so gutted…got a month now though) and found it almost insultingly easy. Probably not offering anything new here but my experience was:

    Winter Contingency, sprint right through the first bit taking out the few easy covvies, grab the jeep, drive over the little bridge with the moa, ignore the left turn, take out the enemies at the next bit (reckon you can skip that though) then down to the troops to take out the grunts and the few extra tangos that are dropped (handy little DMR and health pack here too). Jump on the falcon (tick tock…come ON!), have a bit of fun from the safety of the doorway (grenades are great here) then an easy run through to the end, taking out the sword guy with a plasma grenade. 21:18 with 6 deaths and a very easy 4000 cR.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Thanks Braythor. That’s exactly what I did, I managed to only die once after a poor judgement in the jeep whilst taking out the Elites by the marine defence section – I tried to hit them, rolled, ended up in the river and shot a million times!

      Have a look at my reply to Alex above for some info on the last section – I always use up my grenades taking out the Grunts and Jackals at the start of the base for a nice Overkill or Killtacular medal, then Plasma Pistol the Elite at the end.

  8. Jesse says:

    Did it on Winter Cont with one friend we did it in 12:46, way easy!! Just skip, run, drive!

    • Matthew Vose says:

      That’s damn impressive Jesse. I lost a lot of time in the jeep section dying once when defending the marines and being reset to before the dropships come down, but even without I don’t think I would’ve hit 12 minutes!

  9. Alex McNeill says:

    Did this on Nightfall in under 5 minutes. Easy.
    Also, you can commandeer a falcon on Winter Contingency and skip the marine defense part.

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