Mostly at Night Further Commentary

Right, so you’re going to want to do this one. Last time we saw it this was 1250 credits, the time before that 4000, this is a good return on investment today. There are several points that you’ll need in doing this mission, so pick and choose which are relevant to you…

  • If you play co-op you can help cover each other, but if you die please remember you’ll be appreciated more if you stay in the game and help everyone else by being the guy who goes in and takes on the fire for everyone else
  • This is a good mission to teach you the value of staying back and sniping. The Sniper Rifle, Needle Rifle and DMR are available throughout the map, so make sure you use them, particularly at the pylon section
  • You can run a lot of the game, using either Sprint or Active Camo. It’s going to be a big risk to the ‘not dying’ thing, but it can get it done quickly. Particularly the fuelling station with the civilians you can just keep left when you come to it and bypass it completely.
  • When you’re sniping the first large camp of the Covenant, remember some of them can come up the side, so don’t leave yourself scoped in all the time in case you get taken roughly from behind!
  • When the Hunters attack at the pylon, Jun can kill them himself. My tactic is to stay on the walkway overlooking the pylon and run back and forth firing into the back of whichever one isn’t facing you.
  • The end is a real pain, again you can run it but it’s incredibly difficult to do that without dying. Take out the turret guns first as they can kill in a couple of shots on Legendary.
  • Don’t forget that the best way to take out an Elite is to fire an overcharged Plasma Pistol into them to strip away the shields then switch to DMR and headshot them.
  • Finally, and this is a cheat so use as a last resort – if you die, then quit the mission and reload at last checkpoint, you’ll be back where you were with the game thinking you haven’t died. So it is possible to play normally, then at the very last checkpoint load the mission and it gives you the challenge. If you’re that kind of person.

7 Responses to Mostly at Night Further Commentary

  1. bungiesgirl says:

    This is really useful stuff! Holburn & I will be giving it a go later & seeing how we do. There are some mythic video guides out there which are really helpful too 🙂

  2. Riley says:

    I really wish we’d see some other campaign mission challenges on Legendary. To my knowledge theyve only done ONI, Nightfall and maybe One other?

    • Spiderbaby says:

      They do The Spire as well which is a nightmare on co-op during the falcon section. I skipped that last time (too few credits, too much headache) but since there’s a mythic guide for it, I might try it solo next time. Nightfall is probably my favourite level but yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing other levels myself.

  3. Alex says:

    Eff this challenge. I’m so not good enough to do this, but so many credits. Maybe I’ll try it today sometime if I get feeling motivated.

  4. Sam says:

    A note to your last tip:

    You can die as much as you want, then once the last cutscene initiates, pause, and click “Save & Quit”. Then click “Resume” back at the Campaign menu. Boom.

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