Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 13th December

Multiplicative – Earn 200 multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 5000 cR

Another week, another long challenge. This is actually fairly easy to get I reckon. My usual tips apply here – go for Team SWAT or Multi Team to get a good chance of quick kills (SWAT because you can kill in 1 shot to speed up the kill, Multi Team because people group together). Some maps help better than others, my favourites are:

Sword Base – On SWAT you can hold the killing area at the top of green lift and take out a team as the rush you from any direction. On Multi Team if the top of that lift becomes a killing zone through some grenades in it then follow them up to mop up.

Pinnacle – Since you can see across the map you can hit two people even if they’re in different areas. The room and loft also help contain people to use the Rocket Launcher or Grenades on them.

Asylum – Similar to Pinnacle, but this is even better for sniping people who run across your field of vision.

Countdown – A nice killing area at the top of the lifts, Multi Team is good for this because everyone comes from different directions so you can steal kills and take out the person who was shooting as well. You might get a couple at the beginning if you go to shoot your opponents on the opposite side of the atrium.

Reflection – Again some nice killing areas at the top of the lift and along the long corridor.

I know there are more maps, but these are the ones where I think you’ve got a good chance of getting multikills.

And finally, don’t forget the multikills will stack. So an Overkill (4 enemies) will count as 3 for the double, triple and Overkill.

What are your best ways for getting multikills?


5 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 13th December

  1. Riley says:

    Has someone at Bungie lost their freaking mind? Matthew, are you saying 28 multikills (200 divide 7) PER DAY is “easy”? for 5000cR this is a joke…

    • Steve says:

      I get two doubles in a bad game of SWAT. Good ones have me at 6+. So that’s 5-14 games a day. That’s not that bad.

  2. Steve says:

    Now this is a good weekly! I’ll get to enjoy my SWAT and make progress on this while I’m at it. And it won’t be something that can easily be churned out in a day or so.

    Pinnacle, Asylum, Sword Base, and Countdown will be great for this. People tend to pack together and will make for great chances at this. I’m lookin forward to this one.

  3. Dan says:

    Crazy King.

  4. Riley says:

    Played for 2 hours last night and got 19 multikills…but it was one of my worst nights playing the game ever, It took me five games to get the assist challenge when it usually takes two and overall I just wasn’t having much luck at all. I figure if I can get 20/weeknight (1/hr?) and then like 30/night on the weekend I should be good. 5000cR is still pretty bad though!

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