15th December – Halo Reach Daily Challenges

Today’s challenges are:

  1. More than a Handful – Kill 125 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1250 cR
  2. Pass the Rock – Earn 20 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking – 2500 cR
  3. Weapon Swap – Earn 10 sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game on Heroic or harder – 1000 cR
  4. Killing Spree – Earn a Killing Spree in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

Commentary to follow later.


2 Responses to 15th December – Halo Reach Daily Challenges

  1. Lee says:

    Hey, my twin bro and I have been doing winter contingency for the mission challenges for awhile and we agree with you on most points but after doing the mission so many times we have found that it is possible to do it very quickly and with only using 3 shots also.

    My method:
    1. Complain for the first 45 seconds of the mission(Lol)
    2. Run past the fisrt spot and totally skip the cinematic.
    3. Keep running until you get the the place with the first enemies.
    4. after you go down the stairs and out the main door immediatly take a right and go up the ramp.
    5. after this just keep going straight and to the right.
    6. when you get to the spot with the white elites just run past on the far right next to the railing.
    7. hop in the vehicle, go past all those enemies (I don’t think you have to kill them but I normally screw up the turn and end in the water so I kill them anyway)
    8. so continue past the 2 Jackals, I normally splatter one and the dude on the back with the turret kills the other.
    9. continue to the base and splatter with vehicle (Killing them normally is faster but easyer to die)
    10. once you get airlifted I hop off and sprint over to the jackals and stuff and beat them down. (This only works on Heroic and below and only if you are good at getting acurate hits)
    11. when the say that reinforcments are coming in, go up to the place where you landed and face the building.
    12. A load of grunts will drop next to the crates to your left, throw a grenade as they land and get your multikill.(Right before this step weave back and forth to dodge the ship shots, they arte not deadly if you don’t stay still)
    13. Immediatly after you throw the grenade(Don’t watch to see if it’s a hit, It will waste time and get you killed) run to the right side between the crates and the rock wall. There should be a few grunts here, rush them and beat them down.
    14. continue forward to the building and take a right when you hit it (beating down grunts/jackals on the way) and there should be 1 to 2 grunts in the inlet. Beat then down and then hide while your shields recharge.
    15. Make your way out to the remaining enemies and either beat them down or kill the cluster with a grenade.
    16. Run inside, if the doors don’t close yet wait a bit and your allies will finish it up. grab the health pack.
    17. Run past until you are in that long coridor with the boxes and the forklift. Immediatly run up and beat down the Jackal at the far end. Once you do that run back to the entrance. your allies should have followd you up to the enemies and are killing them. (This step must be done fast and carefully before the elite can kill you).
    18. once your shields recharge go in and enter the hallway. around the corner will be a Gob of grunts and jackals (like 7). If you have a grenade, launch it into the pile, blow them up and beat down the rest.
    19. pick up the health kit if you need it, run forward and to the left(I think it’s left) and you should have 2 grunts rushing you. beat them down and grab the plasma pistol, dropping your AR that should still have 600 ammo.
    20. Immediatly start charging a shot because an Elite with a sword should be rushing you about now. back up and shoot him. swap to pistol and headshot him.
    21. Grab the sword, kill the second elite with it and them finish the mission.

    This is very fast and effective but you must be good at aiming grenades and beating down grunts quickly. Also, if you are even in oranges and you pass a health pack go ahead and grab it because the plan I lay out is very fast paced and the immediate shield regen helps.

    This enables you to complete most mission challenges in about 10 minutes, 15 – 20 if you havent got the hang of it yet.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Nice, you seem to have worked to get this as efficient as possible. Is there any reason to make it so you fire as little as possible? I can understand that it’s good to do it quickly to get through the mission, but the more you fire at and kill dudes the higher your commendations get (little by little anyway). I always grab the DMR before getting on the Falcon after defending the marines as it makes the base door defence so much easier to headshot everyone (and Plasma Pistol/DMR the Elites).

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