16th December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Fairly low credit return today, but very easy to get too, and no assists (which will make BungiesGirl happy after her rant (yes I’m returning a link favour, but mostly because I’m such a nice guy))…

Gunslinger – Kill 75 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1250 cR

Multi-Team to get lots of kills in a short space of time, although as it’s only 75 you can do this in a few games in most modes so you can try out something new or your favourite.

Covenant-cide – Kill 90 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Approximate kill volumes:

  • Score Attack – 100
  • Gruntpocalypse – 120
  • Firefight – Anything up to 350/400

So one game of any of these will probably get you there, I’d recommend factoring in the next two challenges first then topping up if you don’t hit your 90.

Blast Radius – Kill 20 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades – 1400 cR

Gruntpocalypse is good for this as the Grunts are a bit daft, and all come out in the same areas so you can hurl grenades (particularly Plasma) to those doorways. When they start coming into the bottleneck corridors you can take out a few per grenade too. I’m interested to see if the grenade launcher in Score Attack counts towards this too – can someone try out and feedback to everyone please?

That Pink Mist – Kill 40 enemies with a supercombine from the Needler or Needle Rifle in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR

I’m a Score Attack fan for this. You can grab a Needler from the Grunts and use it on them. In the second wave you can get a Needle Rifle from a Jackal. To get the supercombine you need to hit an unshielded enemy with about half a Needler clip, or three from the Rifle. The third wave of Brutes is excellent for this as they’re big targets and don’t dodge so much as they get close.

And there you have it. How’s the weekly going for you all? I’m working on Force Unleashed 2 at the moment so I don’t think I’ll be getting this week’s.


13 Responses to 16th December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. TheChrisD says:

    Is it just me or are the “Pink Mist” challenges very hit and miss? Weren’t they asking for 70 kills for the 2000cR just a few days ago?

    • Prox says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. I think they’re playing around with challenge parameters and rewards to find out how much effort people will put into getting X number of credits.

  2. Coalhouse says:

    For the last Pink Mist challenge (70 kills) I went into sniperfight and grabbed a needler and needle rifle.

    While I loathe sniper fight, it gives unlinited ammo on anything you pick up, so you don’t run out – which is very easy to do on with the needler.

    Lucky for me everyone abandoned the game so I had all the kills to myself, easily taking my time and still getting the 70 combines in a single game.

    Rocketfight would work too except that everyone spamming rockets means no kills left for the little needles

  3. scott says:

    Sorry, guys, grenade launcher doesn’t seem to count for the grenade kills. It’s always the pink mist challenge that stymies me, though – the grenade kills come fairly quickly. Myself, I prefer Boardwalk. Does everybody else like the ship, instead?

    And as for the weekly, I’ve got 100 of the 200 kills but it’s eating up so much of my time that I’m considering giving it up. That’s an awful lot of effort for a paltry 5000 credits.. Multi-team seems to accumulate them the most quickly, particularly oddball or headhunter a little more slowly for fracturing the killzones. Again, has anybody else got different preferences or thoughts on how to accumulate them more quickly?

    • Andy says:

      For the weekly my preference is SWAT purely because of the speed of which you can drop someone and be eyeing up the next head to hit. Normally get 2-3 per game here standard, on a particularly good game up to 7 from what I remember when it was 25 for a daily. Second preference is rumble pit and try to play games of crazy kings, if you’re not too bothered about spending time in the “hill” to win then throwing grenades in and taking others out from afar works well (people are normally not too concerned with you standing back as they are running towards the hill!) I tend to chose the second option when there is also a daily for assists, since with multiple people shooting and throwing grenades you have more chance of getting a double kill or 2 assists!

  4. Trey says:

    Again with the needler ideas, sniperfight would definitely be the best way to go. But if you’re anything like me, you hate having to deal with other people when playing firefight, not just because of voting, but because the ba$tards love to steal kills. What works for me is gruntpocolypse. Just headshot the first wave, grab a needler, and pick up as much ammo as you can find for it.

    Here’s the trick with the needler vs. grunts: fire in short bursts. Grunts tend to dodge needler fire very effectively, especially at long distances. If you fire a clip at a grunt, they’ll dodge most or all of the needles. By firing a quick burst (1-3 needles), you force the grunt to dodge. Then fire another burst (3-4 needles this time) and *pop*, there’s a kill. If I time my shots right I can usually pull off three or four kills with a single needler clip.

    The most difficult part is ammo collection. They just don’t drop ’em often, and you usually die while running to a dead foe from a hidden grunt lurking around the next corner. So just watch your corners and take your time, and this challenge should be a piece of cake.

  5. Steve says:

    Looking at the challenges, it must be (FF) Thursday… Nice to see the gunslinger to get some MP action.

    I have to admit that I love doing Corvette. And for the needle kills, I find it easiest to do Score Attack, get a riffle from a jackal, and camp in the right tunnel by the original spawn.

    I pick Recon for the DMR, make quick work of the grunts while on the right platform. Then in the skirmisher/jackal wave, fall back to the tunnel. It will force the riffle ammo to come to you and you can pick them off with your DMR, then run out, collect newly dropped ammo, and fall back. Also, if you fill up your riffle, more ammo will be right there for you during the next wave; you won’t have to go looking for it. When its time for the Brutes, they’ll be forced to funnel at you, 3 body shots and they’ll explode. You do have to watch out for sticks and when they ‘lock, but for the most part its pretty easy, and you have plenty of health packs right there for you. And if you’re fast/accurate with your 3 shots, you can kill them before they get through their throwing motion, so they just drop the stick, or it won’t get close enough to hurt you.

    And I agree about avoiding others. Thus I do score attack for these. The unlimited ammo would be nice, but not worth the headache of playing with some of the other people out there.

    • Dan says:

      Under the score attack section (which is you doing a firefight matchmaking session alone), you can choose sniperfight. I got my pink mist thing this way.

  6. bungiesgirl says:

    Lol, I am much happier today a) after my rant b) after finding out from Vose that it’s mainly firefight today and c) realising that I am not alone in my hatred of assist challenges 🙂

    Also Vose, you are a nice guy indeed but & hopefully you’ve had a few of mine realise how good the support is over here rather than my vague & pointless rants 🙂

    On a challenge related note, I usually go for Courtyard for my pink mist choices, that also funnels them down one way and you have a nice safe wall to the back of you if you go down one of the walk ways… grab a needle rifle and needler & then time your shots so they definitely explode – I have seen lots of people wasting their pinky (which gets me muttering of course!) so being accurate and conservative with the precious pink also helps 🙂

    Thanks again chicka

    BG xx

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Vose?? Are you my old PE teacher or something??

      I jest of course.

      You should be pleased with the linky, the stats show a lot of people clicking on your site through mine. Perhaps if I set my profile pic to yours I’d get more hits?? 😉

      • xXMaster SoulXx says:

        Hey Vose Force Unleashed II is off the chain! I love it! Im working on the “DARK SIDE”… just got passed the Gorog on Unleashed…already beat it on the “LIGHT SIDE” …but i only play it on my down time from Reach 🙂

  7. bungiesgirl says:

    Drop and give me twenty boy! that was a bit formal I must say 🙂 and yes, there have been one or two popping over to me & hopefully some of mine will pop to you two 😀

    You could always try changing pics but I think yours suits you better 😉

  8. bungiesgirl says:

    And, grovel grovel to Matthew, please please pretty please call him Matthew & not Vose, I am in the naughty corner until everyone is calling him Matthew


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