18th December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Better return on credits today, these are fairly standard challenges too so you won’t have much trouble I think…

Gunslinger – Kill 100 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Multi-Team is really good for getting you a lot of kills in a single game, so stick to that to rack up for this challenge quickly.

Demon – Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 1200 cR

We’ve not seen this as just Demon in a long time (usually it specifies in Heroic difficulty). The last time I actually got this challenge the number of Elites in a Firefight match was increased from normal, particularly the bonus round being pure Elites. I reckon Rocketfight is the best way to go for this as it’s easier to take them out, Courtyard helps because it bottlenecks them just outside the spawn room and the blast damage can help you out. Given that this challenge doesn’t specify Heroic, is there a way to play Firefight Matchmaking on Normal?

Fourth Horseman – Earn 4 multikills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1900 cR

Last time we saw this it was 5 multikills for 1200 credits, so I think Bungie have appreciated the difficulty this presents to some players, and are helping people work towards the weekly challenge. Crazy King and Oddball in Multi-Team are very good for this as you can aim for people working on the objective, or a Slayer game in somewhere like Reflection. Team SWAT is also excellet, especially somewhere like Sword Base.

Stronger, Harder – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Famine, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm on – 2750 cR

We’ve seen something similar to this with Tilt instead of Tough Luck. As always you’re better off sticking with Winter Contingency, since it’s relatively easy to do. Search for the level name and you’ll see I’ve discussed it in length previously. The key here will be making sure you visit the ammo stacks at the base (both when defending the door and starting inside the base). Pick up Plasma Pistol’s as they’re the most useful weapon on this level (Esp combined with DMR or Pistol) and be prepared to swap them often.

Last day for the weekly tomorrow, how’s everyone getting on with it?


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