Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 20th December

Ride the Wave – Complete 100 Waves in Firefight Matchmaking – 4000 cR

Okay, so this is waves, not rounds or sets. There are 5 waves to every round, and 3 rounds to every set. In the bottom right by the score and the lives if a dot counter to show you which wave and a number for the round you’re on.

So… Gruntpocalypse and Score Attack are 5 waves. In Corvette I can do either in about 10 mins (less for Gruntpoc), this means a little bit of grinding and you’ve got the challenge, plus a bucketload of credits – be careful you don’t hit the daily cap when you get this.

Firefight proper (including Rocketfight, Sniperfight etc) has 16 waves, as the bonus is counted as 1. That means 6 games of Firefight and 1 of Gruntpoc/SA and you’re there. Firefight takes about 25 mins, so it might be slightly quicker.

My recommendation – this is a weekly challenge so take the week to do it. On Thursday’s we usually get a lot of Firefight challenges so hopefully that will continue. Do any Firefight challenges during the week, plus maybe the ‘any game mode’ types as well and you’ll pick this up without having to do an excess of additional games.


3 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 20th December

  1. bungiesgirl says:

    Isnt it interesting how they will go from something as tricky as 200 multikills in a MM during a week (a tough one when you work full time) to 100 rounds in firefight which I have got over half way through in an evening!

    Do you think that they are still working out the balance for the weeklies? Or do you think that they are giving different groups the chance to really have a crack at something new (I know of many people who have never stepped into firefight until today!)?

    I’d be interested in what you think about these as the Challenges are so dear to your heart!

    BG xx

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Well Gray ( :p ), I’m quite surprised that the challenge isn’t like the 16k one we had over Thanksgiving. For Christmas there are going to be a lot of people travelling, seeing family and especially getting new games as presents all round the world, so I’d expected that Bungie would do something to try and keep as many playing Reach as they could.

      I can understand that when they know it’s going to be difficult to keep people you might as well just make it easy rather than intriguing, but this challenge is very easy to do in a few days. Perhaps it the theory that if people are going to be off playing CoD, AC:B, Kinect and so on, make their last memory of Reach so good that they want to come back to it.

  2. bungiesgirl says:


    I was surprised that it wasnt more like the 16k one, but then perhaps they were being sensitive to the needs of mothers / fathers / girlfriends / friends / family who would prefer to see the faces of their loved ones rather than their backs & getting no more than a mutter as they rampage their way through Halo!

    I can see your point about making it easy so that people come back but I’m still a bit confuddled as to why make it so easy when last weeks was such a mare!

    GRAY indeed!

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