25th December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

In the meadow we can build a snow Brute, and pretend that he’s got a hammer. He’ll go berserk and charge towards us, and we can finish the job with a shotgun.

Later on, we’ll be a sniper, as we shoot, from the tower. We’ll go unafraid through the Covvie grenades. Walking in a Halo Wonderland.

Where There’s Smoke… – Kill 50 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

You’ll pick this up in any Firefight mode, but in Score Attack or Gruntpocalypse it’ll come before you’re even halfway through. And today you’re getting twice as many credits as this challenge has given in the past!

A Friend in Need – Earn 5 assists in Firefight Matchmaking – 1300 cR

Courtyard all the way, especially on the Elites and Brutes. If you do 40% or more damage and someone else kills the enemy in 4 seconds you get an assist. So when you start seeing Elites and Brutes start hammering them (particularly using an overcharged Plasma Pistol on Elites) when there are other people clustered around you.

Return of the Mack – Kill 35 Elites in Campaign today on Normal or harder – 1700 cR

ONI: Sword Base has been the best for this in the past. Just playing through there are 30-40 I think, and it’s definitely worth using the target designator at the beginning. Basically run from the start up the ramp to your right and take out the Elite at the top. Then hug the wall all the was to where the TD is, grab it, turn around and fire it back up to the top of the slope. Then take out the few guys around you and go back up the slope to mop up anyone who survived. You’ll get 4-5 Elites a time, but it takes about a minute and gives you loads of medals and kills, so well worth it. If you’re playing through, still stick to ONI Sword Base, especially from Rally Point Bravo inside the base itself. I’d recommend doing this combined with the mission below…

Foggy Notion – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Cloud and Famine on – 1400 cR

This should be pretty easy, either work through ONI: Sword Base so you get lots of Elites, or Nightfall where you start off with a load of ammo at the beginning anyway and can run through most of the level anyway. Winter Contingency is always a favourite because it’s so easy to do quickly too. Don’t forget, melee never runs out of ammo!

Nothing particularly special today, although more credits than you’d get with these challenges normally.

I hope Father Christmas brought you lots of fun things, let me know in the comments what exciting presents you got. I’m now the proud owner of a Kindle 3G. As a subquestion – what books do you recommend I get on my Kindle?


7 Responses to 25th December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. scott richards says:

    Hey, just a quick note of appreciation for all the hard work you put into the site – thank you and Merry Christmas.

    As for the ebooks, I can heartily recommend anything by Carl Sagan (something of a proto-Hawking or -Suzuki in that he was a great popularizer of science. Eminently readable and full of endless wonder and fascination). My personal favorites were Cosmos and Broca’s Brain.

    With a semi-fictitious slant on the same topic (as Cosmos.. not so much Broca’s), I like to believe that James Michener didn’t take too much more license with the topic than filling word-bubbles in when he wrote Space. I’ve tried to read a few of his other books and found them a bit pulpy but Space really resonates with me. Ever dream as a child of flying fighter jets, then experimental aircraft, then rockets into space? This might be the one for you, while fleshing out a bit of hypothetical history, too.

    If you find yourself stuck on the train (or bus, or plane, or whatever) often, David Sedaris is a fun read. If you find you like him on paper, you might be interested in tracking him down on radio – he was a common contributor to NPR’s This American Life (and continues to be, occasionally)

    A guilty pleasure is David Morrell’s novel Brotherhood of the Rose. He’s the man we have to thank (or blame, as you will) for the Rambo franchise. In my mind, Brotherhood far exceeds Rambo but as it’s already an admittedly guilty pleasure, I’d need an anonymizer to ‘fess to liking it if it were somehow worse than Rambo. Nice light read but again, it plays on many childhood aspirations – two orphaned boys watching out for each other, spies and secret agents, and the sort. A more mature read than I make it sound to be, but you won’t find it on many Ivy League bookshelves.

    If you try some of these out and end up enjoying them, lemme know and I’ve got dozens of other recommendations from a wide choice of genres.


    • Matthew Vose says:

      Wow Scott, thanks for the recommends, I’ll have a look at some and see if they’re available on Kindle – currently I’m building up my library of corporate/business novels having worked through Black Swan and Barbarians at the Gate, next is Liars Poker.

      But first, Halo Evolutions. 😀

  2. Lee butler says:

    Catch 22, cats cradle, hamlet , odipus the king are 4 of the best things ever written. The religion by tom willocks is also vastly underrated. Presume you know pratchett?

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Oh yes I know Pratchett – I have every Discworld novel in hardback, most are first editions, a number are signed, and I’ve met the man himself on several occasions.

      I’ll agree Hamlet is good, although I’m more of a Macbeth man myself. Will have a look at the others. Thanks.

  3. Spartan says:


    For “Return of the mack” heres a quick way of doing it in under 5 minutes:

    Start ONI sword base and run along the right to the target designator as mentioned – As soon as you pick it up walk backwards to the blast doors at the back that are closed and you will get a check point – As soon as you see it – Target it at the elites and fire away – As soon as its killed them (you should get 3-4 kills) then restart the check point and you will be there next to the blast doors – Rinse repeat and the kills keep adding up to the daily challenge despite restarting!

    Just got it in under 5 mins like this!

  4. Generous Bias says:

    Hey thanks for all your posts this year. Share which email your Kindle account is associated with so we can make book presents to you too!

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