Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 27th December

This is How We Do It – Complete 9 Campaign missions on Heroic – 10000 cR

9 missions would take you through the whole game – if you’ve not finished campaign this is a great opportunity to.

The main thing to note is that this says Heroic. Not Heroic or harder. It might well recognise Legendary when you play it, but I doubt it.

If you have and want to do this quickly then you could get through a quick mission like Winter Contingency several times. You might want to have a look at your commendations and see what needs improving – if your vehicle kills/kills with vehicles are low then maybe go for Long Night of Solace, or Tip of the Spear. Headshots can be picked up in Nightfall, and with the exception of the Firefight section with Jun planting a bomb in the middle you can run a lot of that mission quickly too.

The other thing to remember is that there will be Campaign missions during the week. They might not be all for Heroic, but with this challenge we’re likely to see a few, particularly at the weekend. So as always don’t rush this in one day, let it come as you play through the other challenges and then finish it when you know you won’t be available to get more.


9 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 27th December

  1. Tim says:

    Do you think this can be done in co-op campaign?

    • lzy23 says:

      It should be, as it does not specify whether you have to complete it alone or on co-op. I’ve tried other challenges in which they ask for things like ‘Complete any campaign mission on heroic with famine, thunderstorm and tough luck on’, or any of the other variants. I’ve done those types on co-op and I got the challenges completed.

      So in any sense, co-op would seem the fastest way to get around this challenge as you would not have to worry about returning to checkpoints etc.

  2. John Eno says:

    I’m actually wondering if it’s possible to just play the cinematic which makes up the first “mission” nine times. Hopefully the smart kids at Bungie thought of this and disallowed it.

  3. John Eno says:

    Additionally, a friend of mine says that doing the levels on Legendary will count for completing the challenge.

  4. SixSigma says:

    I tried the whole running through winter contigency and saving after pressing the switch at the end when the screen goes black. Once you do that if you resume the campaign it’ll go to a black screen for a few seconds then end the game and count it as a campaign mission completed. Also boosts your flawless cowboy commendation. However, when I tried that for this, it didn’t count toward the challenge. Possibly because I had scoring on?

    • germandude says:

      I had scoring on in Legendary. Even the mission I had started yesterday but finished today counted.

  5. Steve says:

    Just tried the following:
    Noble Actual doesn’t count
    Lone Wolf doesn’t count
    Setting on Legendary DOES count.

    Hope that helps


  6. SixSigma says:

    When I went back through and did it without scoring on it worked. Only issue is that with scoring off it takes you to the next mission automatically. I did the switch save, and to get past it taking you to the next mission when you restart again, just wait until it pops on your screen that it’s given you the credit for the challenge, then hit the xbox home button and sign out. If you save and quit, it will start you at oni: swordbase, so do not do that. Just sign back in and start the mission again. All in all it took me 15 min to do this challenge.

    • germandude says:

      If you want to not play this very easy weekly with a high payout, the easier way is to run through nightfall with scoring on and use the forklift to get through the wall. 6 min tops to run through it. then at the final cut scene hit start, save and quit. when you restart moments later the screen goes black and you pop back into the menu to immediately be able to restart again. Personally, I’m using the opportunity to play through solo on legendary. I’ll sleep better about it when I get the 10k credits. but to each their own.

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