31st December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

End of Zolo today, and welcome its sibling Zoll into your heart (if you don’t listen to the MBMBaM podcast this won’t mean anything to you – I recommend checking out ep 36). No special end of year challenges, but multiplayer centric which brings people together…

Gunslinger – Kill 150 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

Multi-Team battle is the place to go for lots of kills, as long as you avoid the Rocket Race variant. Crazy King and Oddball help get a high number of kills if you aren’t interested in the objective.

A Great Friend – Earn 15 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking – 2000 cR

An assist is when you do 40% or more damage to an opponent and someone else kills them within 4 seconds. There are various ways to do this, one of the best is to team up with someone and work on taking people out together, particularly in the Multi-Team Battle variants. An overcharged Plasma Pistol or Sniper Rifle shot to the body do more than 40% damage straight off, so you can always snipe from a camping position (ie the loft on Pinnacle) to help take people down. Apparently Rumble Pit is also excellent for getting assists.

Double Double – Earn 2 Double Kills in the same match in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1350 cR

Double Kills are fairly easy to pick up. Multi Team will usually see you get 3 or 4, as you naturally get more people, closer together. Grenades and Heavy Weapons are your friend here. Team SWAT can also be good for this. If you’re good at headshot you’ll pick up a double kill or two during a match, depending on the map and opposition – Sword Base is good for it if you can hold the top of the green lift.

A Solid Outing – Earn at least 12 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1600 cR

Best ways to get lots of kills in one game:

  • Multi Team Battle – Particularly the variants of Oddball or Crazy King as you can take out people going for the objective, but normal Slayer works well in this mode as well
  • Invasion – Depends on your skill level, but the games are long so it’s quite possible to get a lot of kills
  • Team Slayer/SWAT – Again depends on your skill level, and that of your team, but it’s definitely possible to get 15 in a game without too much stress

I hope you all have a great day and a fun-filled evening. 2011 should be a good one for games, hopefully more info on Bungie’s 10 year series with Activision, and 343 Industries’ expansion of the Halo universe.

And maybe a Kinect game for us proper gamers that’s not a game pack compilation. Or requires physical co-ordination!

Happy New Year folks! 😀


6 Responses to 31st December – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Keara Meehan says:

    hey i really appreciate you posting these challenges thank you!!

  2. Steve says:

    Happy New Year Matt Vose! Keep the site going!!

  3. Jukka says:

    Hey. Just wanna wish great New Year to everyone over here. Been reading this blog because of its easy access with mobile devive to check out challenges. Thanks for posting these!

    • xXMaster SoulXx says:

      Yes I love this site! …i get on here at work cuz other sites such as bungie.net are blocked 😦

  4. lzy23 says:

    I’m not sure if I’m interpreting the ‘A solid outing’ challenge correctly, part at least 12 kills means I need 12 kills AND above. I got 12 kills once and the challenge didn’t register, it was only when i got 13 kills and above for the next match that I got the challenge.

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