Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 3rd January

This is such an awesome challenge, a proper week long one that you can’t just blitz in one day, but have to persevere with it.

I assume this should look like:

Or it’s simply ‘Dedication Over Time’. Anyway, quick and easy ways to get 16 daily challenges? My best recommendation is to get 16 daily challenges as quickly as possible. It will be Thursday that we start seeing this one appearing on people’s game profiles, any sooner and they’re cheating the system!

Last time we had a mix of easy and grinding challenges, including at least 2 that had never been seen before which were fairly complicated to achieve. My feeling this time is they’ll be pretty similar for all those people who got Reach for Christmas, and hopefully again with some exciting new challenges thrown in.

I post a commentary every day as soon as possible for that day’s challenges, so check back to see how to get them. On the useful links to the right you can follow me on Twitter for notifications on when the posts are up, and join the Facebook group for notifications there. You can also subscribe to the blog to get emails as well. If you use these you don’t have to badger me for when the new commentaries are added.


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