13th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Firefight Thursday is here again, so bring along your Grunt stompin’ boots…

One Spartan Army – Kill 400 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR

You get 120 Grunts in Gruntpocalypse, about 100 enemies in Score Attack and something like 330 in a Firefight Matchmaking game (although split between up to 4 people). I recommend 3 Score Attack and one Gruntpocalypse, since you don’t always get the full amount in each game (usually Grunts and Brutes kill each other by accident with grenades), and Score Attack gives you a good way to up various commendations with the variety of weapons and enemy kills.

Be Their Huckleberry – Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the pistol – 1800 cR

At one stage today you should be doing a Gruntpocalypse match, so rock along with the pistol until you’ve got this, then switch to the DMR. Try and keep the pistol until the Grunts start coming towards your pinch point (which you should always find on any map to make it harder to get to you and increases the effectiveness of grenades – and ups your multikill medals), then start using it so they’re in close range and easier to take out.

Going Outpost-al – Kill 100 enemies on Outpost on Heroic in Firefight Matchmaking – 1600 cR

Signs that everything’s looping – another challenge we’ve not had in months (like On Tilt yesterday and the Huckleberry above). Outpost is possibly one of the harder maps to stay alive on (not impossible, just not as easy as Corvette or Courtyard). I’m thinking of doing a Gruntpocalypse match here since they’re easier to survive. I always man one of the gun towers, they represent good pinch points with only one ramp up to the main bit – be careful of the guns on dropships since they can see you. If you’re doing proper FF Matchmaking then I start off in the guns, but I end up on the roof of the central building with one or two other people, sniping anything that comes. Be careful of grenades, and again the guns on dropships.

Bulletproof – Complete 1 Rounds in a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying – 1450 cR

Last time we saw this it was only 450 cR, so much improved. My favourite for staying alive is always Corvette Gruntpocalypse, since that allows you to maintain distance across the ship but you can find Grunts easily. Make sure you back off when the heat gets up and let them come to you. When you start and have a chance to snipe then head up to a platform and take out those on the door on the lower level nearest you. I then switch to the central ramp and any making their way down the middle, so you maintain a distance. Any carrying heavy weapons – Plasma Launchers and especially Fuel Rod Cannons – or charged up Plasma Pistols should be hit first. The Fuel Rod Cannon is a very effective one hit kill, and if not can kill still mess you up real good!

As always, please share any further thoughts you have on these. I had a great idea for another game mashup with Halo, like the Spartan in Dead or Alive 4 – a Spartan avatar dancer in Dance Central! It’d make me play it even more.


7 Responses to 13th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Marcel says:

    Regarding Bulletproof on Corvette:
    Using the shield that brings your health back as a perk will help you to stay alive.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      That was my staple initially, but I’ve found that sprint allows me to get out of dodge a lot quicker, and gets me to the platform that bit faster to stop the first wave getting too close. It’s pretty close, but I like the maneuverability of spint. I see where you’re coming from though.

  2. Russ says:

    An absolutely awesome spot on Outpost is the top of the little set of stairs that lead to the roof of the building you spawn in. It gives you a nice vantage point for half of the map, and also a great choke point.

    Just got the Bulletproof achievement by doing so :]

  3. Derrick says:

    For firefight challenges, I’ve always been a fan of Gruntpocalypse on Overlook. Standing on top of the roof in the middle of the map works well, and choosing Armor Lock saves you from getting stuck, which is about the only way the grunts can kill you from up there.

    My average time is usually around 7.5 minutes or so to finish a score attack. How does that compare to Corvette or Courtyard?

  4. bungiesgirl says:

    I usually go for Courtyard and hold up on the far left hand side next to the ammo cache with a medic shield… works well so that I dont have to run for ammo & I like having my back against the wall…

    Takes me about 6.5-7 mins for a score attack Gruntpocolypse on Courtyard, if not quicker because they generally have to come up the stairs and that acts as a great choke point.


    • Matthew Vose says:

      Must. Not comment. On BG. Up against a wall…

      My worry in doing the Score Attack/Gruntpoc not in Corvette is it can be a pain tracking down stragglers. But if I do FF Matchmaking I like that covered section at the end of the walkway, as the dropships can’t get you and grenades work really well on the drop parties.

      It’s also good in FF Vs, go to the far right opposite the spawn room and snipe the Elites, then as they get closer you can jump over and go to the other side.

  5. Alex says:

    Was wondering if Firefight Arcade works for this as well. I assume it does, but I’m about to test it out…and yes, FF Arcade does work for the challenges if anyone else was wondering.

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