15th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

A bit of a mix today, I think the challenges are looping now – today is identical to the 2nd October, but with a much better return of credits…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 2500 cR

I’m not sure if you’ll actually hit this in the other challenges today, but if you need to ‘top up’ your kill volume – Winter Contingency Rally Point Bravo for 20 or so kills, Score Attack for 100 and Gruntpocalypse for 120.

One Spartan Army – Kill 100 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Jump straight into Gruntpocalypse, Corvette (or whatever’s your poison, in map terms). In probably 7 minutes you’ll get 120, a bump on your commendations and a tasty tasty 1000 cR on top of the credits for the match as well.

Storm’s Comin’ – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with Mythic and Thunderstorm on – 2750 cR

Can you guess which mission I’m going to recommend? Mythic makes enemies much tougher, and Thunderstorm upgrades enemy ranks. So go to Winter Contingency, run as much as you can of the first fights, use the jeep to run dudes over at the marine rescue, hide in the base for the big stand section, then work through the base slowly using head shots and grenades to clear bunches of guys – make sure you combine Plasma Pistol and DMR shot to take out the Elites, especially that swine with the sword!

Cook ’em, Clean ’em! – Kill 5 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking while you’re jet-packing – 1700 cR

It’s been a while since this one turned up for multiplayer. Remember you have to be actively firing the jet-pack when the person dies to register it, otherwise you’re just falling with style. I’m thinking normal multiplayer games (Team and Multi Team) and just firing short bursts when I’m about to kill someone – particularly with grenades or heavy weapons. 5 shouldn’t take too long. Some useful places – grenades in Pinnacle when people are in the main loft area, Courtyard again in the central sniper point. Similar to the Campaign challenge, the Hammer and Sword work well with this, just use the equipment and fire buttons at the same time.

A question – I’m thinking about not posting my challenges post on days when, like today, I’m going to do commentaries straight away. Is that a problem for anyone?


11 Responses to 15th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. ian says:

    do what you want – i just appreciate that i can look these up at work in the morning to decide if it’s worth playing that night

  2. Natasha says:

    I 2nd the first comment exactly. I do enjoy your commentary, but just knowing whats on the to do list works. Thank you for this.

  3. Mike says:

    if the commentary is available I just read it. Save yourself some time. This site is great btw. I work full time, have a little boy, nagging wife, etc. I know when and how to get the challenges. It saves me a lot of time. Thanks!

  4. Alex says:

    Yeah, I never even read your challenges posts, to be honest. I doubt many people would miss them as long as the you keep listing the challenges in your commentary posts. And thanks again for your work on this blog!

  5. No problem with me for you just posting the comments each day. Great blog, keep up the good work.


  6. Spartan says:

    I prefer if you post the challenges as I dont always have time to listen to commentaries. I come on here to quickly check what the challenges are and whether i will have time to do them on that particular day.

    Just my two cents.

  7. mull says:

    No point doubling up on your work man. Great blog by the way. One of the first things I do everyday is read it.

  8. Blackcat says:

    I totally agree with Mike, my days get hectic and I enjoy the fact that you save me the time of logging in to LIVE just to check out challenges. Save yourself the time/work and just post the list you feel better about. I enjoy the commentary though.

  9. haydn says:

    i love this website it saves me a lot of time having to go on live and check for myself

  10. SpartanBoy says:

    Hey! I’ve just discovered this site and i agree with the other people, it saves a lot of time if you want to know daily challenges and I can check in the morning at work.

  11. JXibalba says:

    I greatly appreciate your site – especially the commentary for the challenges. They are great help if I am stuck or need a quicker way to complete them to save time for other things.

    I do think that you don’t need to post just the challenge list each day and can save yourself that time. I simply have the challenge list page on Bungie.net link saved on my home page on my iPhone (no login required) to review the new challenges for the day. It also has a countdown timer so you know what time the challenges reset based on your time zone.

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