18th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Really easy 6750 cR for us today, which is kind of Bungie…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1500 cR

You should get pretty close to this in the rest of the challenges, so just keep playing multiplayer or Campaign even after reaching the others to top up and complete.

Mutliplier – Earn 2 multikills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

2 multikills come up in most games. Most game modes are good for this – Rumble Pit, Multi Team, Team SWAT etc. As I said on the weekly, Juggernaut in Rumble Pit’s quite good as everyone charges you and you can take them out pretty easy.

Cannon Fodder – Kill 75 infantry-class foes in the Campaign today – 1750 cR

Winter Contingency will give you 75, assuming you clear out all areas when in the truck, and take out the Grunts when defending marines, and die having taken out all enemies in the courtyard at the start of Rally Point Bravo and do it twice. I think Tip of the Spear will give you 75 infantry enemies through the whole mission, but it is a long mission that has a lot of potential for death and delay. Your other option is either the checkpoint respawn in the end of The Package (see yesterday’s comments for a video), and use the Target Designator on ONI Sword Base – run straight to wear it is ignoring all enemies, grab it, turn around and blast the grunts. Then respawn to the checkpoint or restart mission to do it again.

…Is a Virtue – Score 30,000 points in any Campaign mission with less than 3 deaths – 2000 cR

You might remember my post when we started getting these kinds of challenges. Well, stick to the same tactics here. Long Night of Solace, Rally Point Alpha. It’s the start of the space combat, so throw on some skulls (I used the Black Eye, Tough Luck, Catch, Cloud and Famine since they don’t affect the game too much) and blast through. You’ll get 30,000 points in a few minutes easy, and chances are with no deaths.

How’s everyone doing on the weekly challenge? Did you all hit lots of multiples last night?


17 Responses to 18th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. GenuinRisk says:

    Always read ur daily updates…never commented b4 though…only got 20 last night…180 to go…it’s looking harder than I thought…apparently, actively seeking something is harder than getting them in bundles when just playing for fun…lol. Keep up the good work!

  2. Defender77 says:

    I only got up to 24 last night…I don’t think I’ll make it. I normally don’t get to play that much, so I might get to 120-150 for the week, but not sure about 200. I’ll be a Brig though in the next couple days, specially with these easy challenges. I think the weekly was too easy last week, and this one may be too tough and not work enough for the amount of time required to get it. Should be a fun challenge to strive for though.

  3. EchoBlade24JG says:

    I figure you need 23-24 multikills a day. Requires way too much gameplay than I have available so I’m ignoring this weekly challenge and spending my time doing Firefight Arcade and boosting my firefight commendations; I believe it to have more credits overall. (((I do need to thank the site owner for posting the daily and weekly challenges because I couldnt seem to find them anywhere online for some reason. Thank you.))) I’ll try to get on and post my own comments on some of the challenges if I find there to be better ways of completing them if you would like 🙂

  4. MCB says:

    I won’t go for the weekly… its too much effort can get 7K by playing 2 firefights…

    • curt says:

      takes an hour to play 2 firefights, u can play 5 or 6 multiplayer games in that time and get about the same number of credits, maybe slightly less, and u’d have 15-20 multi’s. just sayin the weekly isnt that bad if you play multi team, easy easy doubles.

      • MCB says:

        I don’t get many multikills – looking at my stats I have like 400 double kills since the game was released!

      • curt says:

        oic well if you decide to go for the weekly, i seem to have the best luck getting multi’s in multi team crazy king. just spam grenades into the hill and run in after, i usually get 5-8 multi’s per crazy king game, and just normal slayer in multi team yields about 4 multi’s per game for me. hope this helps 🙂

  5. Riley says:

    Firefight arcade is AWESOME for credits & commendations. I was starting to get bored of doing the same thing (sniperfight) on the same maps, but these new gametypes are a lot of fun. I prefer nadefight and fistfight, FRGfight is pretty good too. I like how you can camp the spawn points, makes for a ton of multikills.

    Only played two multiplayer games last night for the assist challenge, and I got only three multikills. Gonna be a tough call for the weekly challenge, more likely than not it’s gonna turn into a weekend grindfest where I have to get 50+ a day to complete it.

  6. JXibalba says:

    Great and easy daily challenges again – thanks for the very nice tip on “…Is a Virtue.” I was able to pick that up before leaving for work today.

    I definitely won’t have time for the weekly challenge but kudos to all those who achieve that many multikills in a week. I sometimes wish I was back in college so I could enjoy some binge gaming.

  7. Justin says:

    I’m aiming for 30 multi kills a day. Yesterday I got 40. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      What’re you doing to get a lot? Any particular game types or methods?

      • curt says:


        multi-team, especially crazy king, is very good for getting multi kills, because there are 12 people (instead of 8) on all the same maps. swat is also decent, but i get more doubles/game playing multi team. if you can play 1-2 hours of multi-team a day you should be set, but most people can’t and would need a weekend binge to get the 200. good luck!

      • Justin says:

        I got most of them in multi team, averaging about 2 per game. Now that griffball is live, it should be much easier.

      • JXibalba says:

        Okay, so now I may actually try for the weekly challenge after playing a few games of grifball. It wasn’t that hard nor time-consuming to stack up some multi-kills in grifball. We’ll see how the week goes…

  8. Matt says:

    Griffball is a good source of multi kills as well and they are quick games too…..just a suggestion. Thanks a million to the help with all the daily challenges.

  9. Defender77 says:

    I played 8 games of rumble pot last night and juggernaut never came up as an option. And every vote went to slayer pro or dmrs. Uhg. Got more dbl kills in 1 game of grifball.

  10. EvilTexan says:

    A great way to get multikills is to play the new Grifball Playlist, im already at 105 for the weekely and just have been playing that for hours.

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