23rd January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Some really easy challenges to grind away at on your Sunday…

Fire When Ready – Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

This is over any number of games, so no stress to push for it at once. 50 should only take a few games though, Multi-Team Battle is particularly good for getting a high number of kills in any one game, especially the objective based Crazy King and Oddball variants.

A Friend in Need – Earn 10 assists in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR

Courtyard all the way, especially on the Elites and Brutes. If you do 40% or more damage and someone else kills the enemy in 4 seconds you get an assist. So when you start seeing Elites and Brutes start hammering them (particularly using an overcharged Plasma Pistol on Elites) when there are other people clustered around you.

Cannon Fodder – Kill 50 infantry-class foes in the Campaign today – 1000 cR

Winter Contingency should give you over 50, assuming you clear out all areas when in the truck, and take out the Grunts when defending marines, and die having taken out all enemies in the courtyard at the start of Rally Point Bravo and do it twice. I think Tip of the Spear will give you enough infantry enemies through the whole mission, but it is a long mission that has a lot of potential for death and delay. Your other option is either the checkpoint respawn in the end of The Package (see yesterday’s comments for a video), and use the Target Designator on ONI Sword Base – run straight to wear it is ignoring all enemies, grab it, turn around and blast the grunts. Then respawn to the checkpoint or restart mission to do it again.

Short, Controlled Bursts – Kill 200 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today – 2000 cR

Automatic weapons are those that fire repeatedly, namely the Assault Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Plasma Rifle, Needler and Spiker. In Campaign you want a mission with lots and lots of enemies quickly. As usual, Winter Contingency’s a good one as it’s not too hard, and the enemies come quickly. Stick to Normal difficulty so you don’t have to spend too long.

And there you go. Mix it up a little. I’m down to 35 multikills needed for the weekly, since I got over 100 on Grifball yesterday, except the game where two of my team quit and opposition just camped on our spawn point. I ended with a K/D ratio of -48, but that’s with 50 something kills. Better than the other guy on my team who had a K/D ratio of -80 or something, since he gave up fighting back.


3 Responses to 23rd January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. LordLiam316 says:

    For short contrld bursts I like to go long night of solace rp bravo and then fight though till you clear all the elites out and move to the next room and you get a checkpoint. If you do it on normal there are two elites and maybe 15 – 20 grunts. And it doesnt take to long. Then just revert to last save and fight them all again and you get it done pre quickly I find

    Assists work if you shoot gun on dropship and then team mate does th sane shortly after


  2. a calico cat says:

    I second LordLiam’s assist idea. It’s easy with any snipers variant, but ESPECIALLY on Water Front. Easy to hit the turrets of the drop ships from the roof, and with plenty of roof-top area, you can focus fire over pretty much the whole map. Just focus on the same areas and with little to no communication, you should rack up all 10 assists in one game.

    • LordLiam316 says:

      Haha I like that you say little to no communication. So true sometimes. Especially in grifball or firefight where it’s actually kinda needed

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