Halo Reach Weekly Challenge – W/C 24th January

This week’s challenge is:

Winter Contingency: LASO – Complete Winter Contingency, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO) – 12,500 cR

Commentary to follow shortly.


19 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge – W/C 24th January

  1. BWP says:

    I think that this challenge is the even worse than the golden tree challenge. How in the name of hell is anyone going to be able to do this . I got all the way to the end of the mission with my girlfriend with one elite to kill and, yep you probably know, failed. bungie really are starting to loose touch and by loose i mean lose and by lose touch i mean suck ass because if anyone is suppose to even consider this challenge it should at least be worth 50,000 credits or more, a million if you ask me. BUNGIE YOU SUCK

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I’m not sure it’s that bad, it’s definitely achievable, and is supposed to be the weekly challenge so not everyone’s going to hit it in 25 mins. There are people who’ll do it quickly, and some who will find it a challenge and feel a good sense of achievement when they find it. With such a big audience Bungie are going to find it hard to please every single one of those every week, this is the first time the weekly has been genuinely difficult so a lot of people on the Bungie forums are really happy and enjoying it.

      If you’re going to throw around comments directly at Bungie you might want to do it on their site, this is just for advice and discussion on the challenges, I’ve got zero affiliation with them.

    • Resz7 says:

      A million?? That means if you started as a recruit this challenge would bring you to Colonel grade 1. Yeah that’s fair. If that trend started everyone would be an Inheritor by the end of the month.

    • Jdazn says:

      It seems irritating but Winter Contingency is possibly the easiest mission to do these “LASO” challenges I mean it took me prolly a good hour or two but i had played coop 😛

  2. BWP says:

    i just think bungie are running out of ideas, dont get me wrong bunige made halo 3 and its the best game on the xbox but they have cleary tried to hard to please with reach and it shows ups constantly, the results are severe and have had a large, negative, impact on the halo community. i am not the only person who feels this way.

    • Yehdood says:

      Yes, I think you might be the only person who feels that way. This one should be easy as you can run past everything on the side of the map until you get to the marines. drive the truck straight past the battle and drive up on the hill behind it and wait until the AI takes everything out. after you get off the falcon run around the right side straight into the bunker. then hide in the corner until kat closes the door. then take your time getting to the last section – save a grunt to kill with melee last if you need it . overcharged plasma pistol, DMR headshot the elite (or 2 if you didn’t kill the red one earlier) and you’re done. pretty sure most of this has already been said on this blog before.

      for the record, there are a number of people who have done the entire game of Halo 3 on SLASO.

      This one only says LASO. (no S – no requirement for Single player) you may be able to do co-op on this and that makes Iron and Black Eye less painful to you.

  3. Sir Apocalypse says:

    I think that Bungie has no more ideas.
    They want to make you to buy Xboxlive-Gold.
    I’ve Xbox-live free and I will not buy Gold.
    There were days where for killing 400 enemies you got 4000 or 5000cR, now you get only 2000 or 2500cR for this. And less for other challenges.
    I will never buy Xbox-Live Gold, I don’t pay for Multiplayer like for Worldorwarcraft or something, Xbox-Live should be free (like PS3)!
    The Weekly Challenge I have tried, I don’t came after the first enemies. It’s very unfair to fight against “superstrong” enemies without a hud or lifebar. The worst thing was the not present hair cross, i shoot in the space.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Bungie don’t care if you buy XBL, they care if you play their game, get other people to buy and play it and if you get the DLC – they’ve always shown to be committed to putting out the best quality product they can (unless you count the ending to Halo 2 – joke).

      For the most part the credits per challenge has gone up, I comment about this all the time. Last week’s challenge was worth 2000 credits more than the last time we were given it.

      Fair enough if you don’t want to pay for XBL, but don’t just say it should be free like PSN – it’s a high quality service in comparison, with little or no advertising, that gives you access to hundreds (literally, hundreds) of demos, plus services you don’t get near on the PS3. I’ll agree there are some good things available on the Playstation, but in general Xbox Live is a better service that I feel is worth paying for.

      I also don’t agree that Bungie have no more ideas. They’re still putting out new challenges, which are aimed at continuing to embrace the audience. This weekly and the Golden Tree City challenge are 100% for the hardcore audience since these are the groups that want to find the Elite Rangers and complete the game LASO. Other weeks when it’s fairly simple it’s probably not aimed at that group. Just because it’s not your week doesn’t mean they don’t care.

  4. Etienne says:

    That is very true, and I also believe that unfortunately for you guys, this mightn’t be your week, but look at it this way: this is worth 5 challenges, man! Plus you have the other 4 challenges. I was here for the Golden Tree City challenge myself. Do your research – there must be some easy, pain-free way around it.

  5. Etienne says:

    I have just learned you can save and quit if you die and resume on the main menu – result is as if you were reverting to last save.

    • Etienne says:

      Wahey! Just got the challenge. Follow the advice that I put up there. Use plasma pistols and magnums/DMRs/needle rifles.

  6. Resz7 says:

    Me and a friend just did it pretty easy. Just skip all of the beginning battles and let the AI take care of the enemies before the extraction. Wait in the room until the door closes. The last part was the hardest part. It took us a few tries but we managed to kill the sword elite then with like 4 sword attacks on the other elite we were able to do it.

    • Jdazn says:

      Yeah I managed to assassinate that elite with the sword took me a couple of tries but i got em’ and the other two remaining elites were a breeze compared to the sword one. All in all you only really need to do just That last part and your thru. because you could run thru the beginning by hugging the right side wall and as they said from the posts up top just “Camp”

  7. michael says:

    me and my son just tried this lastnight. we started at 5:30pm and tried to complete this challenge until 11:30 lastnight. we got through the first part after a couple of hours, but when we got to the last part it really stopped us in our tracks. i would run from the sword elite and he would get behind him and assassinate him. we got down to the last 2 elites and STILL couldnt get through it. needless to say i was VERY ticked off that i had to quit. hes 6 years old and i had to get him in bed for school. i was just hoping i could find someone to help me with this that has went through and finished it quickly. if anyone would like to help me it would be VERY appreciated…DR HIGGLESTEIN.

  8. Randy says:

    you guys just gotta remember that tilt is on. human weapons do nothing to shields and covenant weapons dont do jack to health. run past/hide for all the battles until youre inside the base. just be sure to pick up a plasma pistol for the last fight

  9. Robert Fett says:

    Don’t forget to drop an “anchor buddy” if you are going to try this solo. It was only me playing, but I started it in co-op mode with my second controller, and just steered the second player out of harm’s way. That way, you can die to your hear’t content and not restart from scratch. Got it done in half an hour or so.

  10. Adam Cyr says:

    does anyone have tips for the last 2 elites? ones with the Covie Grenade lauincher?

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