Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 24th January

Winter Contingency: LASO – Complete Winter Contingency, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO) – 12,500 cR

*Update* – It looks like you need all the ‘lesser’ skulls on too, the key here being Blind, which hides everything from the HUD, shields, ammo, the reticule, and I believe the gun too. Good luck with that folks!

Seriously though, that means take it really slowly when in combat. Physics from explosions are higher so you might be able to use that, however I think you’re best letting Noble team do their thing where you can, play it safe and use Pistol type weapons for maximum impact where you can. The Iron skull can really tick you off (resetting the mission on 1P death), so be careful.


You’ve heard me mention people wanting SLASO challenges in the past. Well this is the start of it (S means solo). Completing the game SLASO without dying on each level is considered ‘Mythic difficulty’.

In all honesty, this isn’t too bad. The thing that always does me is Black Eye, which means you have to melee to recharge shields. Particularly when getting to the Marine defense section, I always stay in the jeep and drive forward and backward to take out the Covvie landing party. However this way they’ll whittle down your shields as you do. Best bet is to grab some sort of ranged weapon if you can (Needle Rifle) and snipe from a distance. Jorge and Carter will help take a lot of the Covenant out.

Winter Contingency is good since you can run a lot of the mission, and you always have Noble team members to back you up. I’d say that inside the base is the hardest section on LASO. It’s generally easier if you can make the Elite run away at the beginning, so that you’re only dealing with Grunts and Jackals, then by the end you’ve got a Plasma Pistol and a DMR – two shots and he’s down.

Do you have any questions or tips on doing this? Feel free to comment below.


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  1. neil says:

    does that mean the silver skulls also?

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I doubt it as they don’t do full game impacts, but worth finding out (don’t turn them on and see if the challenge is active in that game).

    • Imprimis says:

      I’ve just completed the challenge on SOLO! 😀

      I think it’s best done SOLO. With Co-Op there’s LAG & I’m sure there’s tougher enemies depending on the party number so when anyone of you guys die POOF restart!
      Here’s a tip for the end elites…
      Kill all grunts, and get the Sword elite’s attention so he’s running at you. Run back up the stairs behind Jorge and let the Sword Elite just slice at him until his back faces you. When you get the chance sprint and ASSASSINATE the Sword Elite to be sure.

      From this point what I did was pick up the sword and swing like crazy while moving at the last Elite.
      If this still confuses you I will post up a vid on how to beat the last part on my file share in a bit.
      My Gamer Tag: aH Its Imprimis {ah its imprimis just in case you cant tell its “i”}
      Video: WEEKLY CHALLENGE! 1/24

      GOOD LUCKY! 😀

      • Bryan says:

        When you do it Co-Op, and someone dies, you don’t restart, you just go back to the last checkpoint. I think it is preferable to do this one Co-op.

        This way, at the last part (the toughest) you have more than one chance to get past those nasty Elites.

      • keifer says:

        thaat challenge was to impossible because of the skulls and only 12.500 credits

  2. MCB says:

    This will be hard! I always die on the sword elite at the end… any tips?

    Also can this be done coop?

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Yes I reckon it can be done in co-op because it doesn’t specify solo (hence only LASO).

      At the end DMR the Grunts as they walk in. Then make sure you have a DMR and a Plasma Pistol. As you walk down the bit on the right overcharge the Plasma Pistol, then when you see the Elite with the Energy Sword the reticule turns red, and gains extra dashes round it. This means it’ll track him. Fire it, and all being equal it should take down his shields (might need 2 with all skulls on). Once shields are down one headshot and he should drop. If not, keep firing till he does.

      Let me know how that goes.

      • Steve says:

        My issue with that, from past attempts with Mythic and Thunderstorm, make it so you need two charges, and as soon as the sword elite is charging you, you don’t have time to get that second charged shot with the plasma pistol. The one thing that finally worked for me was if they were distracted by Noble fire, unleash with the needler to cause the explosion for the kill after a charged shot. It’ll be tricky with Tough Luck as they can and will dodge. I’m thinking going in on co-op will be smarter, as then you wont have to restart the mission in the event of a death, even though it’ll mean three elites at the end. This is gunna be somethin’ alright. Good luck everyone.

      • Marcel says:

        Jump on top of that wall with pipes you have to pass when you´re going downstairs.
        Standing there the “Sword Elite” can´t get you…

      • Matthew Vose says:

        If that’s true Marcel then that’s the best bit of advice I’ve heard all day, including mine! Will def try that later on.

      • Marcel says:

        You can even walk along that wall.
        When getting to the highest point you´re barely able to look inside the room
        with the switch and shoot the Elites legs or throw Grenades inside.

      • Mannon says:

        I got up there and shot at him with the plasma pistol, but as soon as his shields went down he hid in a corner and denied me the headshot. Damn shields regen fast on him too. I managed to get him to attack Jorge and then he was easy since he ignored me shooting him. BTW I found it better to just shoot the plama pistol’s regular shots as it really only takes a few to knock down shields. The overcharge burns through the battery so fast you wind up with a dead weapon in your hands with only about two or three shots fired. Also you can zoom in and aim it, then fire off 3 or 4 shots. It drops you from zoom, but it’s actually fairly accurate. I think luring him to Jorge is the best advice.

    • dukemeiser says:

      After the grunts are dead get the sword Elite’s attention and then run like hell back to Jorge and on up to the hallway out of sight. Once he sees Jorge he will start attacking him. Since Jorge can’t be killed, he’ll just slice endlessly. When his back is turned, run up an assassinate him. That’s what I did.

      • Bryan says:

        I also learned the hard way that you need to jump before assassinating, so you are attacking from a higher angle. Otherwise he swivels around last second to slice you up.

      • dukemeiser says:

        I didn’t jump. He probably just saw you at the last second.

      • Bryan says:

        It might also depend on the status of his shields. Dunno. It just always seemed like if I wasn’t descending on him, he would always swivel around lightning-fast right as I was meleeing.

      • dukemeiser says:

        Not sure. I’m pretty sure his shields were fully charged for me. Jorge was pretty much getting his ass kicked when I did it.

      • Bryan says:

        LOL, yeah. It’s too bad our AI teammates can’t just take them out for us. I kept thinking, “Why can’t we just push Jorge down into that room to take out all the Elites.”

  3. Mark Scott says:

    Sorry about me being acronym illiterate but what does “LASO” break out to?

  4. Just confirming that all 13 skulls need to be on for this challenge, at least that’s my assumption since when you “Go to an appropriate lobby” it takes you to a Legendary Winter Contingency with all 13 Skulls activated.

    This is going to be a bit harder than I thought, the combination of one death meaning you go back to the start of the mission along with the no recharge shields as well as the fact that headshots are now far harder due to lack of reticule might make this difficult. Ah well, weekly challenge, key word being challenge!

    Good luck everyone.

  5. neil says:

    Im pretty sure this is glitched, i was just playing and grunts were knocking the falcons out the sky and the pilot would vanish. I was abel to flip them over, but kat would fly it and get stuck in the mountains. I don’t know how to not let this happen. Any suggestions?

  6. Tim Everitt says:

    I’ve been waiting for a difficult challenge such as this one. I cleared out a couple of the daily’s before heading out to work and will attack this when I get home.

    From the quick high level feedback posted so far, it looks like Co-Op will give you a leg up and help complete the weekly for both players.

    Best of luck to all of ya.

  7. Sivrak says:

    Believe me when I say, this is no joke for a challenge. Playing singular I made it all the way till the very last elite with the concussion in his hands, and he killed me. So disheartening. So I picked up a fellow player and we did great running past everything in the beginning, fighting through EVERYTHING afterwards until we reached the last room. Probably took us 30 – 45 min to get to that room. However, it had taken us at least an hour (+) just to get past this part. Plasma pistols were useless, as 2 elites with concussions destroyed QUICKLY any hope of just taking their shields down. ILL tell you the secret:

    Kill the grunts off quick.
    Lure the sword guy to where Jorge is firing and jump the rail. Sword elite SHOULD stab after Jorge
    The other teammate come flying down the stairs to assassinate.
    Send one guy hiding behind a short edge of a wall on the opposite wall where you both enter the room.
    The other guy distract the other elites to hopefully come forward, then the hiding guy comes FLYING out to assassinate BOTH of them, one at a time.

    It was the only strategy that left us both alive and trust me when I say, this isn’t even Legendary.
    This is impossible.

    But we did do it, so good luck to you all.

    • John Fox says:

      wow just read this, and this post is almost identical to mine.

      • Poiu says:

        This is about the same way we did it. Timing, luck and assassinations. While my buddy assassinated the sword elite attacking Jorge, I crouched outside of their room and was able to take the two concussion elites one at a time. Hardest challenge I’ve played yet, for sure.

    • dukemeiser says:

      If you play solo, there will only be one Elite with a concussion rifle. Just pepper him with plasma from the pipes until his shields pop. Headshot, done.

  8. Defender77 says:

    You can probably glitch this too if you save and quit right after you push the button, but not sure with all skulls on. That messes with respawn and checkpoints too. This should be fun, so I’ll probably work through it with a friend on co-op.

  9. John Fox says:

    Just to add since you cant see your sights or anything just to help with getting th challenge mark on your tv with black take, cutting out a “circler sight” lol it worked for me i have not got it yet though, i am about to go co-op and try it that way. Good luck!

    • John Fox says:

      *TAPE, Electrical Tape

    • Mannon says:

      Better yet… Just use a dry erase marker. I’ve been using one off and on for various things such as for Red Dead Redemption since you don’t even get a reticule until you aim with the left trigger, or for MW2 so you can aim while using a riot shield then quickswap to a pistol or throw a knife and also good for quickscoping due to enormous sniper hipfire. It actually made it possible to kinda snipe with the plama pistol (for safely dropping shields).

  10. ItsEdalicious says:

    I found this article a while back, a great method to own sniperfight on courtyard if you’re like me and get bored of gruntpoc

  11. David says:

    One thing that REALLY helps with no HUD is to use a dry erase marker on your tv and put your own reticule on from when you can see it. On the tv itself, it stays in the correct place and headshots will be easier

    • kalib says:

      LOL dude that is the same thing i did!!! it works every one try this!!!

    • Mannon says:

      heh Didn’t see this tip was already here, but I totally agree. Dry Erase = Protip! The grunts and skirmishers drop like flies to your headshots even on LASO. (Though it will take 2 headshots for the grunts since nearly all will have helmets.) I really loved the birthday party cheers while doing this. heh

  12. John Fox says:

    Ok just an update my wife and i just finished the weekly challenge, all 13 skulls do need to be on. I would suggest doing what i did in the above post with the tape to make cross-hair sights on the screen to help out. I did notice something odd in this one of the choppers just fell out of the sky during the part where you have to clear the area out for Evac and you can fly it and kill all the enemies. the only really hard part even with co-op was at the very end killing the 3 elites, the one with the sword was very easy to kill, after killing the grunts the elite with the sword will chase you to the other side, at this point P1 needs to run all the behind the blue barrels beside the guy with the machine-gun and wait for the elite to come and start attacking that guy while P2 hides up in the walkway behind the guy with the machine-gun and then come down and assassinate that elite. After this is what took me a couple of tries to get, have a plasma pistol with you and the sword that you got off the first elite and then just do your best to try to either assassinate them, also what i thought was odd was that if you get close enough to those elites they will not hit you… not sure why, but do watch out for grenades from the second try and have P2 distract them while you do this. Hope this helps some. Out

    • Sivrak says:

      yeah I liked that idea of taping a reticule for your cross hair sights, even thought of doing it during the game but it was early and we were determinedly in the game already so we just kept trucking.

      Freakin redickulously hard is all I have to say. So hard.

  13. Kidney Boi says:

    Well, I did it. It took some time, and a LOT of patience, but it can definitely be done.

    Just play it smart, don’t be a hero, and you’ll be fine.

  14. JRich says:

    Not sure if this was already posted on this blog but I used the following website for the weekly challenge and followed the video step by step. I didn’t die once and completed it in about 30 mins all said and done. Check it out and good luck!

  15. J.P. says:

    I just beat the weekly challenge and the only way to beat it without bustin your head open with frustration is in co op. We didn’t die once until the final room where we died about 50 times. Strategy:

    Kill the grunts with DMR. Have buddy jump down into pit and stay down there and hide. Entice the sword elite over and quickly sprint up into the hallway you came from. The sword elite will see Jorge and start attacking him. Wait for the elite to show his back and assassinate the sword elite. One down.

    Buddy that was in the pit come up and around with shotgun and come back to other player and Jorge. 2 elites left now and both have pulse rifles. Entice one by itself (i know i’m making this sound easy, but it wasn’t at all) and have one player make it turn while the other player assassinates the elite. Do the same for the final elite (which we didn’t do. We ended up screaming at our tv with both of us bashing the elite till it died :O).

    Congrats you did it! If still stuck on the final part, have patience. I died multiple times before we got it but so well worth the countless deaths.

  16. HelpfulHinter says:

    if your doing it solo, when you reach the room with the two elites and you die, if you quickly hit start and save you will be able to resume your solo campaign and try again. Currently still working on taking down the damn elite. I was able to plasma shot and stick the sword elite twice and his shield wasn’t even taken down. Any other ppl have any insight?

    • dukemeiser says:

      Lure him up to Jorge while you retreat up the ramp to the hallway. He will start slicing Jorge. Run up and assassinate him.

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  18. dukemeiser says:

    “…by the end you’ve got a Plasma Pistol and a DMR – two shots and he’s down.”

    WRONG! It takes THREE fully charged plasma pistol shots to drop a Zealot’s shield on Mythic! Let Jorge distract to one with the sword while you assassinate him. For the concussion Elite, stand on the pipes and pepper him with plasma. It may take a while for him to stop moving and take all the plasma at once. If he shoots at you, fall off the pipes to avoid damage; one direct hit will kill you. Just keep peppering him, eventually he will stand still and his shields will pop. Headshot and your done.

    I did this solo my first try. Took 30 minutes total. And no I’ve never completed a Mythic campaign mission before, so my heart was definitely racing!

    EVERYONE should read Tyrant’s mythic guide and watch the videos. I did exactly what he did and it worked like a charm. Go there now:

    Halo Reach Mythic Guide

    • GenuinRisk says:

      Duke, the link you posted helped me majorly!…especially with the elite with the sword…dude kept tagging me and I was getting mighty frustrated…within 20mins of watching the video, I had it completed…totally satisfying!….THANKS a lot dude

    • Mannon says:

      Yeah I didn’t even bother with overcharging. Eats up too much of the battery. The plasma pistol drops shields pretty fast even with just regular shots, though. But definitely use Jorge for the zealot with the sword whether you assassinate or drop shields on him with the plasma pistol and headshot him dead DMR style.

  19. Brian says:

    I just completed it, it was not that hard but only because I almost never engaged. I was actually helping my caught with her homework and eating my dinner at the time so I did not mind staying completely out of the fight. Eventually noble does the work for you.

    I did the typical run up the side and over te bridge, avoiding all combat before getting the truck. Then drove all the to the lz, by the river. Truck got nailed by the drop ship but I survived the prune to the shed or whatever it is. Then hid behind the wall while kat and Jorge slowly killed everyone but the final elite- I helped on that one.

    On to the lz landing- ran immediately for cover while avoiding the mess that is directly between the drop and kat’s room. Then I ate more dinner while the war waged outside the room. Didn’t take too long before kat finished her job.

    So now into the darkness. Again, I avoided as much as possible, going forward on to lure grunts or pull Jorge forward. When we got to the part where Jorge says, “there’s more”. I retreated bal up the hallway while he engaged the grunts. I took a awhile but he dealt with all of them and also apparently that concussion elite- I never saw him. Then I thought I would lure the sword elite to Jorge but he cam on his own, never seen that b4. He stabbed Jorge about a hundred times, while I stuck him and plasma overcharged him. Done, was bit hard just needed patience- did it on the first try.

    One thing I forgot to say above is that once you enter the darkness, hide by the dmr rack while J does the business. In the end I only killed 7 enemies. Sorry for the sketchy typing- using phone to write.

  20. Alex says:


    At first me (Alecaum) and Leo (LeoMir) thought it was impossible. But the thing is you need to call attention of the Elite with sword. You go to the stairs where you entered the level and stay there. Don’t call attention anymore. Let Jorge do the work. You will realized the elite is busy with Jorge, then you go down the stairs and stab the elite in the back. You will have more two to take care of. Call their attention to the main platform where Jorge will be following you. Let him do more of the work while you stay behing nothing caughting too much attention again. After Jorge give up and come back to the stage near stairs, go to the main platform, one spartan with grenade and other spartan with sword. Call attention with granade while the other will stab the elites with the sword going from behind the uplifting columns.

    There you go 12.5k points after almost 3 hours of gaming was totally worthy! Hope this helps!

  21. GenuinRisk says:

    I DID IT! I DID IT!!… I DID IT!!!….special thanks to Dukemeiser and the link he recommended….I took down the elite with a sword with a simple assassination when we was engaging Jorge….with the other elite I mixed it up though….got him with a plasma overcharge and then meleed him with sword like twice….yay!!!…..cant believe i just did it…..I swear I was scared as I’d never played mythic before,,,but totally worth it….thanks Matthew for setting this weekly and daily blog….(took me a little over 3hrs…but for 12K credits, well worth it…my most satisfying credit haul yet!)

  22. Matt says:

    I also finished it after about 3 hours of trying, and like everyone else my heart was racing so fast.

    On my third attempt I got all the way to the final elite before trying to lure him to Jorge to do the assassination. I went for it and just as I was about to stick my knife in the elite turned and looked at me, so I got scared and ran away. Bad move. He skewered me in a corner and I died like a bitch.

    Anyway, watch the movies on HBO and you’ll be fine. Plasma pistol single shots works best on concussion elite and, like everyone says, assassinate sword guy. The rest of the mission is surprisingly easy… except for…

    the bit where you have to secure an LZ for the stranded marines. I died sooo many times driving back and forth trying to splatter the covenant. Here are some tips if anybody else keeps dying there:

    – If you get hit by a plasma overcharge as you’re driving past, don’t try and power through it. Get out of the car and run for cover. There’s another jeep thing behind the structure that Carter and Jorge are taking cover in – if you can get your way back into there, go up the stairs and around the back to your fresh ride.

    – If your shields are down, it’s incredibly difficult to isolate one enemy to melee to recharge them in the horde. What worked best for me was driving back along the road and finding one of the single jackals with a needle rifle – you can run them down and beat them up before they know what’s going on.

    – As you’re driving past to run them down, aim for the elites every time. If you aim for grunts and get stuck, the elites will definitely kill you. If you aim for elites and get stuck, you can survive a few seconds of grunt plasma pistolling. Again, if you’re really stuck, get out and leg it for another car.

    Good luck, its by far the best challenge yet

  23. Hawkeye says:

    I finished my Laso challenge with friends and it took about 2 hours. That last part took a lot of dying until we figured out that you have to climb up on the wall and then assassinate the sword elite when he goes after another teammate. One person take the sword and the others plasma pistols and distract the concussive elites so your sword guy can slash them 3 times or so. It really is a team effort. Kudos to those who did it solo. It was so much fun I’ll probably do it again with another set of friends. Great weekly challenge, but I think the pay out should be a little more, espeically with the blind skull on.

  24. Alpinestars CTR says:

    PHEW!! Did it solo but with my brother following from miles away so the restart wasnt from the beginning lol the last bit took so long he went to bed while I took two hours to take the three Elites out alone! plasma single shots to remove the shields then BR to finish. I stood on the wall so they never came out of that small room to shoot/grenade me. worked well! I would also suggest shooting the grenades on the floor for extra bang too!

    more points can be got in 3.5 hours but well chuffed with my first LASO level complete 😀

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  26. TheFreaker says:

    I also did this mission myself. I tried to take the last elite out with my plasma pistol bit it didnt work. I let Gorge distract him then sneaked up behind him and assissinated him ^^

    Ps: the bubble shield you find downstairs might help

    • Bryan says:

      I was disappointed to learn that the bubble shield does not recharge your health and shields as it does without the Black-Eye skull on. But it does help guard against the barrage of Concussion Rifle Rounds the Elites spray at you.

      • dukemeiser says:

        The drop shield does not recharge shields either way, only health.

      • Bryan says:

        Ah yes. that makes sense. I never thought of it that way because sheilds regen by themselves. Thanks for correctiing me dukemeiser 🙂

  27. Leoklank says:

    Ok, been trying this a few times since it came up and was getting frustrated until i did the whole Die, Start, Save and Quit and Resume “cheat”. Got through this while watching the cable guy. Easy weekly if I had done it this way.

  28. Fs says:

    Play solo. If you ever die, pause right away and save and quit. Brings you back to the last checkpoint.

    Follow this video until the very end of the level where there are 4 grunts, 1 sword elite, and 1 concussion rifle elite (there are 2 if you play co-op which makes it much harder).

    Headshot/kill the four grunts. Get the sword elite to come back to Jorge with you. Run to the top of the stairs and watch Jorge kill the sword elite eventually. I got a checkpoint here (doesn’t say since Iron and Blind skulls are on, but I did get one which was lucky/good). Now, you have to kill the final elite by either luring him out over and over and over and over until Jorge finally kills him or take the sword and hit him about four times until he dies and hope he doesn’t kill you (the drop shield on the bottom floor is useful). Save and quit if you die and hope you got the checkpoint I did so you wont have to bother with the grunts and sword elite again.

  29. Charlie says:

    Got it in about 30min, but never would have done it so quickly without “save and quit” after dying over and over again against the last Elite…otherwise I would be playing all night. P.S. I got lucky and sworded the last Elite 3 times to kill him.

  30. Defender77 says:

    Finally got it. Had to save and quit a couple times and let Jorge take out sword elite. I used the sword to kill the 2nd one. Took three hits to his chest to get the shields down. Thanks all for the help. Solo is much easier and use the jeeps to take out the elites earlier in the level.

  31. stevelands says:

    Finally done it after about 3 hours on co-op. It wasn’t so much the sword elite I had trouble with, the assassination while he’s busy with Jorge works really well. It’s the next 2 with concussion rifles that bothered us. I got stuck right in with the sword, took about 5 hits to each of them! I was pegging it around just trying not to get hit. Got so lucky with that in the end. Thanks to my buddy gt00001 for his patience and comradeship. 12500 credits? I’ll take that, thank you very much!

  32. Newosk1 says:

    Just completed the challenge. Do it in co-op even if you just set up a second player on a second controller. Made everything easier. Run past any unnecessary enemies to progress faster. I found two points in the mission that this can be accomplished. Let noble team do a lot of the work and assassinate elites when possible. You can do this when they are throwing grenades or when they are attacking other nobles, but be cautious. Also hide when possible. During the last part take out the grunts first then the sword elite. Use the sword to kill the last two zealots. For some reason i had to kill three zealots during this part instead of the usual two. Mission took me 1:25:04 to complete total. Hope this helps and good luck.

  33. Eyesac says:

    just a quick tip for the “blind” skull: the reticule is always located on the same spot on your tv screen. you can find it by firing a few shots. its always in the same place. So i used a small piece of masking tape as my own reticule(not too big of a piece otherwise you’ll block out what your trying to shoot) and placed it on my screen where the reticule should be. it helped a lot to know where i was firing.

  34. Dan says:

    It’s pretty late in the week, and I’m sure there are other videos up, but there’s a video in my fileshare showing how me and a friend got past the last three elites. It’s not perfect, as I don’t have Bungie pro, but if anyone still needs it, you’re more than welcome to it. GT is RM Getaway.

  35. Mannon says:

    I did this solo. it was pretty hard until I got the groove. For me the toughest part was fighting the 5 elites all huddled together as Noble team does next to no damage due to Tilt until their shields are down. Waiting for the door to close once at the facility wasn’t hard, but stay far back from the opening as Jorge is a huge grenade magnet. In fact pretty much always stay away from team members except when driving. Blind seemed like it would be a problem, but a dry erase marker fixed the reticule issue easily enough and I didn’t actually miss my ammo counter. To check shields I got in a vehicle if I thought they might be down and I’d just swap weapons to make sure I had the right one selected if I forgot. Usually it just made me more aware and vigilant. More than anything you need to simply not accept taking any damage. Usually if I trade shots with an enemy a couple times and kill him I’m okay with that, but without regen that’s not acceptable. Just hang back and snipe grunts, skirmishers, and jackals with the pistol most of the mission. GO FOR THE HEAD ALWAYS. Not much ammo and only a few needle rifles laying about, though in the last two sections you get plenty of DMR ammo. Once you get to the first Elites carry a plasma weapon at all times. Drop their shields then swap quickly for the headshot. The first elite with the concussion inside the building was a pain for me, but I stayed all the way at the back and he let me whittle down his shields between me and Jorge, then a headshot nailed him. Sniped all the grunts and Jackals. The last Elite with the sword scared the bejezus out of me, but went for Jorge so a few plasma pistol shots and a headshot later I had the mission cleared. Sadly cowbell isn’t much use due to Tough Luck, but at least there’s a ton of plama ‘nades because of Catch. Just stay AWAY from enemies so they can’t nail you with them. Precision Weapon + Plasma FTW. After doing this I just did Winter Contengency on Heroic for Golden Opportunity and jeez it felt like playing on easy! lol PS. If your shields are all the way down and you have some actual health damage you can use a health kit and it will replenish both your health and your shields.

  36. X Solid says:

    I finally completed this challenge. It isn’t that difficult. Just take your time and play smart. No Rambo type of decisions. The plasma pistol is your best friend against the Elites at the end. Great challenge!!!

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  38. MR TIMMERZ says:

    i have colpleted the first weekly LASO challenge and im going to do this one to…my gamertag is MR TIMMERZ add me on xboxlive…im almost a brigadier…if any1 would like to try this challenge tonight msg me on xboxlive ill be on around 630 pm eastern i live in pennsylvania so do the math if your a couple states away lol…also any1 who needs help ranking up like tips or tricks i can help…

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