27th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Firefight Thursday is here again, and for one some unusual challenges to aim for…

The T.G. Opposition – Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Shotgun – 1200 cR

First time we saw this challenge it was only 600 cR, so you get a much better return. I say do this in Score Attack on Overlook to get the next one, one of the loadouts is the Shotgun and Armour Lock (I think) so you can easily take out the 40 enemies. Particularly the Skirmishers since they come to you!

Heroic Court – Kill 100 enemies in Overlook on Heroic in Firefight Matchmaking – 1500 cR

If you do Score Attack for the above challenge on Overlook you might just get the 100 enemies, since you get a total 100 in SA (but they can take each other out with grenades etc). If you want to ensure you get it jump in Gruntpocalypse to get a possible 120 enemies here.

Points, Points – Score 20,000 points in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 2500 cR

Score Attack usually gets you close to 20k, and more Firefight Matchmaking games (the multiplayer ones) will get you this high if you have a good round and manage to take out a Wraith or two.

Above the Law – Complete a Round in Firefight Matchmaking without dying – 2500 cR

You can get this in Score Attack variants, so if you don’t get it in trying for the above (and chances are this will tie into not dying)… Gruntpocalypse, on Corvette. Use the corridor to the left of the spawn room to snipe Grunts from afar. When a wave starts go to the platform and shoot them as quickly as possible – you’re particularly looking to take out any with the Fuel Rod Cannon, then any with Plasma Launchers, then helmets. But shoot every one you see quickly. Let them come you, as soon as you venture out you run a big risk. Remember this is complete without dying, so no time element involved you can take it slow.

Pretty easy today, but should be fun going after them.


17 Responses to 27th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. RueNSig99 says:

    I will be playing today with a friend. Do you have any tips for 2 person on these challenges? Also whats your s/n. Add me. I would be interested in playing with and against you.

  2. Nova says:

    In heroic court. U said to use grantpocalypse. Does that count for heroic?

  3. Marcel says:

    Regarding “Points, Points”: Sniperfight on “Courtyard” should get you over 20k.
    Choosing the “health-regenerating-bubble-shield” and camping in the far right corner should make it easy to get “Above the Law” too…

    • ItsEdalicious says:

      AGREED! Camping in that spot is also a good way to go through a round without dying.

  4. Chris says:

    Heroic Court – Ummm Game menu says “Courtyard” , bungie.net says “Overlook”

  5. LordLiam316 says:

    Anyone know why it’s called heroic court?


    Heroic court is for courtyard! Not overlook! It was mislabled! I went to court yard for the above the law challenge and was surprised to see that I was getting kills towards heroic court! I wonder how many people are fruitlessly blasting away at overlook without completing the challenge. I chose firefight scoreattack, gruntopolyps and sprint. I ran across the bridge and to the right to the end of the walkway. I pushed the create in front of the opening and then waited for the grunts to come in waves of 4 for easy overkills and perfect rounds. A helpful tip is to keep your grenade stock replenished and when you hear reinforcements look over the side by the end and spawn points are below you directly and to your left and right. With one or two grenades in their midst you whittle their numbers and get more overkills.

  7. MCB says:

    Looks a bit easy today! Just need 100K CR to General! And 500K for inclemental weather!

  8. Riley says:

    I am gonna TRY to get all four of these in a single game, we’ll see what happens. I don’t like my chances running around with a shotgun and not dying though.

    • ItsEdalicious says:

      haha any luck? i managed the first two in my first game and then got the last 2 in my second game, still pretty tidy-7700Cr in ten minutes (Worked out to be more like 12k though as i got two commendations 😀 )

  9. DCSimian81 says:

    One tip to clear two of the challenges…do score attack on courtyard, pick the shotgun load out and just draw grunts and jackals to the ammo room. I just stood right inside the door and waited for the scum to show their faces and BAM! Armor Lock when the grenades start flying and you should be fine. Knocked out Heroic Court and T.G. Opposition in one round.

    • DCSimian81 says:

      I should read more clearly…I think the commentary more or less covered this…sorry :/

  10. Riley says:

    That’s fine, you amused me (and I’m sure everyone else) when you said “waited for the scum to show their faces and BAM!”

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