28th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Really easy challenges today, which for 8,500 credits is exactly what you want…

A Satisfied Thirst – Kill 200 Grunts in Firefight Matchmaking – 3000 cR

For 15 minutes work 3000 credits on a challenge is pretty good. You get 120 Grunts to kill in Gruntpocalypse. I always recommend Corvette, since you know exactly where Grunts spawn from, you can snipe them from a platform and then get them to funnel towards you in the corridor to the spawn room, it’s easy to protect yourself there, plus it’s a small map so it’s not a problem tracking down stragglers. I know Courtyard is a favourite map as well, but this is so easy you can even do one in each map and see which is your favourite.

I’m Rubber, You’re Glue – Earn 2 sticky grenade kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

Any Elite Slayer where you’re given Plasma Grenades, although beware Armour Lock dudes as they’ll not give you the kill. Alternatively, Slayer Pro has a loadout that includes Plasma Grenades, or there are some scattered round a lot of maps in normal Multiplayer modes. Some Rumble Pit modes include Plasma Grenades in the loadouts too. For only 2 sticky kills you don’t even need to think too hard.

You Want This, Don’t You? – Earn 10 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

Hooray for more Star Wars lines. This is easy in Team SWAT. Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Needle Rifle and Focus Rifle (anything that gives a headshot bar the Pistol). So in SWAT you can easily kit up the DMR and just play the game as normal.

A Solid Outing – Earn at least 15 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 3000 cR

Best ways to get lots of kills in one game:

  • Multi Team Battle – Particularly the variants of Oddball or Crazy King as you can take out people going for the objective, but normal Slayer works well in this mode as well
  • Invasion – Depends on your skill level, but the games are long so it’s quite possible to get a lot of kills
  • Rumble Pit – Most variants help with this, bar Headhunter. Whilst the target is often only 25 you’ll find several players always getting close to the target in a game.
  • Grifball – If you get your timing right this is so easy in any Grifball game where someone grabs the bomb but doesn’t score. I’m hopeful this counts all 3 rounds as one game, so it’s even easier.
  • Team Slayer/SWAT – Again depends on your skill level, and that of your team, but it’s definitely possible to get 15 in a game without too much stress

So a fun Friday night of lots of different game types. Any further tips, please add them in the comments.


5 Responses to 28th January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. LordLiam316 says:

    Easy cR as well as the commendations. This will get me back into halo almost definately.

  2. GenuinRisk says:

    It seems like someone @Bungie is really happy today…lol:..all these points for little work? Count me in!

  3. DCSimian81 says:

    Late birthday gift from Bungie…I accept 🙂

    I have to say…for just general goofing around with a group of friends, Forge is a blast. Smashing and catapulting people with a grid never gets old 🙂 Wonder if there have ever been/will be any Forge-related challenges…

  4. Riley says:

    Well I didn’t get all the challenges in one game yesterday, only 3 out of 4. Luckily the very first map that came up was Courtyard. I thought you had to survive a whole game without dying, didn’t notice initially it only said “one round” without dying…so I could have EASILY gotten all four in a single game. Should have went and gotten all my shotgun kills, probably dying a few times in the first round, then just camped with a DMR and ordnance in the usual spot to the right of the bridge and had 2 rounds to try and survive.

    For today hopefully this should take only 4 games…2 multiplayer (1 swat, 1 elite slayer) and 2 gruntpo. Very nice credit return too.

  5. RueNSig99 says:

    Just know you have to stick the person with the ‘nade. Cant get them with a proximity blast for you to get the challenge.

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