31st January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

All multiplayer Matchmaking today, so it gives you a good headstart on the weekly challenge. Pretty easy to pick these up though…

Fourth Horseman – Earn 6 multikills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1200 cR

6 is a new high for a single game. Crazy King and Oddball in Multi-Team are very good for this as you can aim for people working on the objective, or a Slayer game in somewhere like Reflection. Team SWAT is also excellent, especially somewhere like Sword Base. As in my Weekly Challenge Commentary from a couple of weeks ago, Juggernaut is excellent for multikills when you’re the Juggernaut, just go somewhere that people have to get in close and hammer them down! And as long as it’s still around, Grifball can be really good if you get your timing in for it. Don’t forget that multikills stack, so 4 in a few seconds counts as the double, triple and over kill, and you’re halfway there!

No ‘I’ in Team – Earn 6 assists in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1200 cR

6 assists in a game might be difficult. Rumble Pit sounds like the place to do this. As always, Grifball’s excellent for assists. 6 may be a few too many though. With the assists I always say if you’re able to team up with someone then Multi-Team is good for it too, especially combining sniper shots or overcharged Plasma Pistols.

T-Hug It Out – Kill 15 enemies with close quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 3000 cR

Close Quarters is a kill using melee, assassination, Shotgun, Energy Sword and Hammer. Infection can be useful, as that’s all CQC, although 15 can be hard to get if you’re against a good team (although much easier as humans). If only there was a game type where you only used hammers and swords huh? Yep, again this week I say Grifball, as that’s all CQC as well, and easy to get lots and lots of kills. For other mode options, maps like Sword Base, Countdown and Reflection give you the Sword, Powerhouse sometimes the Hammer and Asylum the Shotgun. I tend to melee a lot anyway so this should come in one game.

Explosive Ordnance Distribution – Earn 5 kills with ordnance weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

It should be and heavy weapon – Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Launcher and Concussion Rifle. I hoped it might be the Sniper Rifle too, but alas Team Snipers didn’t work. So Rocket Race is an option apparently. I got this last time by playing Team Slayer, and in Elite Slayer on Sword Base I grabbed the Concussion Rifle which is at the end of the main central area, by the jet to the top level. Then the enemy were kind enough to group by the killing zone and I opened fire. Other maps include Reflection with the Rocket Launcher, Countdown again with the Concussion Rifle and Cage with the Plasma Launcher.

If you have any thoughts on these challenges please add a comment for everyone. If you want an easier notification when my posts go up, use the Useful Links on the right to either follow me on Twitter, join the Facebook Group, or use the option further down to subscribe to get email notifications. You can also check out my weekly commentary here.


10 Responses to 31st January – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. RueNSig99 says:

    Grifball is in and you can easily get the first 3. I used rocket race for the explosive. Took 30mins total.

    • DCSimian81 says:

      Knocked out the 4th horseman and t-hug it out in one round of grifball 🙂

  2. Tim Everitt says:

    I like Rumble Pit, on a small Forge map like The Cage or Cliffhanger for both the Assists and Thug it out challenges.

    Good locations for ordnance weapons.

  3. dukemeiser says:

    Sword base has concussion and grenade launcher.

  4. dukemeiser says:

    Also third tier invasion includes concussion and GL. Plus many heavy weapons on the maps. I’m guessing fuel rod also counts.

  5. Zach says:

    I thought grifball was gone. Can someone update me to see if this is true or not?

    • curt says:

      grifball is still in, not sure for how long, its under community (when choosing between competitive, coop, arena, etc)

  6. Tom says:

    Can doing firefight matchmaking get some of these challenges or no? I never actually bothered to try it. Add me backbiter107

  7. Defender77 says:

    These were fun. Had a couple of good games of grifball and multiteam and all was done. They made me play a bit different going for rockets all the time on reflection.

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