*Updated* Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 31st January

That’s Dedication, Holmes – Complete 77 games in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 11000 cR

Update – Gah, no Grifball anymore. It’s coming back next week though, Feb 8th with some minor changes and 2 new maps. Hurrah.


Similar to the daily challenges about completing games, some are much quicker than others. Infection is my go to for quick games, it can be 12 minutes long, but usually you’re only looking at 5 or 6 minutes. Grifball’s the same, it’s possible to finish a Grifball game in about 2 minutes if you’re just grabbing the bomb and scoring. Yes it’s boring because that’s not what makes Grifball fun, but at least it works towards the challenge!

Note this says to just complete the games, so you don’t have any requirement to actually win those games, or play in any particular fashion. So if you’re going to be doing 77, you might as well try something different. Jump in a Rumble Put, or Big-Team Battle, or any game type you’ve not played before and give it a whirl. You might discover that Objective is the best thing since Firefight.


16 Responses to *Updated* Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 31st January

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  2. Tim Everitt says:

    That’s an average of 142.86 cR bonus for each game.

    • JXibalba says:

      True – that’s an interesting take on the challenge reward. And the time investment of 77 games could be large depending on game type.

      I guess if you plan on playing lots of multiplayer this week, then why not get the bonus. As you pointed out though, the reward alone is not worth it for those that love other gametypes.

  3. Red Vee XIII says:

    Shame they don’t count MP firefight on these challenges, you’re still playing with others.

  4. Defender77 says:

    Agree and this promotes people just sitting in the game and not playing. Helpful when their not on ur team.

  5. Tony Pilon says:

    I just left the warrant officers, and because of them, I am dedicated to getting crews as much as possible, the warrant officer ranks are basically a wake up call for those gamers who think that Reach is an extremely easy and time wasting game by getting them into wanting to pass the grades fast. But in all truth, if I were demoted to warrant officer somehow, I would, personally, break my reach disc, because even though I respect that rank, I loath it indefinitely.

  6. Tony Pilon says:

    Maybe not the right topic to put that in lol, jus decided to put that out there… Lol

  7. Nova says:

    What is grifball under? Or did they take it off. A lil bored of infection.

  8. Newbie says:

    This w/c is just plain stupid imho… 77 games in Living Dead alone (2-4 minutes per game) is 8-10 hours spent to get this one, party search included… Last weeks w/c, sinle player mission LASO (Winter Contingency) was like 40 minutes or so.

    And as previously stated, it leaves a lot of peaople just standing around not playing the game. I guess Bungie wanted to promote online MP, the “only thing” they did as I see it was to create a whole lot more cR greedy AFC’s… 😦

    Thats Dedication Holmes have priveously had goals as 20-30 games which is more manageble. 77 is a LOT!

    Feels good I’m finally done with it! My daughter is sick and sleeps through the most part of the day which leaves a great deal of free time to play Living Dead during daytime. Otherwise this one would have required like 1-2 hours per evening for me, and most often I don’t have that kind of time as a parent 😥

    • Matthew Vose says:

      This is supposed to be a weekly challenge, so it shouldn’t be a quick easy thing to accomplish. Yes there are now about two and a half the number of games to play for the challenge, but for about 7 times the credits, so it’s much more worth doing. Most people will do 30 games no problem in a week – the challenge should be about making you do something that’s over and above your ‘standard’ ways of playing.

      And if you see someone AFK, use it to up your assassinations! 😀

      • Newbie says:

        True true 🙂

        Does team kills count towards Assassinations? 😉

    • JCOD AshCeltic (GT) says:

      I think my Ipod is broke it says weekly is 150 games everyone else says 77 games!

      • SlimEel94 says:

        I was about to query that as well! It must just be us who have the bad luck weekly. I’m still hoping to complete it and think I’ll use the same method as last week: do what I can after work and have an allnighter on Sunday to complete. I’ll sleep when I’m at Eclipse!

      • Matthew Vose says:

        I assume you’re coming from the Reach Service Record app – it’s linking to the wrong post. I’ve let the devs know!

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