2nd February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

A nice mix of challenges today, which should take maybe 45 mins to complete if you can pick up the last one in your first game…

Huck It, Luck It – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Cloud, Tough Luck and Catch on – 2500 cR

I wonder if the Campaign’s not being played much at the moment as we’ve had a high number of challenges based around it. Guess which Campaign mission I’m recommending? That’s right, Winter Contingency. Mostly because I imagine a lot of people are very very familiar with it now, and the Cloud skull which removes your motion tracker can be a pain in other missions. So as always, run as much as you can, use the jeep to take out everything in the Marine defence bit, and make sure you’re packing a Plasma Pistol and DMR for the final Sword Elite.

A Walk in the… – Kill 100 enemies on Beachhead in Firefight Matchmaking – 1500 cR

Go to Co-operative – Score Attack in Matchmaking and keep cycling through the options until you get Beachhead, and select Gruntpocalypse. This gives you 120 Grunts to kill in 15 minutes. What’s quite nice about Beachhead is the Warthog to the left of the map by the base, and the Ghost by the back section on the right (as you look at the beach). So you can pick up either some running over or some weapon kills with vehicles. Be careful of too many Grunts killing each other with grenades or other explosions, the important thing is to hit 100 enemies in one game.

You Want This, Don’t You? – Earn 14 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1400 cR

This is easy in Team SWAT. Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Needle Rifle and Focus Rifle (anything that gives a headshot bar the Pistol). So in SWAT you can easily kit up the DMR and just play the game as normal. 14 is higher than we’ve seen in the past, but still eminently achievable.

Go Right Ahead Folks – Earn a First Strike in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1250 cR

I think Team SWAT, Grifball or Infection are good game types to get this in. Infection & Grifball particularly because you get a First Strike in every round, so it’s giving you a good chance to pick up the medal. In Team SWAT, Asylum, Countdown or Sword Base are good for picking it up. On Asylum, zoom your DMR through the central arena and watch for the opposite team coming down their ramp. Countdown you can look through the central area and see the opposite team there, and on Sword Base go to the top of the green lift if you’re red, as blues usually come up the lift first. If you’re blue then go to the ramp up from your starting point as you can often snipe someone who doesn’t expect it.

Loads of different ways to pick up today’s which is nice, let everyone know in the comments if you have your own tips.


16 Responses to 2nd February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Tim Everitt says:

    I haven’t checked this morning but the Griffball playlist was gone yesterday.

    • ShadowMonkey987 says:

      I can confirm that the GriffBall Playlist has been taken down.. (saw it yesterday..)

      • Oki Chobee says:

        I was SO sad when I saw that yesterday. I wish I had gotten Close Quarters up to Onyx before it was taken down lol

  2. alohakam says:

    no grifball anymore! *cries*

    buuuuut i’m done with all 4 so it’s all good. 🙂

  3. Augie says:

    You can’t score First Strike in Grifball since it was removed from the play lists yesterday.

  4. Tim Everitt says:

    For Winter Contingency, the final Sword Elite, I try to assasinate him. Take out the grunts, with the Concussion Elite bombing Jorge, run over to the back of the room next to the wall and get the Sword Elite’s attention. Run back to the stairwell behind Jorge and wait for the Elite to take a couple of swipes at Jorge. With his back to you, hop down and assasinate. Grab the Sword and Shotgun + Armor Lock (over the wall in the center of the room), then run down the Concussion Elite for a finish.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      If you don’t go too far forward at the start of the base section the Elite stays there, so you can take him out with the DMR when you have an ammo crate to restock your ammo easily. Since he’s a good distance away you can dodge the Concussion shots, keep hitting him till the shields go down and you can take him with one headshot.

      Then at the end just Plasma Pistol and DMR the Sword guy. Even if the Concussion Elite has run to the end too it’s the same process, by the time you’ve done the first one your Plasma Pistol’s cooled and you can do the same.

      • Riley says:

        Tim, funny story about the “armor lock” in the middle of the room on the lower level by the crates. It’s actually a drop shield. When we had to do Winter Contingency: LASO last week, I grabbed it THINKING it was armor-lock. I went to go lock-up in front of remaining red elite so my buddy could try and assassinate and the elite walked through it and handily roundhoused me in the face.

  5. Riley says:

    1 Campaign, 1 Firefight and 2 Multiplayer is the sweet spot in my opinion…I think they should follow this model everyday. Not too easy but not crazy hard like “earn a running riot in a mp game”. I enjoy this game much more when I HAVE to play different gametypes and switch between all three game modes. Last night my friend and I had more fun than we have in a while, doing the campaign challenge on “Pillar of Autumn”. I love Beachhead and I can’t wait to, hopefully, play sniperfight on it tonight (although that doesn’t seem to come up very often, don’t want to have to play 3 or 4 games before just to load that one up. You can jetpack up onto a ledge on the white building and get an invincible easily, just pay attention to those wraiths on the far right hand side…they will hit you dead on if you dont.

  6. haydn says:

    i would love a challenge where you had to complete a certain number of custom games because i play a lot of custom games and i would do that challenge straight away.

  7. Oki Chobee says:

    Matt, you genius! I’d never thought of doing score attack on beachhead for the driving commendations in firefight! Thank you 🙂

  8. shnizzy says:

    just wanted to say thanks for all the info on the challenges….lifesavers sometimes…u r awesome….if anyone has the time, could u post a comment on where some sweet spots are on getting commendations…thanks

    • LordLiam316 says:


      They’re campaign ones for most/all ff score attack-Gruntpocalypse
      Hope it helps 🙂

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Funny you should mention, I’m writing a post at the moment for another website about good commendation building in Reach. I’ll link to it when finished and up.

      • LordLiam316 says:

        Look forward to it. If these posts are anything to go by it should be great

    • Ryan says:

      In “Long Night of Solace” after you defend the space station and get to the Corvette, boost right away and go under the ship. You can take out more than a few banshees while they are hanging there before they get released. It’s pretty easy to get a “Killionair”.

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