Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 7th February

Camp Froman, Indeed – Earn 500 kills with Precision weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 11000 cR

As the story goes, a Bungie engineer Luke Timmins had the Gamertag Froman and used to camp the same spot with a Sniper Rifle in playtesting. And so it came to pass that area was called Camp Froman.

camp froman Pictures, Images and Photos

I really want that to be true.

Anyway, what you want is a way to get this quickly? Well first off what are Precision weapons? They are anything that give you a headshot, with the exception of the Pistol (because that’s a Small Arms weapon). So I’m talking about the DMR, the Needle Rifle, the Focus Rifle and the Sniper Rifle. What we need now is a game type that allows you to use them and get kills really quickly.

And hey presto, Team SWAT was bestowed upon the Earth. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, SWAT is 2 teams of up to 4, no shields, no motion sensor, only DMR and Pistol, no grenades and the only armour ability is Sprint. So essentially, one headshot kills. That’s going to be the best guaranteed way to get Precision weapon kills easily, since almost every kill is with the DMR.

But what are your other options so you can mix it up? Well a lot of game types either let you start with a DMR or Needle Rifle, as well as having them in the maps. The Team Slayer ‘Slayer DMR’ gametype is obviously good, although a trifle annoying because you have to get through someone’s shields before you get the kill.

A lot of maps have the Sniper rifle, if you get good with it it’s a very powerful weapon. Team Snipers obviously helps here, especially on a map like Boardwalk or Hemorrhage.

Invasion probably also works well because you can get a lot of kills in one game, and the loadouts normally work in your favour once you’re through the first objective.

So we’re going to have a week of DMR gunning, and I’m hoping that Team SWAT is popular for the next couple of days, at least until Grifball’s back. Sadly you can’t get a headshot with the Hammer.


18 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 7th February

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  2. bungiesgirl says:

    I’m happy to give hammer headshot a crack 😉 you around later on my lovely? Its been an age since we kicked some arse together??

    • Matthew Vose says:

      It’s probably easier than the Rocket headshot we tried a while back! Hopefully around, as I say I want to try out the new Firefight variants today or tomorrow, so jump on for that and we’ll see what’s worth doing.

  3. michael says:

    I think it would be cool if they would mix it up a lil bit for the weekly like 100 precision, 100 small arms, etc. Well, i guess i will be in team swat most of the day! lol!

  4. ItsEdalicious says:

    I’m gonna go mostly for alot of team snipers, you never seem to point that out

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I mentioned Team Snipers above right? I don’t mention it because it’s not got a huge number of players, so the few times I’ve tried Matchmaking takes ages. The other problem is that everyone who plays it is excellent with the SR, so unless you’re one of them, it’s not an easy game type to get into. I’d rather not put suggestions where people are going to get frustrated and turned off the game. Team SWAT can be the same but not to the same degree.

      As always, it’s personal opinion. I don’t enjoy the Snipers game types because I’m not patient enough to get a good sniping spot. If that is your kind of thing then awesome, and I hope you’ll continue to add your thoughts when you reckon Snipers is appropriate to the challenges. 🙂

      • ItsEdalicious says:

        Yeah you mentioned it briefly,
        I guess i kind of went an opposite way than you,
        allways had love for the sniper rifle but never had the patience to get very good at SWAT

  5. DCSimian81 says:

    Man…Team SWAT’s been frustrating me so much as of late…I can’t seem to line up the headshots quick enough and when I think I’ve got them in my sights, they just don’t go down! Ugh…any tips from you headshot pros out there?

    • Oki Chobee says:

      DC, before I ever played SWAT I used to play a LOT of Gruntpocalypse. This allowed me to practice headshots with the dmr and magnum. I found the most accurate way is to quickly sweep your reticle across towards your target . Aim as best you can, but your reticle’s auto-target will automatically drag your reticle towards the target. So like I said, practice on gruntpocalypse for a bit and see if you can only allow yourself to take one shot on grunts (2 shots for the armored grunts).

    • haydn says:

      it is much easier at close range to shoot without the scope and also line your reticle at one of your team mates heads and then keep your gun at that height the rest is just aim and accuracy

    • Darth Malber says:

      Are you aiming with the scope or no-scopeing it? Using the scope actually requires more precision because your movements are magnified. You basically have to stand still and snipe if you’re using the scope, which leaves you vulnerable to fast moving opponents with good no-scope aim. Get used to holding your aim at about the same general height as where a Spartan’s head is (they’re all te same height) as you move around the map. The DMR is much more forgiving than the sniper rifle in this respect. Gruntpocolypse is good practice for one shot kills, but you’ll have to readjust your aim height for Team Swat. Using reference points on objects is good too.

      If you average 10-15 kills per game on Team Swat this should only take about 50 games.

  6. Oki Chobee says:

    Another great variant for this challenge is any arena game type. All arena gametypes you will start with a dmr. I recommend FFA as you can usually get 20+ kills per game depending on your skill level.

  7. haydn says:

    team swat tip 1# it is much easier at close range to shoot without the scope and also line your reticle at one of your team mates heads and then keep your gun at that height the rest is just aim and accuracy

  8. RueNSig99 says:

    These weeklys are way too easy. Im done in 5 hours already. I like michaels idea of more variants of kills.

  9. 200 down, 300 more to go. i’d have another 50 more if i’d remember to shoot people in close quarters instead of running up and assassinating them. 😛

  10. michael says:

    I wish i could get better at team swat. I either do really GOOD or really BAD. Their is no in between with me for some reason. Here lately ive been alot more on the really bad side. :(. Gosh i wish i could do like one of my friends and get atleast 20 kills in every game. Man hes good, as im sure most of you guys are too. My son gets more kills than me 99% of the time.

  11. Newbie says:

    Gaaaarghh… I give up, this W/C is clearly not for me. If the choice is 11.000 cR or my sanity, the cR’s lose!

    I just spent the last 3.5 hrs playing all kinds of precision weapons games like Team SWAT, TEAM Snipers etc, and man do I get pnwd!

    These $h!tkidz just line up and kill me the instant I spawn! I don’t even get the chance to move into cover. Just *spawn* and BLAM! Vaya con dios! 63 kills out of 500(!!!!), I’m out 😛

    This leads me to believe that a fair deal of the players you meet in MM is surely using that diabolic Mouse/Keyboard contraption that you hook up to your Xbox via a wired controller. It’s the only way they can all be THAT fast! And I won’t be a cheater just to collect imaginary money that does really nothing in the end 😛

    10-4, I’m going to bed!

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