Firefight Arcade – Fiesta Attack

So the new community playlists are up, and I tried out Grifball and 2 of the new Firefight variants. I thought I’d write a quick overview, mostly because of the very end of tonight’s play which is one of the reasons we love Halo.

Grifball is as it ever was, hit dudes with a hammer, don’t let Bungiesgirl betray you, wait for someone else to score. I need to get my timing back as I was quite off for a bit of the game.

In Firefight Arcade I tried Rocketfight (I actually voted for Nadefight but Rocketfight won out). That’s also as it was, but the gravity’s been increased, plus you have an overshield that recharges. In Rocketfight that’s awesome, it means you can blast things close to you and survive. I had an excellent game, came in second but took out so many Covvie dudes, it was a good time for everyone. The high gravity’s annoying for the jet-pack, but having an overshield made it much more about wading in and firing than the normal Firefight ‘get a good defensive spot and stay there’ you often see. Since this was Beachhead I jumped in the Warthog guns and fired at everything that spawned near me.

And then Fiesta Attack. I think I’ve found a new game to recommend. 122 kills in all, what’s awesome about it is that you spawn with completely random weapons. I opened with a Shotgun and Focus Rifle, when I died I came back with just the Assault Rifle, then the third time I had a DMR and Focus Rifle. The waves were the same as Score Attack, Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Skirmishers, Elites, but they seemed easier to kill in general. The 22 extra kills over a normal Score Attack seemed to be the Elites. There were a lot of them. And several had swords, and most had Active Camo. But as I said, surprisingly easy to kill. Like, 3 or 4 DMR shots and they’re down.

But what made me enjoy it even more was the ending of my game. A lot of people ask why I recommend Corvette. It’s because it’s a small map, so if an opponent hides out they’re easier to get to than say going all the way across Courtyard. It’s not much, but if you end up short on time you’d much rather be able to pull a trick out to get them. So in the game I got to the last 5, took out the three close to me and the announcer told me there were just 2 enemies remaining. Where were they?

Yep, and can you see me right in the middle by the shield, on the other side of the map. What a pain huh. So it’s time for something I believe is called in American Football the ‘Hail Mary throw’…

And yep, you guessed it, I’m *that* awesome…

I captured a couple of videos of the throw itself, which looped over the walkway across that side of the map and landed behind these two campers. If I do get Bungie Pro to do some videos I’ll render it and add to the blog sometime.

I’ll be trying to check out the other variants over the next week or so, and I’ll post my thoughts. Hopefully they’ll introduce some good tactics to incorporate into the challenges. I liked Fiesta Attack just for the pleasure of using weapons I wouldn’t normally (I hate the Focus Rifle) and the pleasure of easily killing Elites. After all the Legendary gaming I do for challenges it’s nice to own them. 😀


8 Responses to Firefight Arcade – Fiesta Attack

  1. ItsEdalicious says:

    You really have no love for the long range arsenal do you Matt?
    Weak sniping skills
    (as you said in your reply to my comment on the weekly commentary, (not trashing you-love your work :)))
    and the Focus rifle is a sweet weapon, so underrated, just takes a bit of getting used to 🙂
    I hope bungie puts up a challenge that makes you use the sniper/focus rifle so you can get into them

    • Solar Pudding says:

      Sniper Rifle and Focus Beam are my two favorites (although I wish they had the Brute Cannon from ODST)!

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  3. michael says:

    Nice throw Matthew. You should check out my fileshare, I got a triple killl with 1 plasma grenade in a team slayer game a while back, talk about lucky! Of course i had to put that in there. Oh and once when i was looking for the golden elite on Nightfall, a grunt came out and threw a plasma grenade at me from about im guessing 5 to 8 feet away and i shot it in mid air with my pistol. And you guessed it, i had to put that in my fileshare also! When something like that happens you have to keep the video and show people! lol!

  4. David says:

    With all these being Multiplayer Matchmaking challenges, and with last nights release of the new Firefight Playlists, I’m thinking we’ll see all Firefight challenges today! 😉
    Keep Up the Good Work Matt!!!

  5. TheChrisD says:

    I captured a couple of videos of the throw itself, which looped over the walkway across that side of the map and landed behind these two campers. If I do get Bungie Pro to do some videos I’ll render it and add to the blog sometime.

    Or give me a shout with the file itself, and I could try capturing it for your myself with my Intensity…

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