15th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

A good mix today, as we usually see early in the week, but not so easy to achieve them all…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1350 cR

For once a credit total drop. This is obviously decided to be very easy to complete. You’re best doing the necessary to complete the next challenge, then if you need to top up jump into a Gruntpocalypse/Score Attack type match to get your final kills.

Demon – Kill 30 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 1200 cR

Rocketfight’s usually a good one here, especially since they often up the amount of Elites you get, particularly in the Bonus Round. Fiesta Attack gave a lot more Elites than I’d seen before, but only about 25, and I think there were about 28 in the 2x Score Attack I played.

Cannon Fodder – Kill 75 infantry-class foes in the Campaign today – 1100 cR

Winter Contingency should give you over 50, assuming you clear out all areas when in the truck, and take out the Grunts when defending marines, and die having taken out all enemies in the courtyard at the start of Rally Point Bravo and do it twice. I think Tip of the Spear will give you enough infantry enemies through the whole mission, but it is a long mission that has a lot of potential for death and delay. Your other option is either the checkpoint respawn in the end of The Package, and use the Target Designator on ONI Sword Base – run straight to where it is, ignoring all enemies, grab it, turn around and blast the grunts. Then respawn to the checkpoint or restart mission to do it again.

Cook ’em, Clean ’em! – Kill 20 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking while you’re jet-packing – 2400 cR

Remember you have to be actively firing the jet-pack when the person dies to register it, otherwise you’re just falling with style. Normal multiplayer games (Rumble Pit, Team and Multi Team) and just firing short bursts when you’re about to kill someone – particularly with grenades or heavy weapons. 20′s a fairly high number but at least it’s not in one game. Some useful places – grenades in Pinnacle when people are in the main loft area, Boardwalk again in the central sniper point. The Hammer and Sword work well with this, just use the equipment and fire buttons at the same time.

Any thoughts on how else to achieve these? Add them to the comments for everyone to read.


27 Responses to 15th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Coolguy says:

    They actually seem pretty easy for today, for the first one, ill just hop into a custom firefight game, and for campaign ill use the oni base respawn trick, probably take me 10 minutes 😀

  2. Edward says:

    For FF (and using this for the 1st challenge too), 2x Score Attack is certainly worth it. Got 24 elites in the first game, and more than enough for the 2nd. Easy peasy over my lunch break.

    2x Score Attack is definitely good fun — it’s my gruntpocalypse on steroids.

  3. Mannon says:

    For Cannon Fodder I did Winter Contingency as suggested. I logged in my second controller and did it in co-op with the controller sitting on my desk and got 60 of the 75 on a single playthrough, then just restarted from Alpha and got my last 15 solo almost before I got to the marines. (Went ahead and finished the mission anyway just for fun… Lord is this game easy on Normal after doing that LASO challenge!)

  4. Mannon says:

    For Blastin’ and Relaxin’ I was doing a custom firefight. I used the one I had for doing 1,000,000,000 points but changed it to grunts just because. I was actually doing the challenge from yesterday where you had to kill 250 or so. I finished them off then was just killing for fun when the challenges switched over and got Blastin’ and Relaxin’ in the same game as a bonus! ;p

    • Shane says:

      That’s good to know. I always wondered whether that would work (challenges carrying over in a game).

  5. last time the jetpack challenge was up, i actually got about half of them in one game on sword base. since everyone and their brother hangs out up in that hallway, it’s pretty easy to go in, chuck a few grenades, then fire away and jetpack up. and since there’s a roof, you don’t get fly past people either.

    granted, it’s a lot of 1 for 1 killing/dying but it is pretty easy to get the jetpack challenge.

  6. Bryan Schmidt says:

    For Cook ’em, Clean ’em, I usually pick up a shotgun. Right before you pull the trigger to dispatch a foe, tap on the LB to engage the jetpack. It’s effective and you don’t have to worry about running out of jet-pack charge.

  7. michael says:

    I like the mix of challenges for today. Shouldnt be too difficult to get them, well with the exception of the jet pack challenge. For some reason its hard for me to get those completed.

  8. michael says:

    For the blastin and relaxin challenge and the cannon fodder challenge i just did Oni: Sword Base on normal with the thunderstorm skull on. I just ran past all of them and went to the target locator, got the checkpoint and just fired away and resumed checkpoint. It took me about 10 min. or so to get the both of them. Now if i could only get the jet pack challenge that easily! 🙂

    • try to pick a small map if you can. it helps if you can kind of stay in close quarters while you jet pack if you’re not too good at aiming, flying, and shooting all at once. sword base and countdown are both pretty good maps for it.

      but keep trying. it’s how you get better! 🙂

      • michael says:

        I just got the jetpack challenge finished. I just had 3 of my friends join a rumble pit with me and helped me boost it. Its an easy way to get it if you have friends that play. Just have you and your friends get in a game of rumble pit and meet somewhere. Go up to one of them and melee them, then hit the jetpack thrust and finish them off with your weapon. I know its crappy having to do that but oh well, im just not good with the jetpack. 🙂

  9. michael says:

    I just tried Fiesta Attack for the Demon challenge and it only gave me 4 elites. I made it through the whole thing. I thought from previous times i played fiesta attack that it gave you more than that? Well, i guess i will be trying firefight arcade now.

  10. Bryan says:

    Just out of curiosity, I’d like to conduct an experiment. I played ONI for the Cannon Fodder challenge. I played through the courtyard part several times, selecting Restart Mission after I had cleared out all infantry-class enemies in the courtyard. Once I got the notice that the Challenge was complete, I quit the game. I went online at Bungie.net and looked at the game specs. When I counted all the Infantry-class enemies (Grunt Infantry, Jackal Infantry, Skirmisher Infantry, and Elite Infantry), they only added up to 70. So, the question remains… Is the challenge really for 70, and they erroneously put 75? Or, With my constant restarting the msision, did the stats collector for Bungie.Net get confused? (My game stats: http://goo.gl/G3jTd). So for my experiment, I would like to ask for volunteers to help me figure this out. Once you get this challenge, could you let me know how the Bungie.net game stats match up?

    • i don’t think bungie got confused, i think your mistake was in counting ONLY the ones labeled Infantry Class. i think some of the other things you killed also fall into that classification while having their own designator – does that make sense?

      • Bryan says:

        Yeah, that makes sense. However, That leaves the Grunt Here which could be counted, which is only one additional kill, and to make up the other 4, the only other one I can see is the Elite Specialist, and I don’t think that is counted as Infantry (I could be wrong). Since I quit out right when I got the challenge, the total Infantry kills shouldn’t exceed 75.

      • what about your grunt specialists? i thought all grunts were considered infantry? if that’s the case, that would put you WAY over 75 then..

      • Bryan says:

        Well, then I would have gotten the challenge earlier, and I would have exited out earlier. No, I don’t think Grunt Specialists are counted as Infantry. What I can do to solve this mystery is to start a campaign, kill one enemy, quit out, see what Bungie.net said I killed, and see if my Cannon Fodder commendation goes up. I’ll see if I can’t pin down exactly what they count . A little extreme and time consuming, but this is really bugging me. lol.
        (I just realized that I misspelled Grunt Hero, I put Grunt Here. sorry about that)

      • Shane says:

        You’d probably save time checking the stats as soon as your game ended since the bungie.net stats seem to update every @10 minutes. Someone has probably done this already though so I’d search around for it.

      • Bryan says:

        I don’t think the end-game stats break down kills by enemy type. Am I wrong?

      • yeah, you can click on your name and scroll through and see how many of what you killed. i’m pretty sure it tells you specifics?

        i don’t know, i never think to check those stats when i’m alive after FF…

      • Bryan says:

        You’re right. It does show you a breakdown of what you killed.
        So, I played a quick game and killed a few Grunt Infantry and Grunt Specialists. It turns out that both of those count towards the Cannon Fodder Commendation. I have done a lot of Google and Bing (nothin against Yahoo) searching to no avail, so it appears I’ll have to continue my experimentation killing each class of each species to find out exactly what is counted as “Infantry”, since it’s apparently not just those with “Infantry” in their name.

      • Bryan says:

        Dang. I also found out that Elite Infantry doesn’t count as Infantry-class for the Cannon Fodder commendation. Doesn’t Infantry mean Infantry? lol

      • Matthew Vose says:

        I think when it comes to challenges and commendations it counts Infantry as Grunts, Specialists as Jackals and Skirmishers and Leaders as Elites or Brutes. These groupings are then also duplicated within each type again (so you can have a Grunt Leader).

  11. Augie says:

    Cannon Fodder took me 3 1/2 minutes on The Package, Rally Point B. You sprint down to the where the drop ship unloads 8 grunts and hide behind a rock. The saving point fires off right and you just step out and drill the grunts with your DMR from 10-feet away. They’re all in a line so they go down in about 5 seconds. When the grunts hit the ground I usually will put a couple rounds into each of them as they walk towards the saving point; that way they’re really softened up for when I appear from behind the rock. Rinse and repeat 9 more times and you’re done.

    This is a great way to work on several commendations at once since you have the DMR/machine gun and can also use grenades. You rack up killing sprees and take out infantry. All kinds of options.

    • Shane says:

      That checkpoint is how I maxed out the Support Role commendation on campaign since its progress was bugging me so much. Same skulls as the Nightfall method (which is much harder to pull off solo) – Mythic and Thunderstorm on Legendary I think.

      I lined up a good checkpoint and aim and then threw one grenade from my main controller and another from my second, getting at least 3 assists per reload. In a few minutes I’d doubled my number of “real” assists. Line up some TV to watch and the time flies (along with the grunts).

  12. Chip says:

    For any Firefight challenge I recomend score attack, espialy the 2x damage firefight. I get all my firefight challenges done in a snap. You can also work on your commendations too.

  13. Gareth says:

    I always find the needler a useful tool for any jetpacking achievements like Cook ‘em, Clean ‘em! … just get the first couple of hits in to someone then fly straight up whilst firing until they go boom! Rocket Launcher is also especially good as you can fly over people and shoot down to the ground next to them … if people are in a battle you can normally pick up a couple of kills using this method.

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