17th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Firefight Thursday again, and a nice mixture of things to do in game…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1350 cR

You’re best doing the necessary to complete the next challenges, then if you need to top up jump into a Gruntpocalypse/Score Attack type match to get your final kills.

That Pink Mist – Kill 100 enemies with a Supercombine from the Needler or Needle Rifle in Firefight Matchmaking – 1250 cR

So there are lots of options in the new Score Attack modes. FRG Attack gives you a Needler with unlimited ammo, but that only really works on the Brutes and Elites (and the Skirmishers if you can catch them in the open). In general I still recommend any game where you can pick up a Needle Rifle from a Jackal and put 3 rounds into an unshielded enemy to get the Supercombine. 2x Score Attack or Fiesta Attack would be good because you can get loads of Elites at the end.

Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Beachhead is still really good for this, in game modes like Sniperfight. Glacier is also pretty good (apparently) as you get a number of vehicles dropped in. You’re generally better with a Firefight Arcade/Limited for this rather than a Score Attack game, although it dilutes the vehicles between you there are only rarely vehicles in SA.

Killagruntjaro! – Earn 25 multikills in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

Gruntpocalypse, any map (although Corvette is my recommendation), and 25 multikills should be easy. Try and get yourself a good position to see several of the Grunt spawn points and take them out as they enter the map. Multikills always stack, so an Overkill counts as 3 multikills, therefore if you can take out a group you’ll do well. I like in Corvette using the platform to snipe the Grunts as they come through one of the lower doors, then swinging quickly to the central walkway and taking out any that are coming down the middle. Then you can also hit the Plasma barrel thing to take out any walking past there. However you’ve always got a good chance of picking up multikills in Firefight. Just generally I’ll usually get 15-20 in any mode so with a bit of effort that can be upped to get the 25 needed.

As per usual, add your tips for these to the comments.

And don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll on control schemes if you haven’t already…


34 Responses to 17th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Braythor says:

    Fistfight/rocketfight/FRGfight are good for the multikills. Nadefight too I imagine, though I’ve not played that one yet.
    The vehicles one I think is a pain; it seems to me that since they replaced the firefight mode with arcade and limited there are a lot fewer vehicles. Beach head used to have at least half a dozen wraiths (especially on rocketfight), but since the change I haven’t seen a single one, and I’ve been on it numerous times in numerous modes. Same for Glacier. All I’ve seen is the odd banshee on Holdout. Anyone had the same? Or are they now very specific to certain modes?

    • SwiftEagleEye says:

      I would recommend playing arcade because since they have adjusted the shield/health of both sides, with four solid players time is not an issue. You will just play with people that go kamikaze and your lives are gone before you know it. Last week I played with 3 friends and we made sure we called out if we were going for vehicles. Once one of us got ten kills, we backed off and helped the others by covering them. That way you don’t get people jacking kills for commendations when somebody needs just one kill for the challenge, (2 weeks ago: 3 matches in a row for me)

  2. Newbie says:

    Actually, last time we had That Pink Mist I played for Ride The Wave at the same time (if I remember correctly). I killed some Grunts on Score Attack on Courtyard and picked up and used their Needlers through the rounds to kill Grunts with Supercombines.

    So yeah, Elites and Brutes can take more of a beating before they die, thus giving you a bigger chance of getting a Supercombine every time, but it works quite well on Grunts as well.

    • Dphx42 says:

      The best mode i found for That Pink Mist is plasmafight on firefight aracade as the secondary weapon is a needler rifle just make sure you dont take headshots.

    • ptb says:

      Once the Mythic skull activates the grunts’ health increases and you can get supercombines from them much more easily.

      Although on a day with a multikill challenge, you’re probably still better off taking out groups of grunts with a heavy weapon and needling the larger enemies.

  3. poseidon si says:

    killagruntjaro – my pref would be gruntpocalypse on courtyard: from the raised walkways you get a good platform to get grenades / rockets / plasma cannon things into the middle of packs as they spawn, and with weapon drops you often get a target launcher which will get you most of the way there in two easy clicks.

    Flat tyre: this would definitely be one where i recommend big team battle (if it works – need to try) as you get constantly respawning vehicles and if you can get in a tank/wraithe with someone who has more than one brain cell in the gunner slot, then you’re laughing. But yeah, this probably isn’t valid as it’s not firefight. Which is a shame really – the challenges don’t push people to play BTB it seems…

  4. Justin D says:

    I would recommend rocket attack on holdout for multikills and a solid start to vehicle kills. I finished up the killagruntjaro in the first two waves, and if you play for 10 minutes you can get two banshee kills, which is one more vehicle kill than you can get in any other score attack level. Also, oddly, it counted my first banshee as two vehicle kills, so I ended up with three after one game… not complaining, it’s just strange. I’ll have to play it again later and see if it repeats that glitch.

  5. Yessssssssssss!

  6. DCSimian81 says:

    Rocket Attack and FRGAttack I’m liking alot for the multikills, especially in the bonus round when the phantom appears…jetpack on top of it and you’ll rack up killpocaplyses really fast. Of course, you’ll probably have your multikills by then, but hey…it’s fun 🙂

    What’s the word on Fistfight and and nadeFight?

    • Braythor says:

      Not done nadefight, fistfight is hammer and sword default starting weapons, infinite ammo/energy, two of each grenade and double shield. Hammer’s fantastic for mutlikills, just stand where you know they spawn and then go boom when they appear. Lots of elites too…

  7. TheChrisD says:

    I don’t know why they insists on giving us Flat Tyre every week, especially when vehicles are available in much lower quantities than before…

  8. SwiftEagleEye says:

    Here is of levels for firefight with vehicles and approximate estimated quantities:
    BEACHHEAD – 8-12 highest wraiths & ghosts
    GLACIER – 8-10 several wraiths & ghosts
    OUTPOST – 8-10 several ghost only
    OVERLOOK – 4-6 avg wraiths only
    CORVETTE – 2-4 few wraiths only
    HOLDOUT – 2-4 few banshee only
    COURTYARD – 0 no vehicles
    WATERFRONT – 0 no vehicles

    Like I said these are estimates but the total vehicles shouldn’t vary 1-3 from what I’ve listed. let me know if anyone thinks differently.

    • Matt says:

      Nice list! I have had a really hard time doing Flat TIre, as TheChrisD says above. Now all we need is a list of which modes they show up in.

      What would be rad is if there was some Score Attack mode with a decent number of vehicles. My experience matches what Matthew says in the OP though: vehicles are hard to come by in Score Attack.

      • SwiftEagleEye says:

        I know right. I play SA about 50% of the time when i play firefight and since the new playlist, I’ve seen exactly one vehicle and that was a wraith on corvette.

      • Braythor says:

        This is ridiculous; I just played Score Attack, Fiesta on Overlook. Killed a wraith and it DIDN’T COUNT!!! I’m beginning to think Bungie have overlooked this whole vehicle thing with the mode change…

  9. michael says:

    Is anyone having problems with Halo Reach right now? I was in the middle of a rocketfight in score attack by myself on glacier and it dropped a wraith. I took it out and hit start to see if it gave me the vehicle kill and it wouldnt let me look at the challenges. After the game was over and it was totalling up my credits it said the offline credit max was reached. Then when i went to pick my level to play it says that the Halo Reach server is unavailable at this time. I mean im still online, just the halo server is down. I was wondering if any one else is experiencing the same problem?

    • chris says:

      Yep Reach server not available here also , as of 3.30 pm GMT , guest I find something more productive to do !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • michael says:

        Well im glad its not just me! I almost freaked out when it said i was a recruit! lol!…It took me what seemed like FOREVER to reach general grade 1 and i thought i lost it. Its 10:37 ET. Its been off for about 15 min. or so i guess. Why does it do this? Ive been playing it everyday since dec. 10 2010 and never seen this til today.

      • Newbie says:

        The server is a machine, and machines need rest too 😀

      • chris says:

        “Scientists around the world will be watching closely as three eruptions from the Sun reach the Earth over Thursday and Friday.The biggest flares can disrupt technology, including power grids, communications systems and satellites.”

        Maybe just coincidence or the beginning of the end of the world as we know it . We’ll just have to wait and see !

  10. Riley says:

    You’ll only get vehicles in Firefight Limited. No vehicles in Arcade because there’s no dropships, and I’ve NEVER seen an enemy vehicle in Score Attack. Yes there are vehicles on Beachhead regardless, but those aren’t piloted by enemies…they are for you. I can’t remember if any Grunts/Elites get into the ghost on Beachhead, but if it does happen it’s not very often.

    It also seems like when there’s a vehicle related challenge, the overall number of vehicles is greatly diminished lately. For example, and this was BEFORE they took out regular firefight, I played holdout and there were TWO Ghosts the entire game (there’s usually around 10).

    • Riley says:

      Sorry I meant to say outpost not holdout LOL, however holdout has quite a few Banshees throughout the duration of the game, only good if your playing with one other person though…

    • John says:

      There are vehicles that spawn in Score Attack since the update, a wraith in Beachead, Corvette and Glacier, a ghost in Outpost and Glacier plus up to three Banshees in Holdout. I don’t know all the gametypes they appear in but definitely 2x Score Attack, Rocket Attack and FRG attack although they don’t appear every time.

      Unfortunately Bungie still haven’t fixed the bug in Score Attack which means killing vehicles may or may not count, I’ve destroyed around 30 this evening but given up on the challenge as it’s only showing six. I’ve tried killing them in all manner of different ways but can’t find any consistent way to get it to count as a kill. It’s an improvement on last week where no vehicles counted in Score Attack but it’s annoying they haven’t properly fixed it.

    • dukemeiser says:

      EXACTLY! In Arcade all the enemies spawn without dropships. No dropships = no enemy vehicles.

      Every time I play on Beachhead I immediately jump in the Ghost and start splattering. Mostly to work on the commendation. But I did have an Elite jack my once and proceed to drive the Ghost around until I destroyed it. There happened to be a Flat Tire challenge that week too and it DID count for the challenge. So I guess you could drive up to Elites in hopes they jack you and return to kill them. It was a game of snipers so to hits destroyed the vehicle.

  11. michael says:

    Well this sucks! When the servers shut down i was in a firefight game and got 2 of the challenges completed. Since it shut down at the end of my game, it didnt save any of it. Oh well, atleast they are back up again now! 🙂

    • Shane says:

      Beachhead all the way.

      You can get vehicle kills in 2x Score Attack as well in the last wave on some maps. The highest number of dropped vehicles I’ve seen was 2 on Beachhead. It’s random but since there are only 4 or 5 (I think) drop off patterns on Beachhead and 3 of them drop vehicles, you’re likely to get 2 here in one game. 2x Score Attack will also give you some easy needle kills on the brutes and elites if you pick up the ammo.

      That said, the most vehicles I’ve seen since the change were in a Firefight Limited game on Beachhead. We only lasted three of four waves but there were 5 vehicles within that short time. If you party up and do this with people who can last the rounds (or are good at hogging kills which unfortunately is what the commendation promotes), Limited is probably the way to go.

      BTW, I’ve had banshee kills on Holdout in some modes not count at all recently. Anyone else seen this?

      • John says:

        Yeah, I’m having a lot of vehicle kills not counting and I can’t figure out why. I’ve given up on this challenge as I’ve only got 6 kills despite destroying over ten vehicles, there’s clearly still a bug which they’ve not fixed from last week.

  12. michael says:

    Thats weird. I just did FRG Attack on Holdout and it said i killed a banshee. I know there is one flying around above you on that level but i didnt kill it or even try. Its hard to hit one with the fuel rod gun. lol!

    • dukemeiser says:

      Sometime they go Kamikaze. Apparently you got credit for him plummeting to his death! 😉

  13. michael says:

    Ok, if your like me and need to work on your weekly challenge i would suggest doing score attack rocket attack on Outpost. The reason i say this is because your by yourself and it dropped 2 ghosts for me both times i played it. So not only will you get atleast 2 vehicle kills in each game, you will also be working on your weekly challenge. I dont like doing firefight with other people when there is a challenge to kill vehicles because as soon as they drop everyone goes wild to get it first.

    • Shane says:

      I hear you. It brings out the worst in gamers (including myself).

    • John says:

      I’ve not had a single ghost in any rocket attack or FRG attack games this evening (three each), I don’t find this a reliable vehicle for vehicles, the only one I see vehicles consistently in is Holdout.

      • michael says:

        Its weird cause when i did rocket attack and frg attack on outpost, at the end when they drop the elites from the phantoms, they also drop 1 or 2 ghosts. I noticed if i didnt blow them up in like 10 or 15 seconds after they dropped they seemed to dissapear or something. Has anyone else noticed this? Like i would see them drop then when i get on top of the building, it would be gone.

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