18th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Technically all today’s challenges are achievable in one Grifball match, but I’d be impressed if you got the first one in just one game though…

Fire When Ready – Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

This is over any number of games, so no stress to push for it at once. 50 should only take a few games though, Multi-Team Battle is particularly good for getting a high number of kills in any one game, especially the objective based Crazy King and Oddball variants. However I suspect you’ll get it just playing 3 or 4 Grifball matches…

Sweep the Leg – Perform an Assassination in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

Assassinations will come as you play hopefully. If you play something like Team SWAT it can be easier since there are no trackers, allowing you to sneak up easier. Reflection can be a good one to do it on – if you assassinate on a moving platform (like that by the big kill zone) it counts as an assassination but doesn’t play the animation. Other good options are to camp in the loft on Pinnacle (maybe with Active Camo) and get someone as they come up, or camp the green lift on Sword Base. In Grifball you can always try and get by the opponent’s spawn area and get them as they spawn – cheap and annoying but it works.

The Dream Shake – Earn 4 Double Kills in the same match in Multiplayer Matchmaking – 2000 cR

Woah, 19th October we last had this challenge. It was worth half this amount of credits. Anyway, 4 isn’t too bad these days, Team SWAT works well, but Grifball probably works better. This is of course 4 Double Kills, not multikills, so get a Triple Kill won’t count as two towards this.

Up Close and Personal – Kill 8 enemies with close quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1600 cR

Close Quarters Combat is essentially melee, assassination, sword, hammer or shotgun kills. Juggernaut in Rumble Pit’s good – if you can become the Juggernaut you’ve got a big hammer to club people with! But of course Grifball is 100% melee and easy to get lots of kills when you get your timing right.

Pretty easy today, I imagine a lot of you will pick these up in 20-30 mins and then play your normal game types.

I’d also like to ask a favour – you’ve probably heard me mention MBMBaM before, a great comedy podcast that I thoroughly recommend. One of the listeners is having a bad time of it and having to take extra care of his family, which is now eating away at his honeymoon fund. He’s in a competition to win a honeymoon instead, so all I’m asking is if you use the links on his forum post about it here, follow the links and like the page and his photo. If all it takes to help a guy out is clicking a mouse 5 times you can’t say no can you?

And don’t forget to vote in the poll this week if you haven’t – let me know your favourite control scheme…


27 Responses to 18th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Distraught Halo Fan says:

    So I get up, read your blog, sit down, turn on my Xbox and what do I have 4 flashing red lights………….aargh!!!!
    Red ring of death! What can I do? No warranty etc.
    Is there a quick fix to attempt?
    I’m so annoyed 😦

    • Matthew Vose says:


      Sorry to hear that. If it’s out of warranty I’d suggest sending a quick message to @xboxsupport on Twitter – they’re really good for a) any helpful suggestions and b) telling you how much it costs for them to fix it.

      Are you in the UK? Is so there’s a really good deal on new Xbox S 250GB for £159 on Amazon that Frugal Gaming advertised.

    • michael says:

      Sorry to hear that. There are some things i read that i googled that says can fix it, but i dont know if i would trust the methods or not. Id say you will probally have to get another xbox. I havent heard of anyone getting the 4 flashing red lights and it ever going away without some sort of fixing. 😦

    • Doug says:

      4 flashing red lights is not the RRoD, it is usually a problem with video cables I think. RRoD is 3 flashing red lights.

    • if you’re in the US, getting it repaired by MS is pretty sweet actually. $99 and it gets shipped to and from texas and fixed. not bad.

    • Justin says:

      Don’t write of your console just yet. I’ve had the 4 flashing red lights a few times over the years on my unit, just unplug all the wires and plug them back in.Works for me.

  2. Ugh, I can’t do any of those. I guess I’ll work on the weekly.

    • Darth Malber says:

      What? You can’t jump into Griffball and at least get 25 kills over two games? Even an average player in SWAT gets 10 kills per game. That means 5 games. Double kills are cake in Griffball and all of the kills are CQC.

      • DCSimian81 says:

        SWAT, I can’t speak for cuz I suck at it. Every other mode is pretty easy to rack up the challenges today. Hell, Grifball could probably take care of all of them. Last two times, I was the ball carrier and I ended up assassinating the guys I wanted to melee…you drop the ball, but whatever.

        To each their own, I suppose.

        Oh, and done and done about MBMBam 🙂 Was nice of you to post that!

    • michael says:

      Oh yeah, cause of your connection issue. 😦

      • JUST got off the phone with them and it’s fixed! Love my local ISP. They called me three times this week to keep me updated. I used to have to call Verizon three times just to get them to look at it.

      • michael says:

        Awesome! Yeah i would go crazy if i didnt have internet! 🙂

      • Darth Malber says:

        Ah yeah, sorry forgot about that. Wonder why you can still get into firefight score attack.

    • Augie says:

      Grifball dude. My buddy and I sometimes get over 100 kills/game. If you ever want help just let me know and I’ll show you the ropes.

  3. Bryan says:

    When I play Infection, I always get at least 8 kills in a match. Since you either always have a sword or a shotgun, this is a good game type to get this in.

  4. SwiftEagleEye says:

    Matt: there’s a couple other polls I’d like to know what people would respond to: what is your joystick sensitivity and what is everyone’s preferred armor effect…
    Just some questions I wonder about the general populas of halo.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I like the armour effect one – last time I did polls (back in November) I asked which one everyone liked least, but a liked most would be good. I’ll preview it tomorrow and get everyone to predict the results.

    • Darth Malber says:

      Generally I like sprint in all around rumble pit, but it can depend on the map and what I’m in the mood for. I detest people who use armor lock and especially ones who do it wrong. However I use armor lock almost exclusively in gruntpoc because the the little beasties are plasma grenade happy.

      • SwiftEagleEye says:

        I love using the deceiver or maybe hologram on sword base. People bite 80% of the time. Almost 96% while in a hectic firefight with an opponent when there not paying attention to their radar

      • Oki Chobee says:

        I believe SwiftEagleEye was talking about armor effect (grunt birthday, heart attack, pestilence, and inclement weather) and not the in-game armor abilities such as sprint, jetpack, armor lock, etc.

    • Kyle says:

      I definitely use active camo most frequently. I find someplace where a lot of unsuspecting players walk by and just stay still and after they walk by me I whack ’em in the head. So much fun and I bet it scares the pants off the other guy!

  5. Augie says:

    All set. Took care of the honeymoon contest as well. Best of luck to the guy and his bride to be. Hope his dad is doing better.

  6. TJ says:

    3 games of Grifball & 30 minutes = all achievements. I suck at Grifball so most will do it faster

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