Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 21st February

ONI: LASO – Complete ONI, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO) – 11000 cR

I hope those of you asking for Campaign challenges are happy now. ONI: Sword Base is not a particularly difficult mission, but this makes it oh so much harder. Even the first Firefight in the Courtyard will be a tricky prospect here. When the challenge says all skulls, that’s primary and secondary, so enemies are tougher, weapons give less ammo, shields don’t recharge unless you melee, if you die you either restart or go back to a checkpoint if in co-op, and you have no HUD, so no reticule, shield info or ammo counter (amongst other affects).

There are a number of key battles you’ll have in the mission, culminating in the climb up through Sword Base and the fight against camouflaged Elites and firing rockets at Banshee’s and dropships. As usual you’ll do well letting Kat do a lot of the fighting for you and backing up from afar. Especially the Hunters – if you can grab the Shotgun from the barricade in their room and getting behind them it’s much easier.

I won’t do a whole walkthrough here – there are plenty on the web already. This guide on is excellent, with videos of the key fights to help you. One of the best tips I can give is a glitch in the game that Bungie still hasn’t fixed – if you die then immediately pause and quit mission. When you re-enter Campaign you’ll be back at the checkpoint you last triggered rather than the beginning. If you’re doing it on your own that’s much easier.

I’m sure everyone will have useful tips on particular points of the mission – please add them to the comments for everyone.

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78 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 21st February

  1. G says:

    Apparently, if you select this through the challenges menu, it doesn’t put blind on. Now that could make quite a difference…

    PS – Belated, belated birthday wishes, Matthew!

    • michael says:

      What??? If that was true, god it would make everything actually doable….I hope your right. Im about to start on it now. 🙂

      • The Master Chief says:

        Keep me updated!! There seems to be conflicting information on regarding the Secondary Skulls
        I’m at work but will be attempting this later!

      • G says:

        I totally agree, I really hope my mate is right about this one. He’s got the day off so I’m trying to bully him into doing it, so he can let me know if it works!

    • michael says:

      Holy crap!!!! Your right!!!! I am on here right now and when you look at the weekly, the blind skull isnt in there. When you click on the challenge it turns on 12, not 13. So thats AWESOME!

      • G says:

        Suddenly, this has become a challenge that I think I will bother completing!

      • Matthew Vose says:

        Love it – is that definite confirmation you don’t need Blind on??

      • that would be very, very, very nice.

        last time i ran around with some buddies and we kept asking each other, “hey what gun do i have out?” or “hey, do you see any needles??”

      • michael says:

        I hope it means you dont need blind on. Im keeping up with some posts on so if anyone on there says they did it without the blind skull on and got the challenge, i will let you know. Im trying for it right now but im pretty sure its not gonna happen today. Even with the blind skull off its still a part of hell i hate going back to. 😉

    • Darth Malber says:

      Haven’t tried it yet, but my experience is that choosing to go to the mission through the challeneges menu isn’t all that accurate. For example, many times when it is a firefight specific challenge it will take me to rumble pit. The system will probably check for LASO, so if you play with blind not on thinking the system’s being fooled you may be wasting your time.

      • Voldius says:

        I just finished ONI: Sword Base with all skulls on except, and i repeat, except blind and it did award me the credits for completing the weekly challenge. So, for all Reach players who are wondering the same thing i did i will save you the trouble of completing the level with blind activated. You can complete the challenge with only 12 skulls, but blind has to be the only one that isn’t on.

      • michael says:

        Thank you Voldius. I have heard so many different things about that today. Im glad someone has FINALLY been able to get through it and let us know. 🙂

      • Darth Malber says:

        Thanks for confirming Voldius. I’m glad to be proven wrong 🙂

  2. Avoidingmadusa says:

    When doing oni sword base i found a glitch, i dont know if anyone else has noticed but you know the laser truck you get after killing the first revenant and activating the comms array?i keep this truck intact no matter what as when you reach sword base after killing all the revenants and ghosts outside if you drive truck into the garage area you can kill a load of covenant with the laser then when they are all dead back up the truck and start firing at the blocks in front of you-corners and bits of block will fall off. In the center there is a little bump just before the blocks, get a little run up and try to hit the bump and the truck will go straight over the blocks. Sometimes it may get stuck on top of the blocks but just get out and melee it and it will go over. It may take a few tries but sorting out them hunters is a walk in the park with the laser truck!i hope this helps with the weekly challenge!!!:)

    • michael says:

      I did that back when me and my son went through this level on legendary. I just drove it right over the barriers and into the room with the hunters. Took them out with ease. Your right, it is a great tip!

    • Chris says:

      Exactly the tip I was going to mention ,makes the hunters so much easier.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I like it, had forgotten you can do that – I’ll add it when I update later.

      • Natasha says:

        I always do this if I’m doing an ONI mission except I always have trouble getting the warthog over the barriers, even after shooting the corners of them off.

        What I do if I have a partner is get the armor lock ability and then have my partner drive into me while standing in front of the barriers (of course armor locking when they do) and the warthog goes right over every time.

        if you’re alone, you can often manipulate Kat in front of the barriers and she naturally has armor lock so it should work that way also.

      • Matt says:

        I think the weapon in the Warthog is called a Gauss Canon (random bit of info there) but that’s not the point here…

        You don’t even need to bother shooting the concrete barricades at all, just get up some speed and drive the warthog at the right hand corner where the barriers meet the wall. You can sort ride up the corner a bit to get some help over the barricades. If you get stuck, hop out and melee the vehicle over the rest of the way. It’s really easy.

    • m67reaper says:

      If you do this mission with a partner you can grab the armor lock. One person armor locks and the other drives right over them. Its a lot easier than shooting the blocks and trying to force your way over. I have done this both ways and it can be done either way.

  3. Avoidingmadusa says:

    Also to add some much needed firepower to your cause only use one ordinance to kill one wraith, shoot the grunt out of the remaining wraith, Enter the gun turret of the wraith and elite will come out, kill him and now you have a wraith to take on the hordes of suped up grunts and elites. I find if your doing the mission in coop two can take the hog and one in wraith it makes the mission a lot easier to complete LASO. Then you also have a remaining ordinance to take out the general and elites around the gun area, the wraith can take out ghosts and other enemies from a distance. If anyone has anymore tips please let me know 🙂

    • Matthew Vose says:

      That’s a really good point actually – if you don’t use both TD shots it will regen a 2nd shot for you during the game (although does the ammo skull mean you only get one shot from a TD??). I like the idea of the Wraith, will add it when I update later.

  4. Mobius1 says:

    What in the name of cortana is a laser truck?? You sir are an abomination to the game of halo, it is a gauss warthog. Not a “laser truck”, it’s not even a truck it’s a jeep! My goodness kids these days.
    Btw there are plenty of rocket launchers and sniper ammo to use, (with the utmost accuracy), throughout the mission. So these should help, especially if it is true the auto settings don’t require the blind skull to be on.

    • HAHAHAHAHA! thanks, i was sitting here trying to figure out what the heck a laser truck was and coming up empty. and last time i played campaign, i left the hog since i was solo.

      then kat ran me over soooooo i took a ghost.

    • Darth Malber says:

      Aww, give the kid a break! 🙂

    • Darth Malber says:

      I knew he meant the rail gun truck!

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Hey play nice Mobius, they’re just trying to help everyone – looks like a lot of people got it was the Gauss ‘hog so it’s a good enough description! 😛

    • RED1 says:

      HAHAHA I was totally sitting here thinking I missed out on some awesome variation of a Hog with dual Splazers on the back, like a rocket hog, that I didn’t see when I did this mission. What a holly incarnation of metal and light that would have been. But I love the Gauss Hog all the same, favorite type. Unless you can get a transport type, and load a bunch of marines on it with rockets, FRG’s, and splazers! Did some damage when I took the time to put that setup together in H3.

      Anyway, love the blog!
      Been reading a long time, and check it daily!

  5. Braythor says:

    Screw this, I had enough difficulty doing it on legendary without any skulls on, my disposition is too volatile to attempt such a challenge. And I can’t afford a new joypad… With this weekly and the lack of rewarding daily challenges perhaps it’s time, after 3 months of nothing but Reach, to shelf it and pick up another game.

    • michael says:

      As much as i hate it i would have to pretty much agree with you. Thats why im picking up Bulletstorm at midnight tonight. I dont know if it will be a good game or not, but atleast its something different. 🙂 If anyone has any more tips on getting this challenge done please post them. I tried and cant get through the first part. lol. After i found out about the blind skull i thought this would be kinda easy, boy was i WRONG!

  6. Bryan says:

    well you can definantely do it without blind on i just completed it and furthermore if you look at the list of skulls that it tells you to turn on under the challenge blind isnt there but every other skull other than that is on the list.

    • michael says:

      Yeah i noticed that but alot of people are saying it has to be on. I just wanted to be for sure before i spend alot of time on it and then not get the challenge. 😦

    • G says:

      Bryan, just to be clear, are you saying you completed the challenge without the blind skull on?

      • michael says:

        There are some people on the website that say they have done it without the blind skull on and the challenge counted. I just hope they are right.

  7. Riley says:

    It’s not like you have to take a wild guess and do the whole mission to see if you can complete that challenge with the one skull off. Once you get into the game just pause and bring up the challenges…if you need to have blind on it will say “this challenge cannot be completed currently”. Takes like a min to find out!

    • michael says:

      Yeah, i know that. lol. It says it can be completed without the skull on, but on the other hand more than a few times i have been in something like a firefight game and when i looked at the challenges to see what can be completed in that game a challenge for getting like 15 kills in a multiplayer matchmaking game was highlighted. So yeah, i wouldnt trust that method too much.

    • G says:

      Oh yeah… 🙂

      Heavy night last night, didn’t think of that at my office desk lol. Thanks Riley

  8. dukemeiser says:

    Just completed it solo with all skulls on (including the blind skull). I just followed Tyrant’s Mythic Guide exactly. Big thanks to Tyrant for his great walkthrough. It was certainly a challenge! I can hardly type my fingers are shaking so much. Took me two hours. The biggest problem was after you come up the elevator to deal with the elite with the concussion rifle. I was out of ammo and he wouldn’t chase Kat. I had to wait over 20 minutes for him to finally start to melee Kat so I could assassinate him. It’s on my file share if anybody wants to look or need some proof. Personally I think the blind skull should be on. It’s really not LASO or Mythic quality without it. And I didn’t “Save Quit” at all. I also died 6 times in the courtyard before completing the game. Here is the file:


    • G says:

      I see your point about the Blind skull. It’s just for me, I don’t really find it much fun to play with that skull on, which kind of defeats the whole object of playing the game for me. Strange… the Blind skull never bothered me on Halo 2, but I can’t get the hang of it on Reach. Think I need to play it more!

  9. Uberzephyr says:

    A tip I haven’t seen yet (although I might have missed it…) – after you take out the 2 wraiths the first time you leave Sword Base (and only get one with the target locator, saving the other target locator shot as mentioned by others), get the rocket launcher on top of the hill, and swap riders around in the Hog until you get Kat on the Warthog gun, and give the rockets to a marine in the passenger seat. This is a huge help in all the encounters after that, especially involving vehicles (revenant, elite warthog, and 4 ghosts). If the guy’s still alive when you get the Gauss Hog (“laser truck” 🙂 ), make the same adjustment so you return to Sword Base now defended by multiple revenants and ghosts with the Gauss AND rockets. If he died and you can’t find the rocket launcher, it’s worthwhile to go back and get the other rocket launcher in the Comm Array building, middle leve, and rearm the new marine that drops off with the Gauss hog. The guy will even fire rockets at the Hunters when you get to that point, although he won’t go below the top of the ramp to do it.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I really like this idea, makes your guys really powerful. Will put this in the update tomorrow.

    • Shane says:

      I used this trick all the time in Halo 3. Driving around in a tank carrying marines with unlimited FRG ammo and rockets makes life easier!

  10. m67reaper says:

    I just did the challenge with blind skull off. Apparently you only need to have 12 skulls on. Pretty tough challenge took me about 2 hours to do. I tried to get a wraith but that didn’t work out so well. When I jumped on top of it and started beating the elite the whole wraith blew up. It was in good condition too though. It worked out to my benefit though because I gave the extra guy the rocket launcher that is on the hill and had him ride as a passenger through out the map. Between him and Kat gunning that helped worlds. I don’t think I would have ben able to make it through without that. Also I picked up the other rocker launcher in the comm tower and held on to it till the end. I needed it to kill the general with the feul rod cannon at the end of the map. Trying to run over the elites didn’t work for me at all every time I tried they would armor lock and blow up my hog. For the first part of the map I got Kat to distract the elites while I assainated them. As far as the hunters go they were pretty easy with the Gauss Cannon. Good luck with this tough challenge hope this helps.

    • Shane says:

      You have to just beat the hatch where the elite is in. This shouldn’t damage the wraith at all.

  11. Dboogy says:

    Someone else may have already posted this but……

    Something to keep in mind if you have to use the Blind skull a little painters tape is your best friend. With the Blind skull of just put a little X over the targeting reticle. Then turn the skull on and you are good to go… It works awesomely and peels off cleanly. I see that they left that particular skull off this time but in case they don’t next time you have another option.

    • Ryan says:

      If youu have an HDTV just put a piece of scotch tape over reticle than raw the retice on the tape

  12. Lex says:

    Finally a challenging challenge! I miss the Running riot and the frenzy challenges. Other than that couple more hours then Bulletstorm drops. Cant wait to play that hey Michael what is your gamertag in case you are interested in playing sume bulletstorm!!

  13. ED says:

    I am looking forward to see a vid walkthrough.
    For fun, I let Kat run the show in the initial went on and on and on. Playing this one “legit” way you’re getting through it on solo.

    Bungee is taking the “fun” out of the game with this one.

    • dukemeiser says:

      I got through solo without using “Save Quit”. You can watch the video if you want proof:

      • Bryan says:

        Awesome! Great job. I can’t wait to watch it for tips. I know I’ll need all the help I can get.

      • ED says:

        Can we see the vid, without being “bungie Pro” ??

      • dukemeiser says:

        You have to download it to your console and watch it in Theater.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I quite like how they’re mixing up the challenges, particularly the weekly ones, at the moment. Sometimes it’s really easy and we get it in a day, sometimes it’s a proper weekly that you want to spread out, sometimes it’s one session but really hard and a proper challenge, like this one. Better than every week being ‘grind x of y in game z’.

  14. Bryan says:

    TIP: If you are running Co-Op, with this tip you can skip an entire wave of enemies. Right before activating the last Comm relay (I think it’s called the Farragut station), have your partner go back the way you came and wait at the blast doors. Once you flip the switch to activate the Comm Relay, you will span ahead to where your partner is, you can open the gate and proceed to the next section.

  15. Eyesac says:

    very in-depth guide to nearly all missions on SLASO

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  17. blah. spent 2 hours with some friends working on this, got to the part just before the sword base and then everyone lagged out. 😯 😦

    guess we’ll have to try it again another time. although, for the amount of time we spent, we could have racked up the 11k cR in multiplayer games instead. 😕

  18. knockemdeadmax says:

    If you guys want to do this with the blind skull on for extra points and make it BEARABLE, take packing tape (the thick clear tape used to seal packages) and go into a game mode with “blind” off. As soon as your reticule shows up, place the tape over it on the TV and take a permanent marker, and out line the crosshair. Exit out of that game, turn blind back on, and BAM you have a basic reticule now even with the hud off…

    • Bryan Schmidt says:

      Add some more fun and draw in the rest of the HUD to reduce homesickness. Lol. No, but seriously, I did this for the last LASO challenge and it helped (just the reticle part, I was kidding about the rest of the HUD).

  19. mjhm says:

    I did it with all 13 on and it was hard really hard its actually alot worse then the first laso challenge

  20. Ludicrey says:

    Actually it says you don’t need the blind skull on so you do have a hud

  21. MJOLNIR Tester says:

    My 10-year-old son and I did this today. I can’t imagine not doing this Co-op.

    1. Be careful during the opening battle, there isn’t a checkpoint for a long time. Take out the grunts at long range with the DMR, advance on the left on the upper walkway, but pretty much keep your head down and let Kat do the fighting. Once you get a checkpoint you can be a little more aggressive.

    2. We took out both Wraiths with the target locator. There were a couple of rocket launchers on top of the rock in front of the destroyed Wraiths. Give one launcher to a trooper and get them into the Warthog shotgun seat. Give the other launcher to the trooper on the Warthog gun just to carry it for now. Let Kat and your Co-op partner walk.

    3. Head to the left to the com stations. Take out the grunts and Ghost. Clear the buildings up ahead and destroy the Revnant by driving around in circles and back and forth while the troopers in the warthog kill everyone. Keeping moving and use power slide. Kat creates a useful diversion on foot. Your Co-op partner can thin out the Grunts with a DMR but should just avoid dying. When everyone is dead grab the sniper rifle, hit the switch and then repeat driving around to kill the Skirmishers. Pick up all the needle rifles. Hit the second switch and second Warthog will be dropped off. Rearrange the seating so each human player is driving a Warthog, with trooper rocketeers in the shotgun seats and Kat on one of the guns.

    4. Go around the bend and take out the Ghosts and infantry. Go to the next area with the antiaircraft gun. Let the troopers and Kat kill everyone. When the Spirit comes retreat until it leaves, then let the troopers and Kat kill everyone. That leaves an Elite General on the rooftop with a plasma launcher. Grab the sniper ammo in the small building, then have one person take sniper potshots from the side of the building opposite the stairs to the rooftop to distract the General while the other player sneaks up the stairs and assassinates the General.

    5. Hit the switch and a Gauss hog is dropped off. Rearrange the seating so Kat is on the Gauss cannon with a player driving. The other player drives a regular Warthog with a rocketeer in the shotgun seat and a trooper on the gun. Head up the road and take out the Ghost and Revnant. Then backtrack all the way back the way you came, past the com stations and attack the Revnants and Ghost from the rear. Keep moving to avoid the Revnant fire.

    6. Hit the switch and drive both Warthogs into the garage. Park the Gauss hog in the right corner, hop on the Gauss cannon and take out everyone you can. Next you need to get the Gauss hog over the barriers. The easiest way to do that is to back up a Ghost or Revnant against the barriers and then use it as a ramp and drive the Gauss hog over the barriers. If there is a Ghost or Revnant that hasn’t been destroyed they work particularly well as ramps. It is tougher to use another Warthog as a ramp but that’s what we did. After the Gauss hog is over the barriers one player drives while the other uses the Gauss cannon to take out the Hunters and other Covenant. Take the rocket launcher(s) from the troopers before entering the elevator.

    7. The Elite Ultra with the concussion rifle is tough. It takes a lot of grenades and some rockets to kill him. Make sure you don’t empty the rocket launcher(s), save one round so you can give it to a trooper. One player attacked on the left and the other on the right. Sometimes we assassinated him. If you die in the next battle before you get to a checkpoint you’ll have to kill the Elite Ultra again, which we did a few times, so be careful after you kill the Elite Ultra, let Noble team do the fighting. After you get a checkpoint clear out the grunts on the ground floor and give the heaviest weapons to the troopers to take advantage of their infinite ammo. We gave the troopers a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, a concussion rifle, and plasma rifles. Anything is better than their assault rifles.

    8. After that it is a matter of clearing the buildings floor by floor. At one point you can see an Elite General with a fuel rod gun across the way. There is a room with a bullet-proof window where you can see him. If one player stands at the window the General will hurl grenade after grenade at the player behind the window, distracting the General so the other player can sneak up and assassinate him. Unfortunately, in our case the General retreated to the end area and we had to fight him there.

    • michael says:

      Very nice play by play MJOLNIR Tester. Has anyone ever tried to start the level at rally point bravo? I did that just messing around and after i got into the level i hit start and went to challenges and it was still highlighted like it could be completed from this point. Im almost 100% sure it CANT be done this way but i was just wondering if anyone has done it from that point and got the challenge since it was highlighted at the challenge page. I just know some people say when you hit start and go to the challenges while your in a game, whatever is highlighted can be done, and the rest will say challenge can not be completed or something like that.

      • Likely won't work says:

        I noticed the same thing before. I tried Rally Point Bravo with Winter Contingency when they had that LASO challenge a few weeks back. The challenge showed as active until I completed the mission and had to reset the relay. After the cutscene, nothing.

  22. Peter says:

    I have not completed this challenge yet, but, I have completed this level on Legendary. One more tip to add is drive a ghost into the elevator after killing the hunters. Stay in the ghost while in the elevator, or if you are playing alone, quickly jump back in it after activating the elevator, otherwise it may disappear. You can drive it out of the elevator and you now have infinite ammo to take out the elites in Sword Base.

    Here is another tip to confirm when doing any challenge. While in the game, pause and go to the challenge menu. If the challenge is highlighted, then it is active for the game you are playing. If it is dark, then you cannot complete the challenge in your current game, or you already failed it. Move your cursor over the challenges and the feedback confirms this.

    One final tip. If you activate the challenge from the challenge menu, it will set everthing for you such as which skulls need to be on for a campaign challenge. I also turn on the score which does not affect the challenge (unless it is the challenge) as it lets you know when you killed an enemy. If it is a matchmaking challenge, it will set you at the start of the matchmaking menu. You obviously need to scroll to the match.

  23. jaysonic1991 says:

    Got to where I have to return to Sword Base after taking out the 2 objectives and got a bloody checkpoint right as I’m about to fall into the death water off to the right.

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  26. XblTheTires says:

    Anyone Wanting to do this Co-Op Add Me “XblTheTires”

  27. Moe says:

    I didn’t ask for more campaign challenges, if you already beat the game, got all the achievements it’s really lame still playing the campaign, it’s better to have a weekly challenge of game completitions 1000 kills u know something that’s worth playing

  28. Lex says:

    Hey just a quick tip for those still working on the weekly. An easy way to get the Gauss Warthog over the barricades on coop is using Armor Lock as a ramp. One of you armor locks and the other one simply drives over much easier than trying to hop it over another Hog or worrying about leaving a ghost in tact. There you have it. Hope it helps!

  29. Oki Chobee says:

    Just did this yesterday with a buddy on co-op. Definitely do this on co-op because, as stated above, when you get the gauss hog one of you drives while one of you gets in the turret which makes things a lot easier. When we got to the hunters we were shooting them with the hog and we both had little to no health. Then we got a checkpoint right as a hunter blast was coming at us so everytime we reverted we would just die. We must have reverted like 15 times trying to think of ways to get out of it, but to no avail and then all of a sudden we reverted to the checkpoint before which saved us! We got so lucky. After a couple hours into it I would not have restarted lol

  30. Gimojo1 says:

    I did this with all 13 skulls on solo. OMG it was hard. Much harder than Winter a few weeks ago. There is no way anyone could do this solo without getting killed like in the Winter challenge. If anyone out there did my hats off to you. You are a god.

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