23rd February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

These will good fun today, a really nice mix of game types to do…

More than a Handful – Kill 25 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Multi Team Battle is the best way to get lots and lots of kills, you tend to get more than any other mode. If you play Crazy King or Oddball you can get even more as some people who would shoot you go for the objective, and you can take them out. 25 is so low that chances are 2 games of anything will do this.

Blast Radius – Kill 75 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades – 1250 cR

75 enemies? That’s loads? You’ll need so many grenades for it! If only there was a gametype to make this easy… Well there is dear reader, Nadefight. This Firefight Arcade gametype gives you power weapons such as the Grenade Launcher, and a load of each Grenades to use. I reckon you can easily get 40-50 kills in a 4 player game, so this should actually be a really easy challenge in what is a really really fun gametype. I managed to get about 60 in one game of FRGfight and mopped up the rest in another one, so it is really simple.

The Little Guys – Kill 75 Grunts in Campaign today on Normal or harder – 1000 cR

You’ll remember I discussed this on 17th November. My thoughts then are the same now, Winter Contingency, Exodus or The Package are excellent for Grunts – read through the post from the 17th for more information on them. Gerry also suggested the opening of ONI Sword Base – go straight to the Target Designator, turn around and blast some Grunts, then reset to checkpoint. It’s a quick way of doing it, although I prefer playing through levels to up various commendations. Ryan suggested something similar on The Package, throwing a grenade just before the checkpoint so that every time you reset it goes off and takes out a few Grunts. Let me know if you have any other great suggestions.

The Love of the Game – Complete 20 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 2000 cR

It might take a bit of time but there’s no limitation on winning or weapons etc. Fastest games are often Infection as they go really quickly I find. If you want the kills for other challenge though I’d recommend Team SWAT/Slayer or Multi-Team as long as you can avoid Rocket Race! Equally, it’s a good chance to try out different variants you might not have played, so jump in BTB, Rumble Pit and Arena to see what they’re like. And of course you can win 3 rounds of Grifball in 30 seconds if you’re just going for the bomb and the score, but as ever it’s much more fun to hit people over the head with a hammer surely? :D

Some easy challenges, and I hope to see lots of you in Nadefight later. Put your own tips in the comments.

And don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll on favourite Armour Abilities…


5 Responses to 23rd February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Edward says:

    For blast radius: I grabbed the grenade launcher on 2x Score Attack on Corvette, and the kills did not register against the challenge. Manged to get 56 kills using normal grenades (mostly ones that the Covies drop), so one more round and I’ll be done using that method.

  2. Jay says:

    unfortunatley Edward the GL doesnt count, plenty of oppurtunity on arcade corvette for covie spawn killing however 🙂

    • Edward says:

      Yeah, I figure that if I had not used the grenade launcher from the outset, I would have probably gotten all the grenade kills in one round, using the ones you get at the start, combined with the body drops and multi-kills (so spawn killing sounds like a plan: I’ll try that for the remainder).

      • Shane says:

        I think both grenade launchers count as heavy weapons which is a shame.

  3. Shane says:

    I’m not feeling the love this week from Bungie. Low credits for no-fun grinding. The Love Of The Game or Win X Matches challenges take more time than I’m willing to spend and always end up ruining the fine game of Grifball :-(.

    Roll on FF Thursday!

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