27th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Again a mix, we’re starting to see that during the week it’s targetted more now, with weekends being a whole pile of challenge types…

Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1000 cR

Given there’s a challenge for 200 kills you should get this in normal play. But if you want to do it specifically then jump into something on Score Attack, maybe Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or Fiesta Attack to get it done quickly and rack up the kills.

Return of the Mack – Kill 50 Elites in Campaign today on Normal or harder – 1700 cR

ONI: Sword Base has been the best for this in the past. Just playing through there are 30-40 I think, and it’s definitely worth using the target designator at the beginning. Basically run from the start up the ramp to your right and take out the Elite at the top. Then hug the wall all the was to where the TD is, grab it, turn around and fire it back up to the top of the slope. Then take out the few guys around you and go back up the slope to mop up anyone who survived. You’ll get 4-5 Elites a time, but it takes about a minute and gives you loads of medals and kills, so well worth it. If you’re playing through, still stick to ONI Sword Base, especially from Rally Point Bravo inside the base itself.

That Pink Mist – Kill 200 enemies with a Supercombine from the Needler or Needle Rifle in Firefight Matchmaking – 1500 cR

So there are lots of options in the new Score Attack modes. FRG Attack gives you a Needler with unlimited ammo, but that only really works on the Brutes and Elites (and the Skirmishers if you can catch them in the open). In general I still recommend any game where you can pick up a Needle Rifle from a Jackal and put 3 rounds into an unshielded enemy to get the Supercombine. 2x Score Attack or Fiesta Attack would be good because you can get loads of Elites at the end.

Short, Controlled Bursts – Kill 50 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today – 1000 cR

Automatic weapons are those that fire repeatedly, namely the Assault Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Plasma Rifle, Needler and Spiker. In Campaign you want a mission with lots and lots of enemies quickly. As usual, Winter Contingency’s a good one as it’s not too hard, and the enemies come quickly. Stick to Normal difficulty so you don’t have to spend too long.

I’m heading up north for the World Club Challenge today, my team Wigan against the Australian champions. So what if it’s a 7.15pm kick off and an 11 hour round trip for us!

No new poll this week, I’ll be starting another one in a week or two.


7 Responses to 27th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Jorge says:

    *Groan* dull dull dull, why are Sundays challenges such a bore, its the weekend Bungie, the one day (out of the two) we get to spend all day gaming. Its such a shame since yesterdays challenges were great! A nice mix of accumulators!

    Light Fare / Short controlled bursts – should be up’ed to 250, with a decent payout.

    Return of the Mac – we all know campaign co-op lags, ok if u have friends over i guess.

    That pink mist – stinks… hold down trigger untill challenege complete… exciting.

    …Sorry for the rant but it’s just dissapointing, i’m just a very passionate halo fan!

    • well yesterday had a kill 400 in any game mode, i don’t really think light fare is so bad today. it makes for an easy pay day, really.

      nothing says you HAVE to do the campaign one in co-op. if you play through it solo, you get all the elites to yourself even, woohoo!

      i mean, i may have complained about some before (LASO, anyone?) but these really aren’t THAT bad.

  2. Tim Everitt says:

    Nightfall – mission start. Assassinate the elite in the beginning, restate from save point, rinse repeat. 9 seconds per kill.

    • I Syniister I says:

      Nightfall – misson start. Get checkpoint if you head to right thru cave at start. You will see elite in scope, slowly walk forward to tigger checkpoint, if you do it right you will get 1 elite kill per second when you reload last checkpoint.

      • Derrick says:

        Thanks for the tip! This definitely saved me some time. After spending an hour and a half working on the Pink Mist challenge, this is just what I needed.

        I was doing the Pink Mist challenge on Gruntpocalypse. Mostly just camping and waiting for the grunts to come to me, hopefully carrying needlers. I could get about 30 per game that way. I tried the plasmafight arcade type, but that only got me about 35 and was with one of the other 3 players quitting out in the beginning. I decided at least in Gruntpocalypse at least I would only get frustrated with the things I was trying to kill instead of adding other players to the mix. The most I got out of one game was almost 50, so it is possible to do some serious needling on the grunts.

  3. Kenji says:

    For the That Pink Mist Challenge, I recommend PlasmaFight on Firefight Arcade. You start out with an unlimited needle rifle as a secondary weapon. If you are more aggressive then your teammates I think you can get this challenge done in 1-2 games.

  4. Xblthetires says:

    Just thought i’d say that you can get kills on jackals and grunts with the supercombine explosion, mythic just needs to be on and there you go 😛

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