28th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Lots of challenges to get you trying stuff and getting towards the weekly challenge

More than a Handful – Kill 125 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 2500 cR

See the weekly challenge linked above for good kill volume games. Multi Team Battle is the best way to get lots and lots of kills, you tend to get more than any other mode. If you play Crazy King or Oddball you can get even more as some people who would shoot you go for the objective, and you can take them out.

One Spartan Army – Kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

You get 120 Grunts in Gruntpocalypse, so run through it quick a couple of times to pick this one up.

Headshot Honcho – Kill 9 enemies with headshots in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1080 cR

Team SWAT everytime for this. It’s in one game, but in SWAT you should easily get this number of headshots, if not double!

Five-time Champ – Win 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1750 cR

Team Slayer and SWAT will be excellent for this, as there are only two teams so a much better chance of winning than in multi team. If you are doing Multi Team, try objective based types and go for the objective itself, most teams don’t. I mean Crazy King, Oddball, Rocket Race. Grifball can be good if you’re ready to grab the bomb and score you can win really quickly.

As ever if you have your own thoughts please put them in the comments.


4 Responses to 28th February – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. haydn says:

    With One spartan army, There is a gametype on score attack called 2x score attack which is really easy to get kills so just a suggestion hope this helps

  2. Jorge says:

    Good challenges, no stinky mist, cook em clean em, or stupid vehicles on firefight (which arn’t there).
    Accumulators like these are the best cos you can play the gametypes you enjoy rather than faffing around trying to do things you dont.

  3. BS Diablo says:

    I was able to get ‘One Spartan Army’ in one game of ‘Nade Fight. Lucky for me, one dropped out leaving 3 of us and the other two weren’t very aggressive. I cleared the 150 mark with 10 seconds to go.

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