Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 28th February

All in a Week’s Work – Kill 1500 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 17500 cR

Huge numbers of credits, but a huge kill volume too. What’s the best way to rack up the kills in Multiplayer? If we take it by game type (and this list is not definitive):

  • Rumble Pit – If you can win games that’s 25 a time, but usually in 10-12 minutes. Something like Juggernaut is good where it’s not necessarily on kill volume, esp if you can take out other players
  • Multi-Team Battle – Normal Slayer is good, but the objective based missions are really good, Crazy King and Oddball can see you net 40+ kills
  • Grifball – Can be a really mixed bag, against a good team or someone scoring quickly you won’t get many kills, but if you’re able to time your hammer blows right or grab the bomb you can get 30, 40 or even 50 kills in a 3 round game
  • Invasion – Depends on your team and the ability of the attackers when you’re defending, but if they keep swarming there are loads of opportunities to get quick and easy kills

There are lots of game types – Infection can be good but not a high kill game type when I’ve played it. I think all that you need to do here is keep playing along.

As ever I hope you’ve all got your own ways of doing this (and I don’t want to hear about signing in with friends or spare controllers to boost), so please do let everyone know in the comments.


61 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 28th February

  1. Ian says:

    Going to play my regular swat mostly to get this.

    I’m excited for the challenge.

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  3. Edward says:

    Mmh, nice challenge. Unfortunately my stats says that I should not even attempt this if I’m not on vacation: need about 4.5 hours of gameplay per day, which I don’t have for the moment.

  4. RueNSiG99 says:

    Only 12 points per kill. Not worth it unless there are many multiplayer challenges this week. Gonna take major work.

    • Oki Chobee says:

      Yes, but add in how many cR you would get for commendations, performance, slot machine, and game completion. This morning I calculated in my head that I think I would need roughly 90 games of grifball. That’s a ton of cR!

      • exactly. the usual argument is that for each game you complete, you also get a chit ton of other cR so it really is worth it.

        this is a better weekly challenge, IMO, than the LASO ones. mainly because i can do multiplayer without my internet spazzing out and lagging me out at critical times. :mrgreen:

  5. objective SWAT is good for this. you can rack up 20+ kills in a SWAT potato game easily.

    • Oki Chobee says:

      Snicker, I keep seeing these SWAT objective types pop up, but they never get picked. What is SWAT potato?

      • i LOVE SWAT potato! except for when it’s on powerhouse because then the bathroom becomes the camp of doom.

        it’s basically odd ball. except with a bomb and it blows up after a little bit. very, very good way to get lots of kills in one game!

    • Don says:

      SWAT Stockpile is easier than Potato on some maps.

      Example: On Countdown you can camp the corner where the other teams score area is or the hallway to shotgun leading from there. Having backup is a good idea since sometimes the other team will spawn on the third floor and drop down on you if your by the shotgun position. I got almost 40 kills one game and had a killing frenzy and two killing sprees.

      SWAT Potato is still awesome though.

  6. michael says:

    Well, i have to say im not a fan of this challenge. In order to complete it by sunday you would have to get atleast 214 kills per day, plus a couple extra. Myself i dont have the time to work on that many kills a day. lol. Well, i guess my son could do it, after all he did get the challenge Camp Froman Indeed finished with a couple days to spare. Well, everyone have a great day! 🙂

  7. sam says:

    this is the perfect challenge for people who have no jobs and live off the goverment. and people on holiday o well wait till next week i spose.

  8. Lex says:

    Okay this is like the easiest way ever get a decent squad of 4 then play Griffball while one person just holds the ball. Hold it thru sudden death and when there is 10 seconds left just rush to score it. Depending on experience and dedication of the people playing you can easily get 100 kills per game I usually get around 140. If anyone needs help let me know and I’ll gladly help you out. Major League Griffball!

  9. Neil says:

    In short, this is a challenge only for those obsessed with increasing their “weekly challenge achieved” count. It’s otherwise a HUGE WASTE when you run the numbers…

    An above average player gets an average of 115 kills/hour. That’s over 13 hours to reach 1500 kills. 17500/13 = 1346/Cr per hour… less than half the credits I average in ONE Firefight Arcade (FA) game which takes between 8-15 minutes. (Looks like I get about five FA games an hour with voting/postgame filler accounted for.)

    Even a very generous scenario (ahem, aimbot) with 200 kills/hour (30+ kills/game) = 7.5 hours. 17500/7.5 = 2333/Cr per hour. Still less than a single 8-15 minute FA game.

    IMO, the weekly challenges need to have a more compelling incentive…

    • but on the other hand, you’re also getting other cR and working towards commendations and the like.

      so really, it seems like Bungie can’t win. if the weekly challenges are reasonable, people complain that they are too easy. if they’re actually challenging, people complain that they are impossible.

      • EA says:

        i agree with the guy above me. when its too easy people complain, when its actully a CHALLENGE, people whine about it. and as said above me, bungie (or 343I ) just can’t win…

      • just a small point of contention….i’m not a guy :mrgreen:

      • Matthew Vose says:

        I’ve said it before – if you don’t like the sound of the challenge it’s probably not for you, don’t sweat it, they have to try and hit a large different audience.

        And I can confirm that Snickerdoodle’s not a guy. Wait, that sounds wrong… XD

      • Edward says:

        This is what I like about the challenge: I’m busy working out how to get it, although as mentioned, my stats are somewhat against me, but by changing what I play, I’m already above par for the day (par being 215 kills). Had some good grifball runs yesterday, but this morning a lot of short matches with little kills, so I’m betting on team slayer and rumble pit and sleep deprivation. I’m definitely going to strive for this, and if I fail, it will not have been miserably.

    • dukemeiser says:

      Your math is horribly wrong. If you played Team Slayer all day, yes 115 kills/hour would be accurate. I’ve literally played 13 games today and got well over my 214 daily average. Grifball is by FAR the best playlist for this challenge. No shields, tight map, 3 second spawn. Each round is 3 minutes. Even if you went all 5 rounds and triggered every sudden death that would still only be 17.5 minutes. I have gotten over 70 kills in one game and the longer the game goes on the more likely you will get over 50 kills. 4 games could be 200-280 kills. If you played 30 games you could theoretically get this challenge done in ONE DAY. I wouldn’t recommend it because you might hit the credit cap and be denied the points. This is an easy challenge if you’re worth a shit in Grifball. It doesn’t take long to get the timing down to be quite deadly.

      • that’s nice in theory but for me, that’d be damn near impossible. why? because i seem to get all the dipsticks on my team that do nothing but betray and dilly dally around. so while in theory, you have the right idea, i think for most of us, it’ll take more than 30 games of grifball to complete.

        as of right now, i have 217/1500 completed. most of that was done in SWAT and doubles over a couple hours. i said it somewhere else too but the SWAT objective games are great for kills since there’s no kill cap.

    • Mobius1 says:

      You do realize that firefight has nothing to do with this weeks challenge? It’s 1500 in MULTIPLAYER MATCHMAKING, not firefight, why dont you calculate the numbers for that? I’m sure in respect to multiplayer matchmakiNg it’s actually quite alot of credits.

      • meh. it’s just one of those “never happy” or “bungie can’t win” scenarios. someone will always complain. 😉

  10. EA says:

    wait, a GIRL, ON REACH!! GEZZUS!

    no, but seriously. i already have 500 kils so im basiclly 1/3 there 😀

  11. Tylerrr says:

    Griffball is the best. Send me invites let’s get a team going. Cyawhenugetther

    • Oki Chobee says:

      Griffball is definitely the way to go, i’ll be on later so i’ll give you a shout when I get on.

      GT is Oki Chobee

  12. Jorge says:

    a GREAT weekly challenge, although i think they should make it headshots and double the credits 😉

  13. crazydave says:

    Just today I have gotten 745 Kills, mostly in griffball. I started the game asking for the other players not to score in order to get the weekly challenge so we battled it out until sudden death and then we fought it out for the score and usually made it 5 rounds and we were able to do that for most rounds by quickly explaining the plan at the beginning. I hope to have it tomorrow on Tuesday.

    • Justin D says:

      Agreed. I have 630 kills, a friend of mine is already at 890, just from playing a LOT of grifball yesterday. If you get a competent grifball team together the weekly challenge isn’t all that difficult.

    • michael says:

      Yeah, i thought about getting 4 of my friends together and signing in an extra controller per player so we can have 8 people. Then take turns like 1 person go kill everyone over and over again til game over, then next game someone else do the same, if that can be done.

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  15. Oki Chobee says:

    If anyone wants to get a team together to do the weekly on Grifball then send me an invite and let’s get a group going.

    GT is Oki Chobee and I’ll be on at 5:30 PST

  16. Kenji says:

    i have 1204, almost there. if someone wants to set up a team, my gamertag is sovgaz.

  17. Tylerrr says:

    Well. It takes about 13 hours of grifball. I say the challenge is worth it. You’ll probably level up 2 or 3 times just to get it and the credits are worth it:)

  18. m67reaper says:

    I definitely need to get with a team or a few people to do Griff ball with my luck is terrible. I end up getting stuck with a bunch of tards that run around betraying each other or with people that just want to score. Very frustrating last night. If anyone wants to get together and do griff ball or whatever I play all the game types. My gamer tag is m67reaper

  19. okininja08 says:

    Ok so with everything I have going on right now I basically have Thursday night and Friday morning/afternoon to get this, possibly Sunday evening but we’ll see about that. But if any of you are on then and want to cause havic I’m okininja08 just like send me a message telling me what’s up. Good Luck to all of you working on this.

  20. BS Diablo says:

    I’m at 1011/1500 with not one grifball game. Mostly Multi-team, rumble pit and SWAT. I’ve tried to play GB before, but it’s too boring for my liking. I’m not really sure what GB or Hog Race have to do with Halo… I guess they need to appeal to all those ten year olds out there, striving for a more aggressive Mario Kart?

    Multi-team king of the hill = the mother load

    • okininja08 says:

      In the same sense CTF and King of the Hill has nothing to do with Halo. It’s there to give a variety to the game. It just gives the game a little more something to get people to play longer. I know I can only play SWAT for so long before it gets boring and repetative (about 10 hours is usually when this takes place) so I take a Griffball break. Or when I have friends over some of which are not lets just say good at halo, they can grasp Rocket Race and it can be enjoyable for everyone.

      • that. and let’s face it, none of the MM really has anything to do with halo – only the campaign. the other stuff is just fun fillers. 🙂

      • BS Diablo says:

        If you can remember the time of the 1st Halo, true there was no matchmaking so to speak, but there were plenty of LAN matches. It wasn’t just Campaign. My friends and I would play for hours, mainly Slayer, but some CTF and King of the Hill. It wasn’t till bungie and Microsoft wanted a bigger audience, and/or more money, that they started to cater to the youngsters fresh from the Mario Cart age. MM has everything to do with Halo, in my opinion it’s been there since the beginning. 🙂

      • i guess it depends how you define “What is Halo” then. i would argue that the campaign is the “real” halo and that the MM and other games were added to reach a broader audience, people that weren’t necessarily interested in the campaign but wanted a game other than mario party to play with their friends.

        either way, i don’t really care. i love the MM and that’s what i spend about 90% of my time on halo playing. 😀

  21. canadianboss says:

    i have the challenge, got it in one day by playing grifball for 2-3 hours, so if your totally amazing at grifball, you should do that, BTW i got around 150 kills per grifball game thats why it was a few hours

    • arcadefireNan1 says:

      You lier 😛 150 kills is near impossible

      • i dunno, i just got 123 yesterday. it’s definitely possible.

      • Darth Malber says:

        It’s possible if you have a four member party where everyone knows what to do with the ball and the other team are noobs who allow spawn killing to happen. But play by yourself and you’re likely to encounter at least one noob on either team who thinks it’s cool and meaningful to score in the first ten seconds.

  22. spacehonky says:

    I’d like to get a party of 8 like-minded players to get together in Grifball to rack up kills for this week’s challenge. I’m in the Pacific Time Zone If you’re interested, send a friend request or send invite. Thanks.

  23. Mr Rogers40 says:

    Ok as far as grifball does anyone have tips or links to tips on getting kills with the hammer. I just can’t seem to time it right. Typically one of 2 things happen when I go in for the kill: 1) I get killed. 2) We kill each other. Very rarely do I get the kill on my own which means hardly any double and triple kills. So what’s the secret? Thanks.

    • Darth Malber says:

      Aim slightly down towards the ground in front of your opponent. This causes the hammer to strike the ground which causes an area effect shockwave. Aiming the recticle at your opponents body swings at the air and you have to be close enough to make contact. This puts you in range of their hammer which is why you get the “kill each other” result.

  24. The Ryman says:

    Play Invasion or Big Team Battle. If you’re raw like me *cough cough* you can grab the sniper and DMR and destroy EVERYBODY!

  25. Darth Malber says:

    I found this challenege exceedingly difficult to achieve. To be able to do it you had to get an average of 214-215 kills per day. I’m sorry, but I have a job and a life!

  26. capt. obvious says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about … I’m at 1011? It’s only 1000 kills for 1500 crs. Way to lie about it bs diablo.

  27. capt. obvious says:

    Reference post #20 for context. one only

  28. capt. obvious says:

    Bugger phone, one only needs to get 1000 kills to finish this challenge, not 1500; this casts a certain degree of doubt in bs dialog’s statement in post #20

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Check the date – he made that comment in March, when the challenge was to get 1500. The same post you’re commenting on.

      • capt. obvious says:

        Well then I stand corrected, my phones app directed me to this and normally its pretty reliable, just doesn’t display any info than the comment and who. I apologize, to necropost in a way. That does explain a lot though.

      • Matthew Vose says:

        Which app are you using? I’ll get a message to the developers that they’re linking to the wrong page (there is an updated post on the site with the latest challenge info).

      • capt. obvious says:

        Reach Service Record by Aelatis Technologies, Inc. on the Android Market; I have an Evo 4G. Hope that helps other than this its been dead on.

  29. capt. obvious says:

    … sorry, bs diablo’s statement.

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