1st March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Firefight, Campaign and Multiplayer today, something for everyone…

Convenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

Approximate kill volumes:

  • Score Attack – 100
  • Gruntpocalypse – 120
  • Fiesta Attack/2X Score Attack ~ 125
  • Firefight – Anything up to 350/400

So one game of any of these will almost get you there, I’d recommend factoring in the next challenges first then topping up if you don’t hit your 120 and you’re not doing all of them.

Demon – Kill 50 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 1500 cR

Rocketfight’s usually a good one here, especially since they often up the amount of Elites you get, particularly in the Bonus Round. Fiesta Attack gave a lot more Elites than I’d seen before, but only about 25, and I think there were about 28 in the 2x Score Attack I played.

Roast ’em, Toast ’em – Kill 35 enemies while jet-packing in Exodus on Normal – 1500 cR

It’s been almost 2 months since we say this challenge, which is a shame because it can be good fun. Go to Rally Point Alpha of Exodus where you’re given a jet-pack and hop over to the platform. You need to make sure you’re actively firing the jet-pack when you get the kill otherwise it doesn’t count. 10 should be pretty easy, you can snipe the Grunts and Jackals before actually making it to the platform so getting a few that way. There was a good suggestion from Turbo previously – pick up a Gravity Hammer from the Brute who runs at you, then hit fire and equipment at the same time when hitting someone.

Put Your Quarter Up – Complete 15 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1750 cR

Complete 15 games. Don’t drop out. Get to the end of each. Just play through them. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Sorry, I can’t drag out this explanation any further. Is there a way of doing this quickly? Infection is a very fast game type so you’ll probably get it done in 10 minutes using that, and Grifball can be very quick depending on if someone goes for the score straight away!

Those 15 games should help you crack on with the weekly challenge, so hopefully you stay on track to get that too.


9 Responses to 1st March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. SUPERSNIPE1313 says:




  2. Michael says:

    The Roast ‘em, Toast ‘em challenge is easier to do if you trade your weapon for the rocket launcher that the marine to the right of the ammo cache is holding. There should be a checkpoint when you land on the last platform before you reach the covenant (not always though). Then just jetpack and shoot both groups of grunts and revert to last checkpoint.

    • Reaperville says:

      Yep, was just about to say that! That’s how I do it, doesn’t take more than a few minutes. I get the group of grunts running down the stairs to the right, and the group of Jackals to the left, then maybe a Brute with the DMR if I’m lucky, then just die and repeat.

  3. haydn says:

    for the demon challenge do rocket fight on firefight arcade (any map) because there are loads of heretics that are quite easy to kill with a rocket launcher i get this in about 30mins

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Thanks Haydn, good to see you agree with my advice in the post.

      • Derrick says:

        I tried Rocket Attack on Score Attack and only got 4 elites. On 2x Score Attack, however, I got 24. So if you’re not in the mood to compete for elites with other players, I’d say 2x Score Attack is the way to go.

      • michael says:

        Fiesta attack seemed pretty good for having elites. I tried FRG attack and only got like 5-8 elites.

  4. SwiftEagleEye says:

    For fast games, I like SWAT. A max of 12 minutes and on average 8-9 minutes. With a good team, I’ve played one in less than 6. Great for the weekly too.

  5. Juggalo X13 says:

    I’ve found that Grifball is a good way to rank up kills if you avoid the objective and just go for kills.

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