6th March – Halo Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

Looks like a nice way to finish the week with some fairly easy challenges which should help all those hunting down the weekly challenge…

Shootin’ and lootin’ – Kill 400 enemies in any game mode in Reach (2000 cR)

With the combined killed needed for the other challenges, you should be well on your way to getting your 2000 credits for this challenge. As we all know, gruntpocolypse is great for cleaning up any kills that you need to finish this off; each round is about 125 grunts so even this is all you’re hunting, it will only take four games and you’ll be laughing all the way to the Armoury to spend your well earned credits on sweeties, helmets or save up for those security shoulders.

Matthew usually share’s approximate kill volumes so here they are:

Approximate kill volumes:

  • Score Attack – 100
  • Gruntpocalypse – 120
  • Fiesta Attack/2X Score Attack ~ 125
  • Firefight – Anything up to 350/400

Not as clumsy or random – Earn 5 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game (1000 cR)

It’s pretty ironic giving advice on not being clumsy or random – anyone who has been unlucky enough to play grifball knows my tendency to go in hammer swinging 😀

Ho hum..

SWAT is an obvious choice for this one, many of the levels are good for a few kills; my favourite hunting grounds are:

  • Sword Base; top of the red lift and holding the section above the shot gun corridor – its a great place to get a shot at the bridges whether high or low, just keep an ear out for someone heading up the lift or hiding in the opposite vent;
  • Countdown; looking along any of the upper sections of countdown looking out towards the lift exits, either that or a run-and-a-gun through the corridors;
  • Pinnacle; depending on your spawn start, shooting up and out from the top of the shotgun spawn works well for me, as does the lower level of Red Base and the very back corner of blue base just by the ramp up from the sniper spawn.

Team snipers is another great place to head out hunting – I’m no sniper expert so if anyone out there knows of some specific places to work some magic headshot skills from, feel free to share.

Flat tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking (1125 cR)

I usually plump for sniper fight on Outpost, there’s usually plenty of enemy vehicles but as its been a while since I’ve done this challenge (damn you BT for giving me shonky internet for the last couple of months!) I will share Matthew’s last post commentary for this challenge:

Beachhead is still really good for this, in game modes like Sniperfight. Glacier is also pretty good (apparently) as you get a number of vehicles dropped in. You’re generally better with a Firefight Arcade/Limited for this rather than a Score Attack game, although it dilutes the vehicles between you there are only rarely vehicles in SA.
Short, controlled bursts – Kill 100 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today (1000 cR)

Find yourself muttering I need a weapon?

Go for  fire repeatedly, namely the Assault Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Plasma Rifle, Needler and Spiker.

Yup, we’re back to Winter Contingency as the speediest way to get this challenge. You start with an AR with plenty of ammo so you should be able to skip through this pretty quickly. I generally forget that I need to kill them with automatic weapons and tend to get a bit grenade happy but you should be able to get this one with minimal disruption. There are several checkpoints to camp at if you need to, but you should be just fine 🙂

Have a good day all, enjoy your Sundays and, as always, if you have any hits, tips or tricks to share please do 😀

BG xx


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24 Responses to 6th March – Halo Reach Daily Challenge Commentary

  1. michael says:

    For the flat tire challenge myself i prefer to a few games of score attack on outpost since there are usually 2 ghosts that are dropped at the end, but like i have said before if you dont blow them up soon after they are dropped they tend to disappear on me. Holdout has a banshee flying around on score attack also. I will probally do these compared to a firefight limited or arcade due to EVERYONE going ape sh*t over the vehicles when they are dropped. lol. myself included. Plus when doing all these score attacks for the vehicles it gives you more kills towards the shootin and lootin challenge. Now dont quote me on the vehicle drops since they seem to be pretty random, just giving my experiences with them. Oh and just wanted to say that your doing a great job bungiesgirl!

  2. Braythor says:

    Since they switched the FF mode the flat tyre challenge is ridiculous. I mean, before the switch it was perfectly normal to get, say, 8 wraiths on Beachhead; now there are none. There are a few vehicles scattered around other maps, as Michael pointed out, but you’re looking at about an hour of play to get a measly 1125 cR. I’ve got better things to do. Well…ok maybe I don’t, but it makes me feel better to say I have.

  3. Matthew Vose says:

    I always grin when I see Star Wars references anywhere – the fact that the DMR is considered the Lightsaber of the Halo universe by Bungie is brilliant as it’s my go to weapon.

    Thinking about the kill volume in 2X Score Attack I think it’s actually 120. I put ~125 because the one time I did it on Waterfront I got 122 kills, so assumed there were a couple I didn’t kill. But I’ve realised that I killed two of the Jackal snipers on the cliff, so that would be added to the total.

  4. Scott says:

    This is my first “comment” on the blog, but I have enjoyed reading it for weeks now. Thanks for putting it on!

    I played a round of FRG Score Attack on Beach Head and found the 5th wave had 2 Wraiths. Not a bad deal since I did not have to compete for the kills.

    Do note, however, that attempting to kill them with the FRG itself will result in you just killing the characters inside and not the vehicle. I found shooting a round or two at the Wraith will kill the gunner and leave you free to charge up to it and drop a grenade inside.

    • higglestein says:

      Nice. Getting ready to try that now Scott. Its weird how the vehicles are there sometimes and sometimes they arent. And how they magically disappear, ( Twice while playing 2X score attack on outpost when the ghosts were dropped one of them went behind the big rock and disappeared.) lol!

    • Edward says:

      Got a Wraith and a Ghost on 2x Score Attack on Beach Head. Used the target locator to take them out.

  5. higglestein says:

    Apparently the servers are down again. I guess the last game i did didnt count towards the challenges since it says the challenges are unavailable and it says im a recruit, which would be horrible seeing how it took me and my son what seemed like forever to get to general grade 4. Wish it would hurry and come up so i could get these done.

  6. Truthfulpietro says:

    I can’t seem to access my service record and can’t access the challenges right now. Anyone else going having this issue as well?

    • michael says:

      Yeah, the servers are down. They went down about 3 weeks or so ago and it took about an hour or so to come back up. It sucks cause i did the regular firefight thinking if i cant get the challenges done while the servers are down i can atleast get some credits doing regular firefight. WRONG! It says credit max reached. Im thinking if i didnt have internet access it would take a LONG time before i could get credits again since im a General Grade 4 right now.

  7. Coolguy says:

    Ughhh flat tire again! It takes so long -_-

  8. Mike says:

    Firefight Arcade is nigh impossible for Flat Tire. The ONLY map with a vehicle is Holdout, and the Banshees aren’t on a per round cycle. They are vaguely time-based like the drop pods. Sometimes you can get 3 Banshees, and sometimes, you may get none. Anyone know the exact vehicle distribution on Limited?

    For that matter, anyone know if blowing up the cannon on the drop ship in the bonus round counts?

    • i pretty much never bother with flat tire.

      1. everyone goes ape shit for the vehicles in multiplayer FF

      2. there’s always mega lag for me in multiplayer FF

      i just play an extra game or two to make up for the “lost” 1125 cR 🙂

    • Zerrick says:

      The cannon does not count, unfortunately.

      I’m planning on getting for Handout and hopefully getting an option for either Sniper Attack or Gruntpocalypse. Either way, I’ve been lucky enough to get 3, 4, or up to 5 banshees on one round of Score Attack. I agree with your comment that it’s roughly time based. I’ve found it to be about every two minutes. So I actually intentionally take the entire game time, watching and listening for the banshee to appear, then taking it out immediately with the sniper rifle or laser. Rockets don’t work so well, though.

  9. Spyke says:

    For Short, Controlled Bursts just do it on Sword Base at Mission Start. You have plenty of enemies right off the bat and once they are all dead you can just hit restart mission and have all of them back. It’s the fastest way to get the challenge done. Way faster than doing it on Winter Contingency.

  10. Scott says:

    Servers are back up!

    Another note on the Flat Tire achievement. I have found Score Attack Sniper Fight on Holdout to be a gold mine for vehicle kills.

    The past 3 games I have seen 2 banshees, 4 banshees, and 4 banshees respectively. As best I can tell, they are on a timer. It seems they will respawn somewhere between 2.5 and 3 minutes apart. I suggest dragging out each round as long as possible. On the last round I’ll kill every enemy save one and run the time down. I had another Banshee respawn with 25 seconds left.

    As BG mentioned, Sniper Attack is also great for the damage modifier. Two shots and the Banshee is toast–no worries about killing the pilot and not the vehicle.

    • Zerrick says:

      So far, I’ve gotten banshee kills on Holdout as follows:

      3 – Rocket Attack
      2 – Sniper Attack
      0 – Score Attack
      Several – 2x Score Attack (note)

      However, on 2x Score Attack, they’re not counting for some reason. I’ve shot them down with both my DMR and a sniper rifle, but they aren’t regestering for the challenge. On a side note, however, the Spartan Turrets do seem to count as vehicles. When I was playing Rocket Attack, a brute happened to man the turret in the center of the map, ad when I blew him up with a rocket on Rocket Attack, it registered as a Flat Tire kill.

      All games have gone vitually to time, where I kill the final enemy in the last 15-20 seconds. So far one banshee has appeared in the last 45 seconds, but it was in 2x Score Attack so it didn’t count for anything, anyway.

      I still believe Holdout is the most effective way of completing the Flat Tire challenge, whether or not it’s worth it is the bigger issue.

      • michael says:

        The first game of Holdout i did sniperfight and got 2 banshees. The second game of sniperfight on Holdout however shocked me. I had 6 out of 10 vehicles and thought i would have to do 2 more games of the same, well i got the 2 banshees as usual and a third came. I killed it then the last wave of enemies, the one with the hunters, came another banshee. Well i killed it for a total of 4 vehicles in 1 round of sniperfight score attack on Holdout. So that was awesome! Oh and by the way i would like to add that i tried the skirmigeddon gametype out for the first time tonight and let me tell you, i thought that it was TERRIBLE! Those little bastards are rough! Geeezzzzz. I didnt even make it all the way through the the game!

    • John says:

      I agree I think Holdout is the best way to go for vehicle kills as it’s the only score attack map which seems to consistently spawn in vehicles. If there is a pattern to the vehicles spawning in the other score attack modes I haven’t worked it out as sometimes they seem to spawn, sometimes they don’t and the numbers spawned vary as well.

      I’m not that fussed about Holdout as a map though so the flat tyre challenge isn’t one I bother with.


  11. Benny Lava says:

    It’s not worth it to get flat tire for such little credits and that it takes a while

    • Benny Lava says:

      Ps for shootin and lootin in the future make a firefight gametype of all elite generals, endless lives, invincibility, 300% damage and rocket launchers

  12. sam says:

    every time shooting and looting comes up i do that benny lol a lot quicker

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