Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 7th March

Nightfall: LASO – Complete Nightfall, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO)

So similar to the last ones we’ve had – complete the mission on close to Mythic difficulty (Mythic is all of this challenge, in solo, without dying). I won’t post a full walkthrough here, because frankly the best one you can use is actually on Halo.Bungie.Org by Tyrant.

I’d be interested to hear if any of the skulls are not necessary – last time Blind didn’t have to be on, which made it much much easier.

If you have any tips on how to complete this challenge more easily, please throw them in the comments section for everyone to use.


49 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 7th March

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  2. michael says:

    Awesome!… As i was hoping the blind skull does NOT have to be on Matthew. I just checked and it doesnt have the blind in the challenge and when you jump to the lobby for the challenge its not on either, just the other 12.

  3. sam says:

    nearly finished this challenge allready im on the bit with the forklift trying to get through the wall, need to keep trying it though if i manage to do it ill post back so far under 4 minutes.

  4. michael says:

    Oh and Matthew i dont know if you were the one i heard this from but the forklift glitch would be a good idea to use here. Some people have said they have gotten through this mission in under 5 min. by skipping everything then using the forklift glitch. Only thing is i have heard it doesnt work in co-op though. I havent actually tried it yet but will be doing it sometime today. Good luck to everyone trying this challenge as i know i will be hoping i can get through it today! 🙂

    • arcadefireNan1 says:

      I did it in coop, the forklift glitch took a good 10 minutes but I did it

  5. sam says:

    just did it in 5 minutes 23 seconds i followed the guide from the link posted on weekly, it took about 15 tries in the forklift but if enemies kill you just save and quit then resume capaign and youll srestart ight next to the forklift, also i got the link with bungie while doing this 🙂 15k credits in under 5 mins oh yh 🙂

    • michael says:

      Sam i was just wondering if you can actually skip all the fights. Especially the part were you come to the ledge and the covenant are walking around below you and dont see you til you start shooting.

  6. sam says:

    yep if you click on the link which matthew posted thatll take you to a page when there are videos for skipping ALL the fights on laso, only thing is the forklife might not work straightaway that was the frsit time me doing that glitch.

  7. sam says:

    also you dont even need to fire any shots but i helped the big white animals kill the grunts so i didnt have enough helath to run though there but i was safe ontop of a rock.only 2 more challenges to go, so far iv earned about 30k through the challenges and got 1 silver rank in a wepaon. 🙂

  8. michael says:

    Awesome! I just did it in 5:10. I would have gotten it finished in a little over 3 minutes if i hadnt gotten lost after i jumped through the gate. It took me a min. to figure out where to go! lol! Thanks guys!

  9. michael says:

    Everyone should be able to get through this challenge with ease. Just make sure if your playing alone when and if you die to save and exit upon expiring so that it will take you back to the last checkpoint when resumed. I died i think 3 times.

  10. Mike says:

    Hey Matthew, I think you should put on here how many credits this challenge is worth.

  11. Braythor says:

    Ok, so never tried these LASO ones before and I’m having a little trouble; I’m at the pylon bit, trying to get to the forklift but Jun keeps F***KING ATTACKING (sorry, but it’s really bugging me)! He lets one damn sniper round off, then legs it, leaving the entire camp firing at me…Anyone any advice?

    • Braythor says:

      Ok scrap that, as is often the case, soon as I sat down after posting that I made it through. Now jsut gotta do the forklift thing and I’m done…

  12. Ian says:

    ok got it. took about 6 tries with the forklift part but it works. just make sure its as close to the gate as possible.

    also, save and quit once u get a checkpoint on the other side and resume the mission from that point and u can boost your flawless cowboy commendation.

  13. Jeremie says:

    Can one of you guys explain the forklift glitch? I’ve never heard of it.

    • michael says:

      Click the link that Matthew posted at the top of this page that talks about the guide that Tyrant made. Then from there just follow his videos, the forklift glitch is in the last video and he shows you how to do it.

  14. dukemeiser says:

    Did mine first thing this morning. One of the easiest weekly challenges I’ve ever done. Here’s the video:

    I do it a little different than Tyrant. I hug the right side through the second area whereas he runs right through the middle. Also on the forklift, try to position it so your jumping through the crack in the middle of the door. Seems to work better that way.

    • AngerManagement says:

      Good vid.
      But, i almost winged my controller at my LCD!!! I keep getting killed just before i make it out of that first section after killing the Grunt manning the plasma turret. How the **** do you not get shot at?
      I tried both methods; sniping the Grunt (on the turret), then heading left, and your method of hugging the right side. I’m not wired for these types of challenges, as I can’t afford to replace my LCD!!! 🙂

      • dukemeiser says:

        If you notice I throw grenades at the Grunts and then run like hell. I don’t snipe the Grunt on the turret because I want to beat him down when I get to him so it will recharge my shields.

  15. rippy says:

    That guide does not work with a friend in your game. After bypassing the gate, all the covenant spawned anyways.

    • Edward says:

      Did it with two friends yesterday, and we were ok, no enemies after the gate. The hardest part was keeping Jun from waking up all the enemies.

    • Shane says:

      I’ve done it a few times co-op and *most* of the time the covenant didn’t spawn past the gate. On the times they did, I think we hit a checkpoint by killing too many of them. Just kill the enemies on the bridge and (if woken), the turret grunts and try it then.

      I just got through this on co-op with a friend – took us an hour though. The hard part for us started with the first section with the ranger elites. Jun keeps shooting and alerting them – I’ve never managed to do this section per Tyrant’s guide. Instead, I crept past them in camo and got to the second section (with the grunt on the turret just before the Gúta). That left the second camo pickup free for my friend. That second section is where we spent most of the time as all the elites from both sections ganged up on us. We eventually got past by baiting and assassinating three of them and then legging it with the camo.

      Once that was done, we crept along the left side of the Gúta valley and then left the civilians fend for themse… oh, they died. Our bad. Next, I tried to sneak past the Powerhouse section per the guide and and assassinate the enemies on the bridge but Jun gives us away again. Way to go, Spartan. We spent 5 minutes trying to get through with the forklift and then it was a quick enemy-free walk home.

      Short story is that I can’t get Tyrant’s guide to work all the time and that Jun is a *$#£. Also, the sniper rifle is useless against the elites in LASO. Use it on the more troublesome grunts. In that hour, I killed 8 enemies with the sniper. The rest were mainly assassinations.

  16. Defender77 says:

    Thanks for the tips! Wasn’t going to try it really until reading some comments.

    • Shane says:

      It can be a lot of fun with a friend since you can share your grievances and pull off assassinations much easier. I’ve never tried LASO solo since the Iron skull would be too frustrating (unless you use Michael’s tip above).

  17. dukemeiser says:

    If your having trouble with Jun shooting to early at the beginning of the last area, try sprinting to the bridge as fast as you can before that point. It seems that if he got to the clearing first he would shoot more than if I stayed ahead of him. When I ran ahead he tended to follow me. Other times when I was doing the speed run I would restart the checkpoint to get ahead of him before he could shoot. It seemed to work better.

  18. J-Rod says:

    Tried the challenge, and like everyone else I completed it the first or second time. However, I didn’t get the challenge points. When I turned Halo Reach on later in the evening, my profile was reset (sort of). I didn’t lose my rank or points, but my armor configuration was reset and I lost the record of me completing any of the missions (so I will have to replay through the entire game to play all my missions at leisure). I did get 5000 cR though for my inconvenience. Anyone ever heard of this happening before?

    • J-Rod says:

      I did in fact repeat it, and it did work just fine. I’m not sure what happened when my stats got reset a little, but the challenge is done.

  19. Oki Chobee says:

    The fastest weekly yet! Only died once where you come out from under the buildings and need to kill the grunt in the turret. After that I just kept running. I let the big green guys kill the grunts and then ran past them. When I got to the bridge area I just sprinted up and assasinated the elite before Jun could do any harm. Then the forklift trick worked within 20-30 seconds. On the other side of the wall I just hoofed it till the end! All in all took just over 4 mins 🙂

  20. Defender77 says:

    It was easy and I did the save quit on the last cut scene too. This morning I resumed and got the iron challenge too. Lol

  21. What says:

    How about some vid’s of all you dudes bragging about how easy it was. Especially the non co-op completions.

  22. DCSimian81 says:

    Did it yesterday! Took awhile because of many many deaths. Sometimes I don’t think I was fast enough getting to the grunt on the turret b/c there would be an elite standing between me and salvation…at that point he just kicked me back down the stairs 😦

    I guess the key is just running through it fast enough so you have better opportunities to get through each section without dying. During the fight with the rancors, I ran through the middle and got swarmed by 4 grunts…they actually killed one of the rancors (either that or Jun helped them…$#!%^&@!!). After that was easy peasy 🙂 When you get to the bridge, just be patient with the elite if he’s already facing you. He’ll change directions at some point.

  23. Cheborneck says:

    Aas with the other posts, the video is pretty accurate. What they don’t tell you is a few little tidbits that are critical to your success:

    1) while running you must avoid looking at the enemy. Their presence on the screen means they can see you. So if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.
    2) when you reach the bridge just take out the 3 grunts manning the guns.
    3) take the forklift and line it up perpendicular to the date. To center correctly look at yourself from the side and line your body with the crack in the door the just jump off. When you line up just right you end up on the other side for a free sprint to the finish.

    Remember, as with any weekly challenge, just select it from rhe menu and all appropriate settings will be made for you.
    Even though it says LASO you will notice HUD is not disabled.

  24. Cheborneck says:

    …also, you do this on SOLO mode. Take around five minutes. Just remember when running to always be looking down. Very important.

  25. Cheborneck says:

    Correction. The forklift should be parallel with the gate! iPhone doesn’t translate fat fingers well!

  26. Sean says:

    Found this… definitely a legitimate Legendary run thru

  27. Mr. Pottymouth says:

    Anyone else having trouble doing the forklift/door glitch? I’m thinking they may have patched it.

    I’ve watched the video & read this thread thoroughly & as far as I can tell I’m doing it right. I’ve even tried all possible camera positions but every time I exit the forklift I’m right behind it again.

    T.I.A. for any info!

  28. Mr. Pottymouth says:

    OK, glitch still works, finally got it!

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  33. 343 is going to be pissed and reaLy hammer us the next week – i said a week ago while doing the 9 min Weekly Challenges – AND THEY DID ! – LEDGE WITH ALL SKULLS ON THIS WEEK


    • Scruff 815 says:

      It’s a repeat challenge, unfortunately. One of the old Bungie ones. I think last week was just 343’s way of saying O HAI and this week normal service has resumed 😦

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Wait a second… why are you commenting on an old post from March?!

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