12th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Lots and lots of multiplayer and Firefight going on today…

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

Approximate kill volumes:

  • Score Attack – 100
  • Gruntpocalypse – 120
  • Fiesta Attack/2X Score Attack – 120
  • Firefight – Anything up to 350/400

So one game of any of these will almost get you there, I’d recommend factoring in the third challenge first then topping up if you don’t hit your 120 and you’re not doing all of them.

No ‘I’ in Team – Earn 6 assists in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

6 assists in a game might be difficult. Rumble Pit is a good place to do this. If you’re able to team up with someone then Multi-Team is good for it too. And Grifball can be good if it goes on for long enough. Try actually hitting people with the hammer instead of the ground for damage without a kill.

That Pink Mist – Kill 100 enemies with a Supercombine from the Needler or Needle Rifle in Firefight Matchmaking – 1250 cR

So there are lots of options in the new Score Attack modes. FRG Attack gives you a Needler with unlimited ammo, but that only really works on the Brutes and Elites (and the Skirmishers if you can catch them in the open). In general I still recommend any game where you can pick up a Needle Rifle from a Jackal and put 3 rounds into an unshielded enemy to get the Supercombine. 2x Score Attack or Fiesta Attack would be good because you can get loads of Elites at the end.

The Love of the Game – Complete 20 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 2000 cR

It might take a bit of time but there’s no limitation on winning or weapons etc. Fastest games are often Infection as they go really quickly I find. If you want the kills for other challenge though I’d recommend Team SWAT/Slayer or Multi-Team as long as you can avoid Rocket Race! Equally, it’s a good chance to try out different variants you might not have played, so jump in BTB, Rumble Pit and Arena to see what they’re like. And of course you can win 3 rounds of Grifball in 30 seconds if you’re just going for the bomb and the score, but as ever it’s much more fun to hit people over the head with a hammer surely? :D

You may not have noticed, but yesterday saw the 300,000 hit on the blog. I’m still blown away by the support from everyone, plus the great comments and advice you all bring, stuff I’d never think of putting. Please keep commenting gang and adding whatever you want to the discussion – we’ve had some good chat on Dragon Age and Halo 3 this week which is nice, two really good games there that should be discussed more imho.


10 Responses to 12th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Jim says:

    Another good way to get multiple assists in one game is on Big Team Battle (Big Bro) or any that is non Elite and always be the driver of the warthog. You should be able to earn 6 driver assists based on the kills by the gunner and those will count towards the challenge.

  2. dalecooper says:


    Unfortunately that appears to not be the case. I just played a big team battle game on Hemorrhage where I drove warthogs all game long. I finished with 10 assists, only one of them from on-foot combat, and I didn’t get the challenge. It only counted the last assist after I had stopped driving. Personally I think that’s really, really weak. They made the assists hard enough to get in Reach – getting six in a game is pretty tough unless you just follow teammates around and go out of your way to soften up (but not kill) enemies. Making it so that the wheelman assists don’t count is stupid.

    • michael says:

      Yeah, getting assists in Reach is pretty hard for me. It was hard enough for me to get 15 assists in 1 day, let alone 6 in 1 game. Im gonna say do a game of team swat and shoot the body and let the teammates finish them off. Only thing that sucks about it is your K/D ratio will probally be terrible. I guess i dont have anything to worry about since mine is terrible all the time anyways. lol.

      • dalecooper says:

        I found a fairly easy way to get that one – file this away for future reference. Play multi-team and vote for elite slayer at every opportunity. There’s a whirlwind of chaos at all times and you spawn with a plasma pistol. I spent the first half of the game just popping shields and then running away to let someone else kill the guy. I got to six assists so quickly that I was able to play the second half of the game normally and rack up a decent number of kills even.

  3. Shane says:

    20 games? I think the sunshine going to win that challenge.

    For assists:
    Map: Countdown
    Playlist: Multiteam or Rumble Pit
    Game type: Slayer or King Of The Hill
    Tactic: Use sprint to run up and melee the enemy then sprint away. Yell “clean up in aisle 3!” into the mic and wait for the gravy.

    Close quarters (pun unintended) and game types with large kill limits or time limits are your friend for assists.

    • Shane says:

      I got this in my first game of Multiteam on Reflection (KOTH) using this approach.

  4. Robert says:

    I seem to never have an issue with Assists. Maybe it’s because I am in fact, fairly terrible at this game.

  5. Austin says:

    This is my first time posting here. even though i have been reading it everyday for a long time. i have this site bookmarked on my phone! Anyway i find it easy to do multiteam and team up with someone and use a overloaded plasma pistol with them using a DMR. pretty easy

  6. jim says:

    Regarding previous tip…I apologize on that on eif it did not work today. The last time it came up, the “warthog thingy”, counted for the assists. After posting and jumping into MP for the day I tried to get the assists using my recomendation and landed on Elite for the first game and used the plasma solely, as dalecoo[per mentioned and completed it the first time out…the HALO Lords were smiling upon me today that is for sure!

    Sorry for the incorrect info and I will ensure that I complete a challange first before posting to this board..which is one I have bookmarked by the way…great site-for the die hard fans of the saga.

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