Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 14th March

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts – Win 50 games in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 7777 cR

The challenge name is a reference to Friday Night Lights, apparently a speech and phrase often used to pep up the players and motivate them.

Anyway… what game types give you a better chance of winning? Rule #1 is definitely play a 2 team gametype. If you’ve got Rumble Pit, Infection or Multi Team going there are so many competitors that you’ve gotta be pretty good to get the big W. Game types that you should be looking at:

  1. Grifball – Can be really easy to win, everyone gets annoyed at someone who grabs the bomb and scores quickly but it is easy and you can win a game in a minute or two.
  2. Team Slayer/SWAT… – Any of the Team gametypes are good. 2 teams so you’ve got a higher chance of winning, especially if you trust your team and can play well together.
  3. Invasion – Longer games and slightly trickier to win, but they’re really good at helping the whole gammut of Commendations, plus often help with the Challenges too.
  4. Arena – Arena can be really tough as it’s some of the best players, but it’s still the same idea of two teams battling it out.

There are more gametypes, frankly pick your best and keep at it. This is a proper weekly challenge that you can build on during the week, and then at the weekend top up if you need any more for it.

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26 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 14th March

  1. Tim Everitt says:

    Gravy. Decent payout.

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  3. michael says:

    Not alot of credits for a weekly, but not too hard of a challenge either. I guess this will motivate me and my son to play more games in multiplayer since were trying to get to Field Marshall. We only need about 40,000 credits to FINALLY get there. He usually does alot of games of swat and hes pretty good too so he will probally have this by wed. im guessing. I will probally do some Grifball just to get a few games in quick and try to get a win fast. Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

    • Tim Everitt says:

      If you’d like some help, email me with your gamertag. My son (10 in April) and I battle it out on a regular basis. I recently reached Field Marshall, quite the milestone.

      Awesome you both play together!

      • michael says:

        Yeah. He is actually better than me. He turned 6 in oct. He actually beat most of the Reach campaign by himself. I usually dont like to mention him too much, since hes so young i get alot of “your a bad parent” talk almost everywhere i go. I wish they had some sort of tournament for gamers like 10 and younger but that wouldnt happen since its a mature game, but it would be nice. Its just nice to see that there are other “bad parents” out there. LOL!

      • X Solid says:

        Your not a bad parent. Other people are jealous because your son knows the difference between reality and a video game. Too many people are worried about others are doing. Anyways…good luck on the weekly.

      • michael says:

        Thanks alot, i really appreciate it. Good luck to you too!

      • Darth Malber says:

        @Michael: you’re not a bad dad. In comparison with a lot of other games, this one does not deserve an M rating. Just take a look at Bulletstorm. My son is 10 and we play all the Halo games together, but I did give pause when he asked for Black Ops. You’ll be glad you spent the time with him now and look back on it when he gets to the age when he doesn’t want his parents around. LOL

  4. Mig says:

    Im not a bad parent because Im only 20 but my brother is 12 and I’m the only thing holding him back from getting the weekly because I’m pretty bad compared to him. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Shane says:

      Try Grifball or other objective games – they’re more forgiving if you’re having a bad game.

  5. this one should be a lot of fun and nowhere near as stressful as the LASOs can be.

  6. docdiver says:

    First, let me thank Matthew. Stumbled on this site a month or two ago and read it daily. Great stuff!

    Love the MM of Reach. Took me a while to get into it after watching my two daughters (14 & 16) play campaign and MM. One in though…as they say, I was hooked. Currently at Gen 3 and shooting for Hero. The 16yo is at Brig 2 and coming up fast. Much better player than I ever will be. I generally suck but have an occasional brilliant game. I once had a Pro message me with a “u suck”. My response? “I do”. But Reach is like golf to me…love to play the game no matter how bad I play it. I’d suggest an Over the Hill league but I’m sure there are those over 45 that are highly competitive, very good and would then message me that I suck. But if you do see me online – docdiver315, service tag “00PS”…remind me with a message of how bad I am!

    Best of luck to all in the daily/weekly challenges and thanks again for the invaluable daily read Matthew.

    • my dad plays and would kick my ass from here to sunday and back….until i realized you could invert the controller. :mrgreen:

      if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing something right so clearly, you’re doing it right! 😀

      • docdiver says:

        Thanks for that snickerdoodle. I couldn’t play with default controller config…especially the look up/down and had to invert. When the kids ask me to play the rest of their game, I leave their set up and have a blast looking drunk to the other players. Hey, its not my gamertag 🙂

    • Defender77 says:

      Hey doc diver, I got my 8 year old dauter learning the ropes in firefight now. She really likes grunts. :-). Anyhow I’ll see u online. My tag is defender77 and I’ll be 40 in a few anyhow.

      • docdiver says:

        I do mostly score attack and not limited/arcade – I leave that to my girls. I do love that gruntpoc. Given the weekly, I think I’ll pass on the daily FF challenge and just grind out MM to 100 or so and top off with a gruntpoc…I’m bound to get a few more wins. Not sure which firefight she’s doing but heck, she should should be able to get into Grifball! I can’t for the life of me get that timing down and I’m always hammer fodder.

  7. Shane says:

    I for one promise not to get so annoyed at the premature Grifballers this week! 😀

    • Darth Malber says:

      I still get annoyed, especially with yesterday’s triple double challenge. Griffball is for bashing heads, not fast breaks!

  8. Wahammy says:

    Good…no Iron Legendary campaign. 50 game wins is easy to many…nice payout for only 50 games

  9. Tim Everitt says:

    The weekly alternates. We should expect a LASO next week.

  10. Darth Malber says:

    Anyone noticing on the challenges that reward you for completing x number of games that because it awards you after the credit calculation screen you don’t actually get awarded the credits for challenge completion? Or am I missing them being added?

    • Kenji says:

      When you see -Challenge Complete- , thats when you are rewarded for CR. Since this challenge isn’t completed in-game, you wont see it in the aftergame CR. This one appears after the game is over. Your .total CR should have jumped by 7777/

  11. Big papi says:

    I like grunts 🙂

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